Updates Coming for Patch 2.0.5 Data

We are waiting on Battle.net updates for skills and runes

Diablo III Patch 2.0.5a
When Diablo III patch 2.0.5 arrived this week, it brought skill changes to every class. There have been some questions about the updates to our data here at Diablo Somepage, from the patch. We rely on data from the Battle.net website, and the supported Diablo III API, to generate our charts and graphs. At this time the official data from Blizzard has not been updated for patch 2.0.5, so the descriptions are not up to date. We are still gathering accurate underlying data, but some of the names and descriptions on the skills will be incorrect for the moment. That will all be fixed when the data is updated from Blizzard, probably at some point during the next week.

The data we gather is used to generate charts like the Most Popular Builds & Skills, and lists of the Best Legendary and Set Items. Those charts are updated each day, with data accrued from over 4 million Diablo III characters.

Every class was changed in patch 2.0.5, with the Crusader class gaining the bulk of the updates. Along with the many description changes, here are some of the most notable changes to skill names and rune replacements:
  • The Barbarian skill Seismic Slam was heavily updated, with the old skill and many rune descriptions changed. This has long been one of the least used Barbarian active skills; we will see if the skill's overhaul will encourage more Barbarians to use it.
  • Many of the Crusader skills were updated, and a slew of runes overhauled. Their passive skill Nephalem Majesty was removed, and replaced with the new passive Fanaticism.
  • The Monk's Fists of Thunder primary skill had the rune Lightning Flash removed, which was replaced by the new rune Wind Blast.
  • Similarly the Wave of Light skill saw the rune Blinding Light removed, to be replaced by Numbing Light.
  • The popular Wizard ability Archon had one rune renamed, from Arcane Destruction to Combustion.

All the skills will be updated on the site to patch 2.0.5a data, once it is available. You can always find your data, by looking up your BattleTag or adding it to the site, in the Add a BattleTag section. We will continue to update our data, to provide accurate charts and guides for the Diablo III community. Check back soon for more fun features!
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