Preview Diablo III Patch 2.0.4 and Patch 2.1

A compilation of the features and bug fixes in upcoming Diablo III patches

The Diablo III developers have been busy on not one, but two different patches for Diablo III PC, since the Reaper of Souls Expansion was released. There is a small bug fix and balance patch that is going live soon, the patch 2.0.4 that will likely be released tomorrow. The other patch being developed is the large content patch 2.1.0, which will be arriving in a couple of months. We have put together a compilation of the official info released about the upcoming patches, to make it easy to see the new features and many bug fixes that are on the way.

This info is all listed in the Diablo III Future Patches compilation. The three sections in the guide with Diablo III PC / Mac patch info are:
  • Next Minor PC Patch: Patch 2.0.4 - Details on the bug fixes and changes expected in the next small patch, which will likely be called patch 2.0.4. With the scheduled server maintenance for tomorrow, this patch will likely arrive then, unless there are issues that keep it from going live.
  • Future PC Patch Updates - There are many issues and bug fixes being worked on or investigated by Blizzard's QA team, that will likely be fixed in an upcoming patch. The issues that haven't been specifically detailed as being fixed in the next patch are listed here, although many of them will probably also be taken care of in patch 2.0.4.
  • Next Major PC Content Patch: Patch 2.1.0 - The first major content patch in the expansion is Patch 2.1. It will bring some fun new content, including Seasons with ladders and the new competitive Tiered Rifts, and more. The major upcoming features that have been announced for patch 2.1, or are likely to be added with that patch, are all listed.
The info known about the upcoming console Diablo III content is also detailed in the guide. Enjoy the early look at the patches; hopefully we'll see patch 2.0.4 tomorrow, to bring many of these changes to the game!
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