Diablo III Item Bug at Level 62+

Blizzard Blues on the current issues in the 'Reaper of Souls' expansion

The Reaper of Souls Expansion went live on Monday night, with a smooth worldwide rollout topped off by exciting announcements in the developer Q&A. While the game is running well, there are some issues that players have been dealing with. One major issue involves Rare items only rolling at a few of the levels above character level 60, making it harder for characters to find item upgrades. Here's a look at that issue, and other Blizzard Blue posts from this busy first day in the expansion.

Here at Diablo Somepage, we're working hard to gather data on the new Crusader class, and the new active and passive skills on all the classes. We'll have more details about those in the near future.

Bug With Level 62+ Rare Items
If you have been leveling a character from 60 to 70, and not finding many item upgrades along the way, here's a reason why. Rare items are only dropping at certain "breakpoint" levels, instead of at each level along the way, as they should. It appears that Rare items above level 60 are only dropping at required levels of 61, 66, 69, and finally at level 70. So for a large part of the 60s, players will only be getting Rare drops that are level 61, even when their character has reached 64 or 65. Fortunately this does not affect Legendary items, which will still appropriately drop at the character's level. A blue response to the bug with Rare items stated that it is being looked into.
This is being looked into.
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Enraged Phantasm Damage
The Enraged Phantasm spirits in Act V are causing issues for a lot of players, doing a massive amount of damage with their abilities, especially Soul Siphon. This will be tuned down in an upcoming patch, probably the next little one like patch 2.0.4. In the meantime, hardcore players will likely want to have some incapacitating skills to use on those spirits, to keep them from draining so much health.
We do plan on making a balance pass on these enemies in the near future, though this change will require a patch. Their damage is a wee bit more bursty than we intended, so some of their abilities (specifically their Soul Siphon) will be tuned down to be more in line with other abilities.

Death's Breath Drop Rate
The new crafting component Death's Breath is highly sought, since it is used by many recipes in the expansion. It drops from level 61+ elites and bosses, and can be a bit hard to come by. Death's Breath drops at the same drop rate as Demonic Essence, based on the game difficulty chosen.
Just as an FYI, the scaling drop rates for Death's Breath are the same as Demonic Essence (i.e. they scale the same way as you progress in difficulty). Currently, those drop rates are:

Normal - 15%
Hard - 18%
Expert - 21%
Master - 25%
Torment 1 - 31%
Torment 2 - 37%
Torment 3 - 44%
Torment 4 - 53%
Torment 5 - 64%
Torment 6 - 77%

We have no plans right now to change the rates, given that we're only one day into the expansion (we'd like to give things a bit more time to settle before we start pulling levers and adjusting knobs). That said, we are paying attention to your feedback! We'll be keeping a close eye on your posts, tweets, and in-game chat, as well as our own internal data, and if it looks like things aren't in a great place, we'll definitely reevaluate and make changes if needed. :)

No Set Items from Blood Shards
The Blood Shards that are obtained in Adventure Mode can be used to purchase items of a specific slot, from the merchant Kadala. The items purchased normally end up being Rare quality, but occasionally they will be a Legendary. They are not able to roll as a class Set item, however. As changed in a recent hotfix, those class Set items are only available from Torment difficulty.
It's possible to get a wide variety of Legendary items from giving your Bloodshards to Kadala, but class set items are not one of them. Those items have a chance to drop while in Torment, but even in that difficulty Kadala's inventory doesn't change.

Side Quests in Reaper of Souls
As Grimiku points out, there are a lot of fun side events and quests in the expansion. It is worth mentioning that players should talk to everybody, for more fun quests and events -- that includes your artisans and followers!
One of the things I love about the big Act V maps is all of the side events to check out. I avoided them in closed beta so that I still had some things to explore after launch, and that's proved to be a lot of fun. Have you been doing all of the side events, too?

No Life Steal Anymore
A reminder in a blue post: the Life Steal stat is phased out entirely in the expansion. Players who relied on that stat should look for other item stats like Life on Hit or Life Per Second, to provide the necessary Healing.
This is intended behavior. Life steal was removed as an affix that can appear on new items in the game, and at around level 63 Life Steal stops becoming effective on existing items.

Chiltara and the Gibbering Gemstone
Finally, a special post added to the 2.0.3 Known Issues List, clarifying the issue with the Gibbering Gemstone that drops from Chiltara. The drop rate is quite low right now, and that is expected to be fixed in an upcoming patch.
Regarding Chiltara and the Gibbering Gemstone

I wanted to post something here and mention this to clear up any confusion about it. Basically, due to changes implemented in patch 2.0.1 Chilltara is not appearing as often in the game world, which is making the Gibbering Gemstone more difficult to obtain that it was in patch 1.0.8.

We are aware of this and while this isn't technically a bug (as this part of the Staff of Herding is meant to be the most difficult to obtain), we will be making an adjustment to Chiltara that should make this easier to obtain in a future patch.

We appreciate the reports and comments about this, but as we have officially addressed this here and in multiple other locations, additional reports about this are not needed. Thank you!

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