Hotfix Changes Moved to Patch 2.0.4

Blizzard Blues on the latest hotfixes, and bug fixes coming in the next patch

Diablo III Reaper of Souls - Hotfixes
Another round of hotfixes have gone live for patch 2.0.3. Some of the other changes that were supposed to be happening as hotfixes have instead been pushed back, and will be part of an upcoming patch. There will likely be a Diablo III patch 2.0.4 that goes live within the next couple of weeks, possibly as soon as next Tuesday, April 8. Here are the details on what changed in the latest hotfixes, and many current bugs that can only be fixed in a patch.

Hotfixes for Patch 2.0.3
Here are the latest hotfix changes. Note the two issues that have been moved out to a patch, as they cannot be fixed via a hotfix.

  • Drop rates for Mighty Belts and Quivers have been lowered to match other class-specific items.
    • This hotfix will require a patch, and is no longer upcoming for 2.0.3.
  • Belial will now correctly drop loot when killed in Adventure Mode.
    • This hotfix will require a patch, and is no longer upcoming for 2.0.3.


  • Rats spawned from Rat-Infested Corpses no longer grant experience or loot.
  • Level 60 Infernal Machine Items can no longer be used if the associated Level 70 Infernal Machine portal has already been opened.
  • Bounty bags now properly ignore Difficulty setting when opened. You can no longer get Imperial Gems or increased gold by opening them on a higher difficulty.

Reaper of Souls Release Party Update
Reaper of Souls Release Party - Developer Q&A
At the release of the Reaper of Souls Expansion, there was a great developer Q&A. We covered the event and made a transcript of the Q&A, which was recently updated and now includes a (poor quality) video. See the updated transcript for everything that the developers had to say about Seasons with ladders and Tiered Rifts, all coming in the content patch 2.1.0. Lylirra had some posts that mentioned the event; there might be a better VOD of the developer Q&A coming. If that turns up, we'll update our transcript further.
We're actually looking to expand upon Nephalem Rifts in our upcoming 2.1.0 patch, creating what we're internally calling "Tiered Rifts." In a way, Tiered Rifts are similar to an endless dungeon (or "topless tower," as Wyatt likes to call it) in that as you complete different tiers of Rifts, you can unlock more tiers. Another goal with Tiered Rifts is to provide a way for players to test and challenge themselves, and also compare their progression against the progress of other players.

Wyatt gave a sneak peek during our Live Q&A on March 24:

Q: Are there plans to add new end-game challenges in the months to come, similar to the Infernal Machine event?
Wyatt Cheng: New end game challenges... Josh mentioned that the first content patch is going to have Seasons. I'm happy to announce that there is another major feature coming in the patch 2.1, which is going to be what we're internally calling Tiered Rifts. The idea behind that is an actual challenge scenario, where players do increasingly hard Rifts, to try and see who can get the farthest.

The basic mechanics that we have working right now is: you go through the game in Adventure Mode, you do your Bounties, you do a Nephalem Rift. If you clear the Nephalem Rift, there's a chance to get what's called a Greater Rift Token. If you successfully clear the Greater Rift in a certain time limit, then you unlock a Greater Rift Key (Rank 2). If you clear that one, you get Rank 3, etc. Each one is harder than the previous one. Much like Seasons, we're looking at having a leaderboard as well, so you'll be able to compare your progress to the people on your Friends List, your Clan, and the whole region. You'll be able to see who got to the highest Tiered Rift, and what time were they able to obtain on that.

Tiered Rifts are still in development, so there aren't many additional details to share right now. We hope to provide more information in the coming weeks, though--so stay tuned!

Note: Since we experienced sound issues during the live recording, we don't yet have a VOD to share. We hope to be able to resolve the sound issues first and are troubleshooting that right now. If can't fix the audio, we'll provide a full transcript and maybe even re-record the Q&A in our own studio and answer some extra questions when we do! Sincere apologies for the delay on that. :)

Difficulty Doesn't Change Horadric Cache Loot
Grimiku clarified that, as of the latest hotfixes, the game difficulty does not change the items found inside a Horadric Cache.
Difficulty level has no impact on Horadric Cache loot. We recently hotfixed an issue where gems from Caches were erroneously being impacted by difficulty level, but this was not intended.

There are, however, special Legendaries that only drop from Horadric Caches. The Ring of Royal Grandeur, which reduces the number of items you need to complete a Set bonus by 1 to a minimum of 2, is such an example.

Difficulty Does Change Crafting Drops in Rifts
Other drops from Nephalem Rifts are affected by the difficulty of the game. Diablo III developer Travis Day made a comment on reddit, noting that the drop rate of crafting materials in Rifts is dependent on the game difficulty chosen.
Yes it does, drop rate on legendary crafting mat increases based on the difficulty the rift is completed in.

Fixes to Achievements
There are a small but significant number of characters who have completed an achievement, but were not rewarded it in the Diablo III client. This has been an ongoing issue since the original Diablo III release, and the entire achievement system is being changed to help take care of that. This is a major change, that will likely not arrive until the big content patch 2.1.0, in a few months.
Hi Everyone,

I want to start by thanking Morogoth for taking the time to create this thread and gather all of this information into one place. We really appreciate it, and the effort you put into this clearly shows the passion you have for our community. I also wanted to take a few moments to provide an update to this issue, and hopefully give you all a bit of insight as to what are doing to address this.

Currently, we have some work planned to make changes to some of the underlying systems on which the Achievements feature is built and functions. These changes should provide us with the tools to resolve most (if not all) achievement-related issues by allowing achievements to be automatically and retroactively granted when the server detects that your account is missing an achievement that you have completed all of the criteria for. Unfortunately however, the changes needed to make this all work will require a patch to implement. While I cannot provide a specific date for when the necessary work will be completed and our potential solution will be in place, the current goal we have for finishing up this work is around patch 2.1.0. I want to stress that I absolutely cannot make promises about this timeline and that this could happen a bit later based on the progress made on other planned back-end changes between now and then. For now, however, that’s the plan.

We know this is something that a lot of players have been waiting on for quite some time, and as players ourselves, we sympathize with and share your frustrations. We really appreciate everyone’s patience and hope that this helps you all understand that we aren’t just sitting on our hands over this and that we want this fixed as much as you do. If I have any further information to provide, I will post it here.

Read on for more recent Blizzard Blues posts, including many bugs and issues that will be addressed in the upcoming patch 2.0.4.

Reaper's Fear Drop Rate
The crafting material Reaper's Fear is needed to craft the Legendary bracers Reaper's Wraps. The drop rate for that crafting material is currently very low, which makes it hard for players to get the needed items to craft the bracers. This apparently cannot be taken care of with a hotfix, so it will be fixed in the upcoming patch.
It's a good question, and I know a lot of folks would love to know if there's any news on this subject. However, the drop rate for Reaper's Fear is currently still bugged (in that the crafting material is dropping at a lower rate than intended). At the moment, we're working to address the issue in a small, upcoming patch, and we'll be sure to let you all know when it's been addressed. Be sure to keep an eye out for any updates, though, and good hunting in Sanctuary!

Wrong Stats on Follower Items
The special items for Followers are currently having the Smart Loot rules applied to them. For example, when a Templar relic drops for a Wizard character, it will likely have Intelligence on it, even though it should have Strength to be useful for the Templar. A few blue posts mentioned that this bug will be fixed in the patch, so those Follower special items will properly have the right main attribute - Strength for the Templar Relics, Dexterity for the Scoundrel Tokens, and Intelligence for the Enchantress Focuses.
There is a bug with the follower only Legendary items that is causing them to roll the wrong main stat in some cases, and we're working on a fix for it. I don't have an expected time frame to share for now, but we'll be sure to give everyone an update when we do.

This is a known issue, but I'm afraid it requires a patch to resolve. We do plan on fixing this in an upcoming patch.

Crashes and Graphical Glitches
There has been an ongoing issue with the Diablo III client on both Windows and OS X, where it can eventually run out of memory and crash, or cause very strange graphical glitches. There is a fix that will hopefully take care of the issue, in the next patch.
Thanks to everybody that sent crash IDs and informations.

All the crashes are related.

Technical explanation:
We are running out of memory address space. Which is causing the textures to be loading incorrectly and to show garbage data. Changing the texture quality tells the game to reload all its textures, this might avoid the problem for a short period of time.

This bug cannot cause damage to hardware.

The next time this happens, can you guy launch Activity Monitor and double-click on the Diablo III process, click on the Memory tab and post the Virtual Memory Size?

In the meanwhile, we put a tentative fix for the next patch. I say "tentative" because we have no good way to verify if this really fixes the problem.

Thanks for your help.

Enchanting Display Bug
The proper stats for rerolling an item with Enchanting are sometimes not showing up. This is another bug to be fixed at some point, although it may not be ready for the next patch.
Posted by: King

Sorry if this has been posted before but i couldn't find anything on it...

I've got an Inna Chest, which can roll dexterity between 415-500 but when i go to the mystic it says i could re-roll between 415-750, is it possible for me to roll higher than 500? Or would my item be capped at 500.

There is a bug with the Enchanting window showing incorrect potential values for some affixes. We're working on a fix for this issue that will be implemented later on, but it's something to keep in mind while you're Enchanting in the mean time.

Health Fluctuations
Apparently there is a bug with a character's health shifting dramatically based on interface interactions. This may be taken care of in the upcoming patch, or it may not be fixed by then.
I brought this up to a few people, and they did find a bug after investigating further. There is an issue that can cause abnormal fluctuations in your characters health when performing certain actions, and inventory management is one of them. We're working on a fix for this bug, but we're not sure when that fix will be implemented at this point. We'll be sure to let you know as soon as it is, though.

Transmogrification Missing Displays
Another issue being worked on is that some Transmogrification appearances aren't available, from certain items.
Posted by: Gravier

Yesterday i was lucky enough to stumble upon two pieces of the Marauder set, and they look absolutely stunning. But i didn't get the transmog for both of them, is this a bug?

It's not technically a bug, but there are some items (like class-specific set items) that don't exist as Transmogrify options. Some of those items can't be Transmogrified back into their original state once they've been altered, either. We're aware that this is causing issues for some players, and we'll be looking at solutions. We'll give everyone an update when we're able to, and thanks for letting us know!

Opening a Nephalem Rift Accidentally
Here's good news for people who accidentally click to open a Nephalem Rift. The Nephalem Obelisk will be moved out of the way, and the entire process may be changed to be a channeled activity. That darn box near the Blacksmith in Act I will be changed as well, so players can't run into it.
We've accidentally opened up a few Nephalem Rift's here at the office, but we also like how it feels to open up a rift with a single click. Currently our intention is to nudge the Nephalem Obelisk so that it's a little more out of the way, but keep the rest of the process the same. This should help reduce the number of unintended rifts created, but allow people to easily enjoy them without interrupting the pace.
Posted by: Psyklone

Can you 'nudge' the blacksmiths keepsakes box from its new location. Or remove it entirely. Its a story related lore book that can only be found once. Put it in story mode only.

I presume you're talking about the Blacksmith's Belongings in Act I which is now sometimes gets in the way while running around town. You'll be glad to know that we're planning to remove the collision detection from that box, so it shouldn't be in the way anymore.

Also, an update to opening rifts. One of the things we're thinking about is adding a channeling element when opening a Nephalem Rift in addition to nudging the obelisk a little more out of the way. This way we avoid adding a check box, but still allow players to cancel out of it if they accidentally click the obelisk. What do you think?
Posted by: Apple

Also id like you to have to confirm closing a rift. I have misclicked on that blue dude that closes rifts and the party wasent happy.

Can happily pass that on. Thanks!

Finishing Up Rifts
Do you finish a Nephalem Rift after the Rift Guardian is dead, or leave right away? It's up to players whether they want to stick around, but there certainly can be more levels in a Rift, beyond the one that contains the guardian.
Nephalem Rifts are completely randomized, and can have somewhere between 1 and 10 levels. Sometimes you'll encounter the Rift Guardian early on, but you can continue to clear out the rest of it if you want. You never know what you'll encounter in a rift, so it can be fun to clear them out sometimes. However, there's currently only one Rift Guardian per rift. Here's a quote that might help from the First Look: Adventure Mode blog that we published talking about how much randomization goes into a Rift.

First off, it means that Nephalem Rifts are completely randomized, featuring different content from Acts I-V—random interior and exterior tile sets, random layouts, random lighting and weather, random monsters, and (of course) a random boss encounter to cap it all off. Each Nephalem Rift dungeon can be up to 10 levels deep, but even that's random too!
Posted by: Adp

Posted by: Grimiku

Sometimes you'll encounter the Rift Guardian early on, but you can continue to clear out the rest of it if you want.

What do you mean? Every rift I've done has a bar gauge that fills up and once it reaches 100% the rift guardian appears regardless of what level I was on.

You can explore the rest of the Nephalem Rift after you kill the Rift Guardian, so long as you don't turn in the quest to Orek. Currently, Rift Guardians spawn when you've killed a number of monsters (which is how you fill the gauge that was mentioned), and sometimes that happens well before you've explored the entire rift. For example, it's possible to fight a Rift Guardian on the 2nd or 3rd level of a Nephalem Rift that has 5 or 6 total levels. If you kill the guardian, but don't turn in the quest, then you can freely explore the rest of the Nephalem Rift.
Posted by: Socs

I found a Leg when i decided to continue a Rift after the Guardian was dead.

I've been leveling my Crusader in Nephalem Rifts, and have been trying to explore every nook and cranny while I do. A lot of that takes place after the guardian is dead. Most of the time I'm just looking for more monsters to kill, but along the way I've discovered rifts have plenty of hidden treasures.

The Patch 2.0.3 Known Issues list has other issues that the Blizzard Q&A has noted, that may be fixed in an upcoming patch. Keep up to date with all the current Reaper of Souls news by reading the Blizzard Blues posts in our Blue Post Tracker or the RSS feeds.
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