Explore the Top Diablo III Items in 'Reaper of Souls'

An early look at the most popular Legendary and Set items at level 70

Diablo III is a game with epic loot, and here at Diablo Somepage we enjoy tracking exactly which loot is the most popular. We now have fully updated charts for the Best Legendary and Set Items, that list the most popular Legendary and Set items at level 70 in the Reaper of Souls Expansion. This includes brand new charts for the stalwart Crusaders, along with the 5 other classes. These charts are generated daily from data of more than 3 million Diablo III characters.

The Best Legendary and Set Items overview section has data of the most popular weapons and armor from all the classes combined. This shows the items that are used by characters in many or all of the classes. There are individual sections for each of the 6 classes; select the links below to jump right to the class you want to see!

Some thoughts to keep in mind about this early look at the top items for level 70 characters in Diablo III:
  • The expansion has been out for less than a month, and many players are still getting their characters to level 70 and starting to gear up. We expect these item numbers to change dramatically in the future, as more players farm up powerful legendaries.
  • Currently a high percentage of the items used at level 70 are Rare. Those come from drops or from players crafting up items to replace old gear after they reach level 70. These include crafts from the Sovereign Ascended and other recipes. The percentage of equipped items that are Rare will drop over time, as more of those slots are instead filled with the new Loot 2.0 Legendary and Set items.
  • The old versions of these charts split up the softcore maximum level characters into two groups, based on each character's Paragon Level. Since the Paragon 2.0 revamp changed Paragon Levels to be shared across accounts, that is no longer a useful way to divide up the softcore characters. We currently split up the softcore characters into two groups, based on the total elite kills that a level 70 softcore character has made. The main group for each class is made up characters who are at the bottom 75% for elite kills. The smaller group for each class has the top 25% of elite kills. The hardcore characters continue together as a single intrepid group.
  • The Legendary and Set items in these charts come in three different editions:
    1. The standard Legendary and Set items are the ones that drop now in Diablo III, since Patch 2.0 arrived. These make up the vast majority of the most popular items at level 70.
    2. The (Legacy) Legendary and Set items are no longer available, but dropped before patch 2.0. A handful of those older items from level 60 are still useful even at level 70, and they show up in the charts.
    3. The (Old Legacy) Legendary and Set items are very old, as they only dropped prior to Diablo III PC patch 1.0.4. These can be seen in very low percentages in some of the Demon Hunter Best Items charts, a handful of items from the Demon Hunter Set in that era, which provided a powerful 4-piece set bonus.
  • Two of the Legacy items take top honors for the most popular softcore items at level 70, among the lower 75% of elite kill characters. They are the level 60 Legacy edition of the Legendary belt The Witching Hour (Legacy), and set pants Inna's Temperance (Legacy). Those are currently the top two items across all the classes for lower 75% of the softcore level 70 characters. Those two items included high values of Increased Attack Speed, making them hard to replace for certain classes and builds at level 70.
  • There are many options for weapons at level 70, including weapons with class-specific bonuses. In the combined top 25 lists of popular items across all the classes, there is currently one weapon that makes the charts: the transplanted sword Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker.
  • You can look up your own Diablo III BattleTag in our database, or add it to be recorded and kept up to date, in the Add a BattleTag section. Keep in mind that the character stat sheets are partially incorrect for the time being, until all the information on Diablo III characters (including Paragon Point allocation) is available from Battle.net. Adding your account allows us to scan it, both for our charts and to provide you with the history of your characters and Diablo III progression.
  • We have updated the look and layout of these charts to make them as easy to read as possible. The individual charts now list more items than the previous versions, to reflect the many items that characters at obtaining at level 70. If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to leave us feedback.
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Update Monday, April 14, 1:10PM EDT - The original charts were missing some of the crafted Legendary and Set items. That issue has been fixed, and all the items are now listed. One other issue to be aware of: There are two different Witch Doctor helms with the same name, the Legendary Mask of Jeram and the Set item Mask of Jeram. Since both of those items have the exact same name and are currently dropping in Diablo III, we need to update our system to support that. For now, the set item is listed as a (Legacy) item, even though it is actually current; that will be updated in the future, so they both are correctly listed as current items. Our thanks to the great feedback provided in the reddit discussion, that helped with these issues.
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