Artists and a Producer Interviews for 'Reaper of Souls'

Chats with the people who help bring the expansion to life

A production like the Reaper of Souls Expansion takes the work of many people, as does the ongoing support for Diablo III. With the recent release of the expansion, there were a number of interviews with people in the different departments in the Diablo III team. Here are some of those recent interviews, with multiple artists and lead producer Alex Mayberry.

The first interview is with Diablo III senior character artist Paul Warzecha, in a fun and crazy chat with The interviewer has fun starting with goofy sketches that he imagines could be Diablo III classes, and works with Warzecha to bring them to life. It's a silly chat, that even pulls in Dan the PR guy into the fun.

In a slightly more serious vein, Warzecha also sat down with c|net Australia to show how character designs begin, as seen in this video.

Another interview was between lead producer Alex Mayberry and CVG, discussing the joys and difficulties in running online services for games such as Diablo III.

Finally, an interview with lead exterior environment artist Chris Donelson at Toms Hardware, chatting about the inspiration behind designs in the expansion. It is interesting hearing about the game from the perspectives of the many different people who work on it.
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