Legendary Crafting Materials Boosted in Next Patch

Hotfix changes increase drop rates, and Blizzard Blues discuss the changes

Diablo III Reaper of Souls - Hotfixes
More Diablo III hotfixes have rolled out in the past few days, bringing both boosts to Legendary drop rates, and reductions from specific types of containers on the ground. We also received word of more changes coming in the next minor patch, which will bring an increase in the drop rates for Legendary crafting materials.

Legendary Crafting Material Drop Rates Increasing Soon
Patch 2.0 included a slew of Legendary recipes, that each require a specific Legendary crafting material. One example is the material Rydraelm Tome which is used to craft the Legendary chest armor Mantle of the Rydraelm. These materials drop from specific unique elite or boss monsters. These crafting materials have been a bit hard to come by, so their drop rate is going to be boosted in the next minor patch, likely patch 2.0.4.
We've been keeping a close eye on player feedback regarding Legendary crafting materials (specifically their drop rates) as well as on our own internal data. Right now, we agree that the drop rates do feel a little low and somewhat prohibitive, particularly since crafting adds another layer of RNG to the mix. In an upcoming patch we're going to be buffing the drop rates for Legendary crafting mats by a fair amount, effectively bringing them in line with the drop rates for Death's Breath.

In case some of you may not have seen previous posts where we've shared the rates for Death's Breath, here you go:

Normal - 15%
Hard - 18%
Expert - 21%
Master - 25%
Torment 1 - 31%
Torment 2 - 37%
Torment 3 - 44%
Torment 4 - 53%
Torment 5 - 64%
Torment 6 - 77%

This also brings up another opportunity for clarity: While the drop rates for Legendary crafting mats do scale with difficulty, their scaling is independent of the Legendary drop rate bonus slider in Torment 1-6. /themoreyouknow

Hotfixes for Patch 2.0.3
The latest hotfixes include both buffs and nerfs to item drops. The drop rate for Legendary items was increased within Nephalem Rifts. Simultaneously, some chest locations were removed from certain areas, and the Demonic Vessel containers now have lower quality loot.

  • There is now an additional bonus 25% chance to find a Legendary item while in a Nephalem Rift.
  • The number of chests that spawn in the following zones has been reduced:
    • Core of Arreat
    • Briarthorn Cemetary
    • Battlefields of Eternity
    • Crag of Eternity
  • Demonic Vessels were using the incorrect loot table, and now give less generous loot.

Legendary Drop Rate Increase
Lylirra provided specifics for the hotfix that increased the drop rate of Legendary items inside of Nephalem Rifts. The increase in drop rates is a 15% multiplicative buff per Torment level.
Great question! (I was actually looking for a good thread in which to drop this information.)

So, the 25% bonus to Legendary drops in Nephalem Rifts is multiplicative and will actually stack with the scaling Legendary drop rate bonus in Torment 1-6.

This means if you're playing through a Rift in Normal-Master, you'll have a 25% bonus to Legendary drops. If you're playing through a Rift in Torment 1, you'll have a 43% bonus to Legendary drops (1.15 * 1.25 = 1.43). If you're playing through a Rift in Torment 2, you'll have a 65% bonus to Legendary drops (1.32* 1.25 = 1.65). And so on.

Hope that helps clear some things up a bit. (Also, I really hope my math checks out. >.>)

Note that we're going to continue to keep an eye on Rifts and how rewarding they are (or, more importantly, how rewarding they feel). We've already seen some great feedback from players on that topic that we're taking a look at now. This buff is just a small change we could make quickly, and we're definitely looking forward to your feedback over the next few days.

Chest Removal in Hotfixes
The hotfixes removed chests from certain zones. This goes to the balance that the developers are looking to achieve, between the different areas of the game.
We are keeping a very close eye on the rate of reward for playing in Story Mode versus Bounties versus Rifts. We wanted to make Rifts more attractive, so that's the aim of this particular hotfix. Consequently, some areas were spawning too many chests and creating a relatively trivial method to acquiring loot. We don't want chests to be in a place where they become unexciting to open when you come across them, but as with other changes we want to address situations that create less than compelling game play.

Crusader Skill Changes
As a new class added just a few weeks ago in the Reaper of Souls Expansion, Crusaders are the least polished of the classes. They will be receiving a number of skill changes, and probably some skill buffs, in an upcoming patch. That may be as soon as the next minor update, patch 2.0.4. As noted in the thread, there may also be other small patches before the major content patch 2.1.0.
and will a blue confirm anything????

While I can't share any specific details right now, we have been monitoring the performance of the different classes since launch and we do have some adjustments planned for all classes that will be implemented in an upcoming patch. In the upcoming patch notes, the Crusader will likely be listed with the most adjustments of all the classes.

Class Balancing in Patches
Crusaders are the newest class, but that doesn't mean that other classes are being ignored. There will be balance changes made to skills across all the classes, as needed, in upcoming patches.
Posted by: Adhominem

This made me wonder, is this a game that Blizzard wants balanced?

The classes are intended to feel distinctive and unique while at the same time retaining the feeling of becoming increasingly powerful as you progress, so while the developers will likely avoid homogenising skills and gear purely for the sake of attaining a one-to-one performance ratio between classes, they do care about class balance quite a bit—If one class feels too lacklustre compared to the others, then developers will make adjustments to bring the class more in line with the others. The same thing goes the other way round if one class clearly outshines the others btw.

Typically class tuning is required after major releases such as expansion packs, and this holds true for Reaper of Soul as well since we had massive class overhauls and also had a release of an entirely new class. Now that players are levelling up their characters to max level and have begun the process of farming for gear and climbing to harder difficulties, the developers have a much more complete picture of the class balance situation now than they did just after patch 2.0.1 was released, and with the data they have right now, they are in a much better place to make informed decisions. Many things have been hotfixed already, and more adjustments to classes are coming in future patches :-)

Read on for more Blizzard Blues posts, including discussions of the change to Demonic Vessel containers.

Chest Removal and Demonic Vessels
Various blue posters discussed the changes to containers in the recent hotfixes. They made it clear that there was no change to the actual loot inside of chests, just that some of them were removed from spawning in certain zones. The change to Demonic Vessels was done because they spawn commonly in their zones and were supposed to have the loot of "breakables" like vases, but instead had the loot for chests. That has now been fixed.
Info about Demonic Vessels here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12412661154?page=3#50


For clarity, the hotfix only affects the frequency with which chests will spawn in very specific areas (called out in our ongoing 2.0.3 Hotfixes thread here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12032813274). The hotfix does not affect the loot inside those chests, or other chests, in any way. This was a very conscious decision on our part.

The number of chests that spawn in the following zones has been reduced:
  • Core of Arreat
  • Briarthorn Cemetary
  • Battlefields of Eternity
  • Crag of Eternity

  • For even more clarity (since this may come up), we still have a buff planned for Resplendent Chests that will improve their treasure class. That buff, which is in truth a bug fix, is planned for our next small patch. Nevalistis provides a bit more detail here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12372087386?page=3#53
    Posted by: Vresiberba

    Don't tell me, you don't consider Demonic Vessels as chests, do you.

    Yup, you actually nailed it. Demonic Vessels are (from an actual design perspective) considered on par with vases and not actually chests.

    Given responses to my previous post, I actually went over to talk with our system design team to see what was up. There was a separate hotfix made, which I've now added to the main hotfix thread, to Demonic Vessels to correct their loot tables. They were previously pulling from chest loot tables rather than from vase loot tables. That hotfix is live, which could account for your personal experiences. (Apologies for the confusion there!)

    That said, chests (objects with a lid that flip up) have not had their loot adjusted in any way with these recent fixes. The only changes made to chests are those noted here:

    The number of chests that spawn in the following zones has been reduced:*
    • Core of Arreat
    • Briarthorn Cemetary
    • Battlefields of Eternity
    • Crag of Eternity
    Posted by: Massacre

    heres my question for you Lylirra. You can Hot fix BAM nerf out the gate faster then superman could catch a bullet but it will require a whole patch to increase the drop rate of Resplendent chest? Please explain.

    It's due to the actual change (i.e. the kind of change) we need to make to Resplendent Chests, not the fact that we want to improve them. As Nevalistis noted:

    Posted by: Nevalistis

    There was a bug associated with Resplendent Chests that was causing them to drop the incorrect loot for their type. This was basically a holdover from prior to 2.0.1 where stacks of Nephalem Valor affected the loot that would drop from these chests, and unfortunately it was missed in the original 2.0.1 patch. Because it involves code that's a little deeper than the surface, it's not something we're able to hotfix and will require a patch to address.

    For reference, hotfixes are changes we make to data that's stored server-side (on our end) and patches are required in order to make changes to data that's stored client-side (on your end). In order to properly address the issues with Resplendent Chests, we're going to need to make some changes that affect client-side data, so a patch is needed.

    I know it's not ideal (if this was something we could hotfix, we absolutely would), but we're already working on a small bug fix/balance patch that we hope to have out very soon here.
    Posted by: Hetchman

    Ok then, if Demonic Vessels are on par with vases, can you please make them break on their own without having to be clicked on? Area damage will bust most breakables, but you have to actively click on the vessels. I think that's why many of us (myself included) thought they were chests.

    Totally fair feedback (in that, "opening" vessels and vases is mechanically different, so it can feel weird to have vessels sometimes be empty, even though it feels normal for vases to sometimes be empty). Already passed it along. :)
    Posted by: GameGenie

    Back to no drops? Doing a rift with the tower layout and none of them are dropping stuff. This the way they nerfed chest runs?

    Posted by: GeminiEclips

    Demonic Vessels were using the incorrect loot table, and now give less generous loot.*

    This is correct. Demonic Vessels were erroneously using the tables for chests, which was not intended. However, we've already heard a lot of feedback regarding this change, and it's been passed on to the appropriate parties. While I don't have any other changes to share at this time, I do want to reaffirm that we're closely watching rewards across the entire game including both Story and Adventure Mode and we will continue to evaluate and tweak as needed.
    Posted by: Tyrinus

    Didn't you already remove many spawn places for these vessels in a recent hotfix? Or was that just for chests only...

    It was only for chests, not vessels. Vessels still appear in a fairly frequent number, and right now their loot is more akin to breaking open vases or destructibles than opening a chest, as they're much more common than chests in the areas that they spawn.

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    We just finished fixing many bugs on the main d3 site for RoS. We're going to take a look at the API next week and try to fix as many things as possible. Sorry for the delay.

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