Crusader Info Now on the Diablo III Game Guide

See all of the Crusader's active and passive skills, and a skill calculator

Crusader Class on Game Guide
The Crusader class is one of the main features of the upcoming Reaper of Souls Expansion for Diablo III. The official Diablo III Game Guide now has all the data for that new class: the active and passive skills, a build calculator, and an overview of the class. Jump in and take a look at the unique abilities of this massive tank class!

Lore seekers and theorycrafters, take note: the Diablo III Game Guide has been has been updated to include the Crusader class page and skill calculator!

The Crusader Class Page

The Crusader class page is a vast repository of sacred knowledge, containing key details about these unyielding champions of the Light. On the page, you will find a litany of practical information including core class mechanics, character background, unique equipment, a resource overview, an armor progression preview, combat screenshots, artwork, and more.


Updated Skill Calculator

In addition to these high-level highlights, the class page also provides a comprehensive breakdown of Crusader skills and abilities. If you're looking to challenge Malthael's armies in Westmarch and beyond, be sure to explore the Active, Passive, and Progression sub-pages to learn more about the divine powers your Crusader can wield. We also encourage you to experiment with new builds using our updated Skill Calculator!


For more information about Crusader lore and history, click here. For a sneak peek at the upcoming Crusader short story, "The End of Her Journey," click here. 

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Many of the Crusader skills have been updated, since the end of the Reaper of Souls beta. For example, the Heavenly Strength passive now reduces maximum movement speed by 15%, instead of just the 10% it was for most of the beta. There have been other skill changes as well, as the developers polish the numbers for the class right up until the expansion's release.
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