'Diablo III: Reaper of Souls' Pre-Release Day

The Diablo III expansion is starting to go live around the world (3 updates)

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls
The day has arrived for the release of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. The expansion is already live on the Asian Diablo III servers. It will be landing in Europe, and then finally here in the Americas at 9PM Pacific (midnight Eastern time). There will be live developer interview this evening right around the release time in the Americas, and we'll be reporting on that. Here are the latest tidbits in the meantime, as we wait for release!

Developer Q&A Tonight
Right along with the release of the expansion tonight, there will be a developer Q&A with Josh Mosqueira and Wyatt Cheng, which will be broadcast at Twitch.tv/Diablo. Mosqueira took to Twitter to mention it again, related to the idea of ladders that he has been hinting at lately.

Over at reddit, community manager Nevalistis encouraged watching that interview, as well:
You should definitely tune into the Live Q&A. It'll be awesome. And possibly informative!

Update: Mosqueira added another tweet pushing the idea even more!

Here at Diablo Somepage, we'll be covering the events tonight, with the live stream on Twitch. We'll have reports on any newsworthy discussions and events, and a VOD of the livestream will be made available likely sometime tomorrow.

New Paragon Level Portraits
Nevalistis also commented about new Paragon Level character portraits coming in an upcoming patch. These will be provided every 100 Paragon Levels, up to the soft cap of 800 Paragon Levels.
This is a request the community has been making since the announcement of endless Paragon levels. I'm happy to share that we're currently working on adding new Paragon portraits in the future, and we're planning on implementing them in an upcoming patch. :)

New Paragon Portraits will be added for every 100 levels past level 100, and ending at level 800 (so at 200, 300, etc.). All existing Paragon portraits from 1-100 will remain as they are.

Jumping Into Act V
The 'Reaper of Souls' Launch Day Preparation overview has good information about how to get into the expansion as quickly as possible. It's important to make a note of the recommended place to be when the expansion goes live, to get right into the new act:
In order to access Act V once Reaper of Souls is live, you will need to exit your current game and select Act V from the Quest Select window. If you want to avoid having to recreate your game, we recommend that you set up your game so that you're killing Diablo after your gameplay region's launch time. This way, you can naturally transition into Act V without any additional effort.

"Diablols: Reaper of Souls" by Carbot Animations
On a lighter note, there is a funny new spoof of the Reaper of Souls Cinematic trailer. You can watch the original again if you haven't seen it lately, and then check out this wonderful take on it, by Carbot Animations.

To celebrate the launch of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls™, the creators of StarCrafts have put together an exclusive (and hilarious) parody of the expansion's opening cinematic. Check out the full video by Carbot Animations below, and don't forget to share it with your friends once you've managed to stop laughing.


"Could we find more like that?"

You totally can! For more adorable Blizzard-inspired vignettes, be sure to follow Carbot Animations on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Blizzard Gear Promotion
Finally, here's a special on Blizzard merchandise for the next week, from the official Blizzard Gear store.

Have your eye on some Blizzard Gear goodies? Well, now's the perfect time to stock up!

For a limited time only, anyone who snags $66.60 or more worth of loot from our official online merchandise store (gear.blizzard.com) will also receive an adorable Funko POP! Vinyl Diablo or Tyrael gift with purchase. GLORIOUS! 


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Cart must equal $66.60 before tax and shipping. Promotion begins on 03/21 and ends on 3/31, while supplies last.

We'll have more news tonight, from the live stream. We can't wait to finally jump into the fully expansion, along with the rest of the Diablo III community!

Update: And the European servers are live with Reaper of Souls! There was a server announcement because of a hotfix being pushed live, and some issues with clan and communities, but those were taken care of and overall the process seems to be going fairly smoothly.

Update #2 - 7:07 PM EDT: The official game guide has been updated with information for features in the expansion. You can take a look to review the major content in Reaper of Souls:

Mysteries are revealed in the light of reason.

The Diablo III Game Guide has just been updated with all-new Reaper of Souls™ content!

We're always looking for ways to expand and improve the guide with answers to all of your questions. If there are any particular aspects of the game you're curious about, let us know in the comments.

Happy hunting!

Update #3 - 11:33 PM EDT: We're nearing the release time for the North American servers! Here are two technical support blue posts to be aware of, regarding new character slots, and a hotfix that is landing.
If your character slots are already full of badass demon-slayers and you’re looking forward to the additional slots Reaper of Souls will add for you, please be aware that if you're in-game when the expansion launches you will need to log out and back in for the additional slots to appear.

If you have character slots to spare and you've purchased digitally, you are welcomed and encouraged to log-in before release at 9:00 p.m. PDT/12:00 a.m. EDT for a seamless transition to Reaper of Souls content, including the Crusader character class.

Happy hunting!

We have begun the 1hr count down of existing Game Servers in North America so we can pick up a hotfix.
Players can avoid this count down by exiting their current game session and resuming it again with no need to leave the game client.
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