Legendary Drops Fixed in Patch 2.0.4

Undocumented changes in the new patch include higher pet damage

Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan - Level 70
The arrival of patch 2.0.4 brought changes both big and small to Diablo III. The Diablo III Patch 2.0.4 Patch Notes and Hotfixes info has the official list of changes, but there were many other additions and tweaks that didn't get listed in the initial patch notes. These include new Paragon Level portraits, certain Legendary items dropping at level 70 for the first time, and a potential big buff to pet damage. Read on for all the details!

Legendary Items Dropping Again
Certain Legendary items were removed when the Reaper of Souls Expansion arrived, and so were not dropping. One of those items was the Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan. As seen in the image above, from a discussion at reddit, those Legendary pants are now dropping at level 70. This was listed in a blue post in the Italian Blizzard forums, and then later confirmed in the updated Patch 2.0.4 Hotfixes. There are 6 items that have now started dropping at level 70, that weren't available in the expansion before patch 2.0.4.
Shortly before the launch of Reaper of Souls some legendary items were temporarily removed because they needed a fix that was implemented with patch 2.0.4. As the patch is live, the following items can be found again in the game:

Pets Fully Inherit Critical Hit Damage
Another substantial change that slipped into patch 2.0.4 involves pet damage. Previously the Critical Hit Damage stat for pets was capped at 50%. With the patch that cap has been removed, so pet critical damage now can scale up further based on their master's gear. This was confirmed as an intended change by Nevalistis, for all pets. This change dramatically increases the damage of pets for characters who have a high amount of Critical Hit Damage.
Posted by: Bogy

would be nice if they made a statement about the chd pet dmng changes and if they are here to stay or not

Wish granted. :)

This is indeed an intended change, and the amount of benefit provided to pets does not have a cap. Critical Hit Damage now scales for all pets, from Witch Doctors to Demon Hunters. This actually also includes stationary pets, such as Sentries and Hydras.

Apologies for the delay in communication on this one, but we always want to be sure the information we're providing is full and accurate, and it took me some time to check with all the appropriate folks that this was an actual change and not a bug. We'll be updating the patch notes to reflect this information as well.

Skill, Item, and Gameplay Undocumented Changes
Here are further changes to the game, as detailed in various reddit.com/r/Diablo threads.
  • The Crusader passive Iron Maiden was initially doing much higher Thorns damage, scaling up by Torment level. This was hotfixed shortly after patch 2.0.4 was released, and the skill will be reworked in a future patch.
  • The Demon Hunter skill Chakram - Twin Chakrams now spins through most world walls, like other Chakram runes.
  • The Healing attribute is made up from many different stats like Life on Hit and Life per Kill. The calculation of that attribute appears to have been changed in the patch, for all the stats that provide healing based on a resource. Stats like Life per Fury Spent and Life per Spirit Spent now are weighted less, in the overall Healing attribute.
  • As mentioned above, Moonlight Ward is dropping again, available for the first time at level 70. The special Legendary power from that amulet now has an internal cooldown of 1-2 seconds, so it can't go off constantly, as it was before.
  • The Wizard off-hand Mirrorball provides extra missiles to Magic Missile. Those extra missiles no longer give a chance to proc events like Life on Hit, APoC, etc.
  • The item stat Increases Damage Against Elite now stacks additively, instead of calculating with diminishing returns as it used to. This makes it more worthwhile to wear multiple items with the stat, which increases damage to all elite creatures including bosses, goblins, and even other players.

Cosmetic Undocumented Changes
There were many cosmetic improvements made with patch 2.0.4, and here are some of those.
  • The text for monster health now has commas in the numbers, making them easier to read.
  • There are new Paragon Level portraits every 100 levels, starting at level 200 and going up to level 800. The new portraits mainly add stars around the character icon.
  • Once a Pool of Reflection has been used, it no longer shows as active on the minimap.
  • An improvement that makes it much easier for players doing the Reset Quests option, to replay through the Campaign Mode: quests that haven't been played yet are now a different color than completed quests. This makes it easy to see which quests still need to be done, to be eligible to use Reset Quests.

    Quest Selection UI in Patch 2.0.4
  • New graphics for the Wizard skill Archon are different, depending on the rune used.
  • If you're lucky enough to get a Legendary or Set item gambling with Kadala, that item is now listed in chat, as if it had dropped.
  • There are now new icons for the Mystery items that can be gambled from Kadala.
There will doubtless be more changes and additions that show up for the patch. Keep an eye on the Diablo III Patch 2.0.4 Patch Notes and Hotfixes for updates to the official patch notes and hotfixes.
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