Diablo III Auction House Has Closed

Blizzard Blues on the removal of the AH, more hotfixes, and other topics

Auction House Update
The Auction House has now been removed from Diablo III. It closed down at 3AM PST Tuesday morning, and Diablo III players have until June 24 to collect all their final purchases or returned items. Recent Blizzard Blues posts dealt with that, the difficulty in obtaining the Gibbering Gemstone, getting guaranteed Legendary items, and other topics.

Auction House is Gone
As promised back in September, the Auction House system has been removed from Diablo III PC. Players need to claim their items or gold from the Completed tab by June 24, 2014. Blue posts announced the end, as well as explaining why the Cancel buttons are no longer active, even on auctions that are still in the process of expiring.
The gold and real-money auction houses are now shut down in the Americas. For more information, including how the shutdown will affect active auctions, items in the Completed Tab, and your existing Battle.net Balance, please visit our Auction House Update FAQ.

The cancel buttons are greyed out because the Auction House has been shut down and no further manipulation of auctions (creating, bidding, buying out, or cancelling) is permitted. Any items that were posted for sale at the time that the shutdown occurred will continue to count down their normal duration and will be returned to your completed tab when the duration of the auction ends. If an item had an active bid, then the winning gold amount will also be sent to your completed tab after the auction ends.

Gibbering Gemstone from Chilltara
The ongoing issue continues, with obtaining the Gibbering Gemstone item from Chilltara. It is still not dropping at the proper rate, but that is scheduled to be fixed in an upcoming patch.
We do have adjustments planned that will make the Gibbering Gemstone a little easier to get, which will go live with a future patch that is currently in the works. Please note however that the gemstone will not be as common as it was in patch 1.0.8—it will not be as rare as it is currently of course, but it may still take some more time to obtain than it did in the past.
Posted by: sackpaddler

I hope the few post that say they have found it are true.

I can confirm that the Gibbering Gemstone still drops, but it is somewhat rarer now because Chilltara appear less often now than she did before patch 2.0.1.

Low Damage on 2-Handed Weapons
Nevalistis took to the forums and reddit, to discuss the fact that 2-handed weapons are rolling fairly low damage overall. There was a specific bug fixed in Patch 2.0.3 with those weapons, but overall their damage is still not much more than 1-handed weapons. This may be adjusted in the future for those lower level weapons, but this will automatically resolve itself by level 70 as the higher level weapons scale up farther.
So, this is a matter that I've actually addressed in the Reddit thread mentioned earlier in here.

For ease of access, I'll repeat myself here:

This, and the OP's post, is a good analysis of what's going on here. Allow me to expand on this and offer insight from our perspective.

When we set out to redesign loot in Diablo III, we knew these changes would need to take the expansion into account. This means that it was necessary to create these changes in the scope of the 1-70 experience. The unfortunate byproduct of these changes is what's laid out above - iLvl 63 became level 63 items, which in the current pre-expansion and level 60 experience means they no longer drop.

That said, this issue is unique to the transition time between patch 2.0.1 and Reaper of Souls. No one should experience this when playing the expansion - it's completely unique to the current environment. We understand it's created some awkward moments while playing (i.e. "YAY, a Legendary! Ohhh... it's a 2-hander..."). In order to get a completely full picture of this situation, we can re-evaluate both where potential changes may need to be made and what the best, most informed way is to make them after we can observe the 1-70 experience in a live environment.

They already said on 3/4 that they would fix the problem for 2.0.3 and it didn't.

This requires some additional clarification.

We did, indeed, address a bug in patch 2.0.3 that was causing some 2-handed weapons to roll with one-handed damage affixes. However, that is a separate situation from what's occurring here, and I see why that caused the confusion that it has. It's a case of two situations being very close in topic, but not the same in definition. It's never our intent to confuse expectations, and I apologize for that having become the case.

Temporary Item & Gold Disappearance
There was an issue in the game on Monday evening, where items and gold temporarily disappeared. This was cleared up fairly quickly, but left some dead hardcore characters and other issues to be dealt with. Here's the main post from the long thread dealing with the issue. (This follows on some major problems with latency and lag last week; hopefully these will all be cleared up by the time of the Reaper of Souls Expansion release, in less than one week.)
Update 3/25 @ 11:40 a.m. PT: Hey all! We've restored missing gold and items for players we were able to verify over the weekend. If you still have missing gold or items on one of characters that you believe as related to this issue, please contact Customer Support so we can continue to investigate on a case-by-case basis.

Thank you so much for your patience and your reports!


Update 3/20 @ 8:13 p.m. PT: Thanks to your reports and D3debug.tx files, we've been able to identify a very isolated number of players who did experience gold loss as a result of the missing gold/equipment/stash tab bug. We've developed a fix for this issue and are working to test and implement it by the end of the weekend. This fix should restore the full amount of gold lost as a result of the bug without any work required by the affected players. (Note that you need not have reported the issue in this thread to be eligible for the fix.)

We sincerely apologize for any trouble this bug caused. The missing gold/equipment/stash tab should now be resolved and we hope to address any lingering issues associated with it before the launch of Reaper of Souls. :)

Thank you again for your reports, and your patience!


Update 3/18 @ 7:34 p.m. PT: If you continue to experience issues with missing gear that is not resolved by simple logging out and back in, we recommend attempting this player workaround:

Posted by: SamuraiBlues

I changed the quest and started the game naked on menu screen. When the game actually started I was not naked anymore. Give it a try might work.

In addition, we are also investigating the possibility of providing a special one-time exception for Hardcore heroes specifically affected by this issue to allow for a rollback of the account, and subsequent restoration of the fallen heroes. More information is available here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12162756204


Update 3/18 @ 10:40 a.m. PT: Thanks to everyone who provided D3debug.txt files. These are no longer needed at this time. We're continuing to investigate your reports of missing gold, items, and stash tabs and will provide updates in this thread as they become available.


Hey everyone!

Earlier this evening, some players experienced an issue where, upon logging into the game, their heroes failed to load equipped and they were unable to access or view the hero's inventory, stash tabs, or gold.

This issue that caused this to happen initially has been resolved and, overall, only a small number of players were affected. In addition, there shouldn't be any permanent loss of hero data (including items, stash tabs, and gold) from our database. Players affected by this issue, however, may need to log out of the game and then back into the game in order for everything to reappear. Note that several relogs may be required for all items, stash tabs, and gold to display correctly.

While this issue is considered resolved on our end, we are continuing to monitor incoming reports--particularly those on this forum! If you are still experiencing problems related to this issue, please let us know in this thread. We'd also greatly appreciate if you could provide your D3debug.txt file and bracket it in ["code"][/"code"] tags (without the quotations). This file is located in the main Diablo III game folder.

Thank you in advance for your posts! We are sincerely sorry that this issue occurred and for any inconvenience it's caused. We will continue to investigate your reports as they are received.



If you share a D3debug.txt file, please also note what kind of issue you're still experiencing.This contextual information is very important. If needed, feel free to edit your existing post that includes the d3debug.txt file. Thank you!

Patch 2.0.3 Hotfixes
Another upcoming hotfix was added to the list of Hotfixes in Patch 2.0.3. Here are the current hotfixes in the works:
Last Updated - March 17th. Items with an asterisk (*) are most recent.

  • Threatening Shout
    • Skill Rune - Grim Harvest
      • Once again correctly drops loot when used against targets that normally have a chance to drop loot.*

  • Arcane Torrent
    • Skill Rune - Cascade
      • Fixing an issue where the secondary missiles are triggering off damaging sources that are not Arcane Torrent*

Guaranteed Legendaries and Reset Quests
The Reset Quests option is currently a great way to farm through the game, getting experience and an extra guaranteed Legendary item. Some blue posts discussed the changes made to that, and the other guaranteed legendaries that are for characters who aren't yet level 60.
Posted by: pharaoh

I just defeated the SK in HC for the first time and did not get a legend. has this been changed or bugged?

This has, indeed, been changed, but it also depends on what level you are.

Players who are 1-59 will find that the first time they kill an end Act boss (Butcher, Belial, Azmodan, or Diablo), they will receive a Legendary. Players who are level 60 will receive a Legendary upon defeating Diablo. If you have already defeated Diablo and are not receiving a Legendary, using the "Reset Quests" option will allow you receive this bonus again! However, be aware that you are required to complete every main story quest in the campaign in order to use this option. This also works for resetting the first-time kills from 1-59.

Hope that clears things up!
I've seen a lot of great questions being asked since Nevalistis posted earlier, so I'm going to address as many of them as I can. Thanks to everyone for asking all of these questions, since I'm sure a lot of your fellow Nephalem have been wondering the same thing.

First Kill Legendary Items
  • These will drop for characters from levels 1-59.
  • They will only drop from end of Act bosses (Butcher, Belial, Azmodan, Diablo, and eventually Malthael).
  • Characters below level 11 are unlikely to find Legendary items, because they have a minimum level requirement. Currently there are no Legendary items available below level 11.
  • Using the Reset Quest feature will reset the First Kill Legendary Item drops as well, but only for characters in the appropriate level range.

Reset Quest Bonus Legendary
  • Skeleton King dropping a Bonus Legendary was a bug that has been corrected, as it was not intended. We liked the idea, though, so we’ve gone ahead and added a Bonus Legendary to Diablo.
  • These are an intended bonus for maximum level characters. Currently there is a bug that allows characters levels 1-59 to receive a Bonus Legendary item in addition to the First Kill Legendary item when they kill Diablo, but this is not intended.
  • The Bonus Legendary is only available if you use the Reset Quest feature.
  • We plan on moving the Bonus Legendary to Malthael for players level 61+ when the expansion arrives. Additionally, Diablo will no longer drop a Bonus Legendary for players level 61+.
Posted by: Newtype

Let me change the question, can we get do unlimited reset and get unlimited legends from diablo at the moment? Assume we are all lvl 60 and above and we finish ALL the quest before we press the reset button.

As long as you meet all of the criteria to use the Reset Quest feature you can use it as many times as you want. Just remember that each time you want to reset your quest you'll have to complete all of the quest, and their sub-objectives, too.

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