Hotfixes and Bugs in Patch 2.0.5a

Hotfixes reduce Plagued damage, and more fixes are on the way

Diablo II Hotfixes in Patch 2.0.5
Patch 2.0.5a fixed a few glaring issues earlier this week, but there are a number that are still being reviewed to be dealt with. Some fixes can be taken care of in hotfixes, while others will not show up until patch 2.1. Here is a list of multiple issues being tracked right now, and other recent Blizzard Blues posts.

Patch 2.0.5 Hotfixes
Two hotfixes were pushed live Thursday night, to take care of bugs that cropped up in Patch 2.0.5. The Plagued monster affix was doing too much damage, as every tic of damage was the full amount, instead of slowly ramping up in damage as it was supposed to. Also the area fire damage from the level 70 version of the Hellfire Ring was not activating. Those have both been fixed from the hotfixes.
  • The Plagued monster affix is no longer dealing unusually high amounts of damage.
  • Fixed a bug where the level 70 Hellfire Ring's legendary proc was not dealing damage.

Fetish Witch Doctor Fix Coming in 2.1
A bug has come to light with the changes made to the Witch Doctor fetish in patch 2.0.5. Right now the Fetish Sycophants are replacing other fetish, such as those from Fetish Army. The fetish from Fetish Army can despawn because of this, once the fetish cap of 15 is reached. This will be fixed in patch 2.1.
Posted by: Jake

I think it matters because +dmg to FA is lost when the FS overwrites the FA fetishes... I think...

Currently, fetishes summoned through the Fetish Sycophant passive are replacing the oldest fetishes, and that includes those summoned by Fetish Army. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, except that many Witch Doctors now have very powerful fetishes being summoned through Fetish Army, and those bonuses do not apply to fetishes summoned through the passive (as noted in the quote!). The good news, though, is that this is a bug that we intend to fix in patch 2.1.

Our plan is to separate the fetish cap for each these skills, so that new fetishes summoned with the Fetish Sycophants passive will only replace older fetish sycophants. Fetishes summoned through Fetish Army will remain for the duration of Fetish Army (possibly forever for those of you with the Zunimassa 4 piece bonus).

War Cry Runes Not Stacking
Another bug right now is that multiple editions of War Cry do not stack with each other. That bug will be fixed with a hotfix, so that multiple Barbarians in a group can once again each use the skill and provide different buffs.
Posted by: Hlidskjalf

Here's one not in the notes as well.

Barbarian War Cries no longer stack. So if you have 2 barbs in the group using War Cry you only gain the effect of the last one cast.

Nice little un-needed stealth nerf.

We intended for the various runes of War Cry to stack together, but there's currently a bug involved that prevents that from happening. This should be taken care of in an upcoming hotfix, but we don't have a current ETA to share. We'll update the Patch 2.0.5 Hotfixes thread as soon it's been taken care of, though.

Slow Time Bug
The Wizard skill Slow Time will currently only allow one bubble up at a time. That bug is scheduled to be fixed in patch 2.1.
Hello, Wizards!

Slow Time currently has a bug associated with it that prevents a single Wizard from having multiple Slow Time fields up at once. We're planning to take care of this bug in an upcoming patch (currently 2.1.0), and we'll be sure to let you know if any of that changes. Thanks for all of the reports, and be sure to enjoy the anniversary buff while it's here!

Leap Animation Changes
The animation for Leap by the female Barbarian has been faster than the male version. In patch 2.0.5, that female Barbarian animation was slowed, to match the male Barbarian animation. That will be changed for both male and female Barbarian characters in a future patch, so that the Leap animation is faster for everyone.
Posted by: Ixir

Anyhow, my real frustration was the animation "tweak" blizzard did instead of making male barbs up to snuff with female barbs they just put a small delay during leaps. To most people and trolls this doesn't make sense to them? Why?

We're really grateful for the feedback regarding this change, and I'd like to provide some insight regarding why this change came to pass in this manner.

The animations between the male and female Barbarian for Leap is something that's been different for quite some time, since the original Diablo III release in fact. Of course, the difference wasn't very noticeable as, at the time, you couldn't Leap multiple times back to back.

With the introduction of Lut Socks, this magnified the previously unnoticed difference, and we agreed that we needed to fix it to make sure both animations were completing at the same time and therefore performing equally. We do agree the fix went in the wrong direction, and as a result you'll see a change in a future patch where both Barbarian genders will Leap at not only a faster pace than the current implementation, but faster than the original female animation.

Nemesis Bracers Always Spawning Fallen Masters
The Legendary item Nemesis Bracers has a fun ability, to spawn an elite champion whenever a shrine is used. Right now, only Fallen Master elite packs spawn from the bracers. That is a bug currently being tracked by the QA department.
This is indeed a bug that we are aware of. Thanks for the reports about this!

Drop Rate Increased for All Recipes
The patch notes for Patch 2.0.5 stated that the drop rate for Legendary crafting recipes was increased, but the increased drop rate was actually for all crafting recipes. It is now easier for players to find all the recipes needed, for their Blacksmith and Jeweler.
Yep! The patch notes specifically call out Legendary crafting plans having an increase in their drop rate, but it turns out that all of them were increased.

Chiltara and Gibbering Gemstone
Grimiku clarified the changes made in patch 2.0.5 to help craft the staff to access Whimsyshire. Chiltara now spawns more often in the Caverns of Frost, but the Gibbering Gemstone item is still a low drop rate.
We did increase the frequency that Chiltara spawns in patch 2.0.5, but we did not adjust the drop rate for the Gibbering Gemstone specifically. We still want to the Gibbering Gemstone to be the more difficult piece of the Staff of Herding to acquire, which is why its drop rate wasn't buffed directly. That said, we did hear your feedback and felt that increasing Chiltara's spawn rate was nice medium. Let us know how her new spawn rate feels!

No Anniversary Buff for Kadala or Horadric Cache
There is an anniversary buff right now that provides +100% increase to drop rates for Legendary items, as part of the week-long celebration for the Diablo III second anniversary. That buff does not apply to getting Legendary items from Kadala or in a Horadric Cache.
You're correct! The anniversary buff does not influence the Legendary drop rate from Kadala or Horadric Caches. It's good to keep this in mind as you adventure through Sanctuary over the duration of the anniversary celebration.

I hope everyone is enjoying the buff, killing lots of monsters, and finding tons of loot. Happy anniversary, Diablo community!

Legendary Recipes Separate Drops
Grimiku clarified about the drop rate for Legendary recipes. Those recipe drops are entirely separate from the loot table for Legendary and Set item drops, so they do not relate to each other. The basic point in the original post is still a good idea: when you get a new recipe drop, it is useful to teach the recipe in short order to your Blacksmith or Jeweler. That will keep the same recipe from dropping again, since recipes no longer drop once they have been learned.
Posted by: Tizzy

However there's no way to prove that, had those plans not been on your loot table, you wouldn't have obtained a legendary, or is there? It's better to just turn them in just in case...

Crafting recipe's are not on the same loot table as Legendary items, so they never compete against each other when items are dropped.

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