Videos Available of Level 61 Skills

See the new skill in 'Reaper of Souls' for each of the 5 base classes

Level 61 New Skills
With the Reaper of Souls Expansion landing next week, there's plenty to look forward to. Apart from the new Crusader class, each of the original 5 classes is getting new skills to play with. Each class receives a new active skill at level 61, and runes along the way to 70, along with more passive skills. Here are videos of each of the new level 61 active skills, from a Barbarian's Avalanche to Black Hole on a Wizard, and all the rest.

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Of the plethora of new features coming in Diablo III: Reaper of Soulsâ„¢, perhaps some of the most eagerly anticipated are the bold new powers that await heroes who journey beyond level 60. Each class will unlock a new skill at level 61, as well five equally awe-inspiring runes as they slaughter their way to 70.

Care for a tiny peek? Thought you would.




Demon Hunter




Witch Doctor



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