Bounty Rewards Reduced in Hotfix

Another Beta/PTR patch is on the way, along with more hotfixes

Diablo III Hotfixes
The changes are coming quickly now, for the test realms of the Patch 2.0.1 PTR and the Reaper of Souls Expansion Closed Beta. A set of changes and fixes are going in shortly via hotfix, and another build is on the way to provide even more fixes. The upcoming hotfixes will reduce the gold and experience rewards from Bounties, and also fix it so that Marquise gems drop properly in all Torment difficulties. Here are the details for the new hotfix, and other recent Blizzard Blues posts.

Beta/PTR Hotfixes
These changes are listed as Upcoming Hotfixes, so they will be updated soon on the Beta realm. Since these are specifically for the expansion, there is only one hotfix change on the patch 2.0.1 Public Test Realm.
  • Rewards (gold and experience) granted by bounties reduced
  • Correcting an issue where the unique Belagg Pierceflesh would not spawn for his bounty in Adventure Mode
  • Fixing an issue where the Aspects of Hell were using the incorrect loot table
  • Resolving an issue where Imperial Gems are not dropping on Master+ difficulties

Transmogrification Cost Reduced
The cost for transmogrification in Reaper of Souls is getting reduced dramatically, with a cost of 500k gold being decimated down to 50k gold.
Posted by: Zombie

500k gold to transmog an item to look like a leg is too high I think.

I'm already struggling in the gold department to combine gems, enchant legs etc.

Maybe half or less?

We agree that 500k gold to Transmogrify an item to look like a Legendary is a bit steep, so we've decided to reduce that cost. Our current intention is to change that cost to 50,000 gold, and that will be updated at some point in the future. As always, things are subject to change in the beta, but I wanted to share our current intent.

Increased Legendary Drops in Torment
The specific bonuses from the higher Dynamic Difficulty levels are not all listed in the current game UI. Although they aren't listed, there is still a higher chance of Legendary items to drop in Torment difficulties, than in lower difficulties. (This is apparently different from the Torment-only Legendary items.)
Posted by: BruceBanner

There's also no % legendary drop rate increase listed on any of the torment sliders. Was this removed?

No, it was not removed, because it was never there to begin with. It is true that you do have an increased chance at legendary items in Torment difficulty, but the specific extra chance isn't something that is shown on the UI. For now, this is intended.

No Duplicate Plan Drops
One nice change in the last PTR/Beta patch is that characters will no longer get duplicate Legendary recipes and plans; once a specific recipe has been learned by an artisan, that crafting pattern will never drop again.
Just wanted to confirm this:

Posted by: DrothVader

It appears that duplicate patterns are a thing of the past!

Once you learn a Legendary crafting pattern, it should no longer drop for you. =)

2-Handed Weapon Bug
The latest patch also brought some buffs to 2-handed weapons. There's a bug right now that's keeping those massive weapons from rolling their proper damage on the test servers, which will be fixed by release.
Posted by: MikeHoncho

Massively increase all rolls, including damage. They're a joke now. Should be at least 30% higher than any 1 handed weapon.

There's a bug right now that might have something to do with this issue. Some items are rolling their damage a tier lower than intended, and in some cases these weapons are not rolling a damage affix at all. We'll have this fixed before 2.0.1 ships, though.

PTR/Beta Client Crash on Tooltips
There is currently a hard client crash on the PTR and Closed Beta, that comes from mousing over tooltips for certain items. As detailed in the current , this comes from viewing the tooltip of a legacy (pre-2.0.1) item with the Reduces the Resource cost of Weapon Throw affix. There will be another PTR/Beta patch very soon, that will fix this.
Hi Everyone,

Good news on this, it is looking like we will be applying a fix for this in an upcoming PTR/Beta patch. I can't make hard and fast promises about when that will be deployed, but it is looking like it is going to happen very soon.

Thanks for your patience and all of your reports about this!

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