Skills Updated for Patch 2.0.5 Data

The latest patch data for skills and runes are now listed

Diablo III Patch 2.0.5a
The skill and rune database here at Diablo Somepage is now up to date with the latest skill descriptions from Diablo III patch 2.0.5. This includes the sweeping changes to the Crusader class, along with skill changes for all the other classes. The base data had been gathered since the patch, but the descriptions were previously based on patch 2.0.4. That has now been fixed, and the patch 2.0.5 descriptions are listed for all the active skills, passive skills, and runes.

Patch 2.0.5 arrived on May 15, and was followed the next day with the small client update patch 2.0.5a. Currently, the data from the official website and the Diablo III API has not been updated with the skill changes from those patches. We normally update our data automatically via the Diablo III API, but in this case we have manually modified the skill and rune descriptions. All the updated data can be seen in the Most Popular Builds & Skills section, and the skill info throughout the website for all the classes. Here are just some of the updated skills that were changed in patch 2.0.5:

  • Barbarian - Runes from multiple Barbarian skills were changed to do Cold instead of Physical damage, such as Frenzy - Sidearm, Overpower - Crushing Advance, Revenge - Best Served Cold, and Whirlwind - Hurricane. The base skill of Seismic Slam was overhauled, along with multiple runes, to make it more appealing to use. Quality of life improvements extended the range of War Cry and Inspiring Presence from 50 to 100 yards.
  • Crusader - A huge range of Crusader skills were changed in the patch, as this newest class was given a sweeping update. Akarat's Champion and its runes were redesigned, along with big changes in skills from Blessed Hammer to Sweep Attack. The old passive Nephalem Majesty is gone, replaced by Fanaticism. The Most Popular Crusader Skills & Builds charts have seen skill popularity shifting every day, as more Crusaders try out the various builds made viable in the patch.
  • Demon Hunter - The changes for Demon Hunters include making Grenade more reliable and useful, gaining another Cold damage option with Hungering Arrow - Devouring Arrow, and a redesigned passive Awareness to provide more consistent damage mitigation.
  • Monk - While a larger overhaul of skills will arrive in patch 2.1 for Monks, there were some tweaks in patch 2.0.5 to help out for the time being. Monks now have more viable elemental choices across a range of skills, with rune elements changing across both Spirit generators and Spirit spenders. Wave of Light got some potent damage buffs, to boost the power of that Spirit spender.
  • Witch Doctor - Little used skills like Hex, Horrify, and the consistently unpopular Wall of Zombies received some changes, to encourage Witch Doctors to try them out. The major pets received attention, with a buff to the base damage of Summon Zombie Dogs and rune tweaks to the Gargantuan. Among the other changed Witch Doctor skills, the redesigned passive Fierce Loyalty is notable, as it provides a handy movement buff for the class.
  • Wizard - The runes for Archon were given a review, with changes including the old Arcane Destruction rune being transformed into Archon - Combustion. The cooldown for the movement skill Teleport was lowered from 16 to 11 seconds, and all 5 of the runes were adjusted accordingly.
We had to manually update all the skill descriptions for now, until the Diablo III API once again reflects the current data. If you spot any skill descriptions (or anything else) that still need attention, feel free to leave us feedback and we'll get it fixed up.
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