Diablo Somepage Updates for Patch 2.0

Details on the site updates since patch 2.0 (5 Updates)

Diablo Somepage Updates for Patch 2.0
The Diablo III PC Patch 2.0 brought a huge amount of updates to all parts of the game. Here at Diablo Somepage, we have been busy gathering new data to update our charts and guides. The Popular Builds and Skills in Patch 2.0 charts are now updated with brand new data from patch 2.0.1 and patch 2.0.2, along with other guides. Here are details about the charts and guides updated so far, and what will be filled in further as more data becomes available.

The updates to our data about Diablo III characters have proven more difficult than normal, this time around, because of a lack of new data from the Blizzard API. The Diablo III API is how we collect data for more than 3 million Diablo III characters, which we use to update our charts each day. Blizzard's Battle.net team has been busy with many updates to the official Diablo III site since the 2.0 patch, and we're hopeful that the API will also be updated in the near future.

  • Popular Builds and Skills in Patch 2.0 - All the charts of the most popular class skills and builds are updated, and using data from characters who are playing in patch 2.0. Here are quick links to the most popular builds for each class: Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor, Wizard.

    Players are trying out a lot of different skills right now, and the charts reflect that. The one caveat is that we do not have any Shared Paragon Level data for characters, since the API has not been updated for it. So we are still using the old Paragon Level data to separate out softcore characters into high and low Paragon groups, as we did before. Once we have updated data, we will be changing how the softcore characters are sorted out.
  • Most Popular Runes - Along with the skills and builds, we also track the most popular runes for each class. (Quick links: Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor, Wizard.) These charts are all updated with the new and changed skill runes for patch 2.0, making it easy to see which runes are used the most.
  • Best Legendary and Set Items - The top items section has not been updated, and it is still using old patch 1.0.8 data. This is because there is no data for the new items in patch 2.0 at this time, in the API. As soon we have new data, we will delve into all the fun details about which new Legendary items are getting the most use.
  • Class Popularity - The charts of class popularity are updated with characters now leveling up in patch 2.0. The charts of Paragon Level comparisons are necessarily dated, since with Paragon 2.0 the Paragon Levels aren't connected to any specific character. We will be replacing those charts in the future, with charts containing other interesting statistics.
  • Hardcore Deaths - While patch 2.0 brought a lot of updated skills and items that help out hardcore characters, there are still deaths every day in hardcore mode. The Hardcore Death charts are tracking all the new deaths, along with the others that have accrued.
  • Archive for Patch 1.0.8 - As always, we have created an archive of data from the old patch. This is useful for players who are curious about how the game looked in previous patches. The archive has extra usefulness this time, for players of Diablo III on the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. The skills and items in Diablo III PC patch 1.0.8 were the closest to the current patch on the consoles. The charts in the archive can help console Diablo III players see the most popular builds and items, for that edition of the game.
We have a lot of data scanning to do, to get caught up on all the characters who are playing since the patch! We are updating our scanning process, so it is not possible to manually submit a character to be scanned right now. Diablo III accounts that are not yet tracked on our site can still be added with the Add a BattleTag option, and we will collect the data that is available for the characters on that account.

This is merely the start of the updates for Diablo Somepage in patch 2.0. We will continue to work to utilize the available data. Once the Diablo III API provides the full data, we will get all our charts and character scans fully functional, again. This news will be updated multiple times over the next month, with more info as updates are made. We have big plans for more charts and guides going into the release of the Reaper of Souls Expansion, and we are looking forward to bringing them all to the Diablo III community!

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Update #1 - March 6, 7:30PM ET: We are currently working on a bug that has showed up prominently in the Wizard Popular Builds charts. The charts in the Popular Builds and Skills section should never include data from characters who are missing any Active skills, runes, or Passive skills. The issue we are dealing with is that characters who previously had 3 passive skills selected, and now only have 2 passive skills, are incorrectly included in the calculations for the those charts. Since the very popular Wizard passive skill Critical Mass was removed with patch 2.0.1, that is causing the Wizard build and skill charts to show incorrect data. (In theory, this could change the Monk charts because the Monk passive skill Pacifism was also removed in the patch. In reality, so few Monks were using that passive, that it hasn't had a substantial impact on the charts.)

We are currently working on a fix for this bug. We will provide a further update once the charts are updated, to properly exclude characters who do not have all their skill slots filled. Our thanks to the keen-eyed Diablo III players at reddit, who brought the bug to our attention.

Update #2 - March 7, 1:14AM ET: We have fixed the issue mentioned above, and rerun all the Popular Builds and Skills charts. Those charts now properly only contain data from level 60 characters who have selected all their active skills, passive skills, and runes, who have been playing since patch 2.0.1 went live. The numbers in those charts will change over the next few weeks as more characters try out different skills, and then everything will completely change once the Reaper of Souls Expansion arrives! Feel free to provide us feedback or report any issues that you see, with any of the charts or guides.

Update #3 - March 24, 2:55PM ET: The Shared Paragon Levels are being tracked for all the accounts we have, for both hardcore and softcore Paragon Levels. These are part of the Paragon 2.0 overhaul that happened in Patch 2.0. We have charts of the accounts with the most Paragon Levels. The Paragon Levels are also listed in each account and character information, as seen here.

Update #4 - March 29, 3:57AM ET: We have overhauled our Popular Builds and Skills section, adding data for the Crusader class and updating all classes to level 70 data. See the Top Builds and Skills Unveiled for 'Reaper of Souls' news for all the details.

Update #5 - April 5, 9:30PM ET: The Diablo III Battle.net website has been updated, correcting many errors there and providing more accurate data. Equally importantly, the Diablo III API is in the process of being updated! This will allow us to get back to where our account and character scans were before patch 2.0, and finally get all of our guides and charts up to date. We expect to have many of those updated and rolled out over the next week.
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