Hotfixes Nerf 'Unity' Passive, Fix Crashes

The first hotfixes for the 'Reaper of Souls' expansion have rolled out

Diablo III Reaper of Souls - Hotfixes
A large amount of hotfixes have rolled out for Diablo III, marking the first set of small server-side fixes since the Reaper of Souls Expansion went live. They include a nerf to the Unity passive skill for Monks, many crash fixes, and an improvement to queuing for Bounties in the new Adventure Mode. Here are all the hotfixes that landed from the Patch 2.0.3 Hotfixes list, and more that are on their way!

Last Updated - March 27th. Items with an asterisk (*) are most recent.

  • Optimizing clan and community operations to allow them to load more quickly and efficiently.*

  • Akarat's Champion
    • The revive proc of this skill now properly triggers when killed by a damage over time effect.*

  • Sweeping Wind
    • Fixing an issue where Sweeping Wind can occasionally cause severe performance decreases for players.*



  • Fixed an issue where Adria would occasionally refuse to die if killed during her Cauldron Teleport.*
  • Players can no longer be placed in an Adventure Mode public game if the first full Act of Bounties has been completed.*
  • Fixed an issue where Shadow Vermin could spawn infinitely when fighting Orlash.*
  • Westmarch Hounds now properly drop players when charmed.*

  • Blessed Hammer
    • Should no longer occasionally cause the game to crash.*
  • Heavenly Strength
    • No longer causes the game to crash when equipping items with resource bonuses for other classes.*

Demon Hunter
  • Chakram
    • Should no longer occasionally cause the game to crash.*

  • Unity
    • Players can now benefit from a maximum of 20% bonus damage from the Unity passive.*

The change to the Monk passive skill Unity caps the amount of increased damage that the passive can provide. This was done to keep the skill from providing too much damage, when the Monk was grouped up with classes that had a lot of pets out. A Witch Doctor using pets like Fetish Army could give an incredibly high amount of damage to the Monk! A separate blue post explained the reasoning behind the change.
Hey everyone,

We’ve recently implemented a major hotfix for the Monk passive, Unity. With this hotfix, we’ve capped the number bonus damage stacks provided by the passive to 4. This means the maximum amount of bonus damage that can be achieved with Unity by the casting player is 20%, which is still fairly powerful compared to most class passive abilities.

Unity’s design intent is to make players feel powerful when fighting side by side with their allies. The fantasy behind the passive is based on the idea that travelling with your Mystic Ally, follower, and other players can make you stronger and more adept at fighting your foes—which is great! At the moment, however, depending on your group make-up, the returns from Unity are vastly over-performing compared to other passives as well as other classes.

We know nerfs never feel particularly great, but with a singular passive standing so far above other abilities, we hope you understand why this was the appropriate action to take. We’re aiming to provide as much transparency and clarity on these kinds of changes as possible, and we’re thankful for your patience and understanding!

Those are the hotfixes so far, but as seen in the post, there are more on the way. Keep up with all the official Reaper of Souls news and changes, by checking the Blizzard Blues posts in our Blue Post Tracker or the RSS feeds!
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