Top Builds and Skills Unveiled for 'Reaper of Souls'

See the most popular level 70 builds and skills for each of the classes, including the new Crusader!

New Skills in 'Reaper of Souls'
Here at Diablo Somepage we enjoy bringing the best Diablo III news and data to the Diablo III community. We are proud to announce that our Popular Builds and Skills section is now fully updated for the Reaper of Souls Expansion. These charts reflect the builds, skills, and runes that are used the most by level 70 characters. We have added a brand new Popular Crusader Builds and Skills section, reflecting the data from a multitude of intrepid Diablo III players who have already leveled a new Crusader up to level 70.

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Here are some points to keep in mind about all this data:
  • It is still very early in the expansion, and there are relatively few characters at level 70, compared to the number who will level up in the next few weeks. We expect the numbers to shift substantially, as more data is filled in, and as the players keep trying different builds.
  • The data is even thinner for the Crusaders, since all of them must make the journey from level 1 up to 70. They will fill in quickly, as more players get their brand new Crusaders up to level 70.
  • The old versions of these charts split up the softcore maximum level characters into two groups, based on each character's Paragon Level. Since the Paragon 2.0 revamp changed Paragon Levels to be shared across accounts, that is no longer a useful way to divide up the characters. We are currently splitting up the softcore data into two groups, based on the number of elite kills that a level 70 softcore character has made. The main group for each class is made up characters who are at the bottom 75% for elite kills. The smaller group for each class has the top 25% of elite kills. We will refine this in the future, as we have more data and the API data is once again provided by Blizzard.
  • It's fun to compare the popularity of the new level 61 active skills that were added for each of the original 5 classes, shown in the image up top. Let's look at which of those 5 new skills is the most popular, based on their usage by the top 25% elite kills softcore group in each class. All of the new skills are solidly popular, with the minimum ones nearly reaching 50% usage.
    • The Monk skill Epiphany is the least used of those skills, currently at 45% usage.
    • The Wizard skill Black Hole is the just ahead, with 47% usage.
    • The booming Barbarian Avalanche is next at 53% usage among top Barbarians.
    • Demon Hunters slip by with Vengeance fighting for the top spot, with nearly 64% of them choosing to use it.
    • But it is the Witch Doctors who most love their new skill, with over 65% choosing the ferocious Piranhas!
    Those numbers will all change over time, but it is interesting that even this early in the expansion, nearly half of all the elite softcore level 70s are finding a use for their new class active skill.
  • You can look up your own Diablo III BattleTag in our database, or add it to be recorded and kept up to date, in the Add a BattleTag section. Keep in mind that the character stat sheets will be out of date, until we can get the complete character data via the API.
  • We have updated the look and layout of these charts to make them as easy to read as possible. If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to leave us feedback. Enjoy the data!
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