PTR and 'Reaper of Souls' Beta Patch Coming Soon

The build includes a reduction in the 'Reflects Damage' monster ability

Reaper of Souls Closed Beta
The next build is coming soon, for the Patch 2.0.1 PTR and Reaper of Souls expansion beta! It will include numerous changes and fixes, including a reduction in the damage done by the Reflects Damage monster affix. Here are the details from the latest Blizzard Blues.

Fix for Reflects Damage
The Reflects Damage monster affix is found on random elite monsters, as well as part of the innate abilities of the boss Siegebreaker. It has been causing more damage on the test servers than was intended, and will be tweaked down in the next patch.
We recently identified an issue in 2.0.1 PTR/RoS Beta that inflated damage done by reflects damage effects in an unintended way. We have a fix in place internally now, and you guys should see the effects of this change in the next PTR/Beta patch.

Thanks for the reports so far. Be sure to keep testing this after the patch (coming soon) and let us know how it feels.

AH Maintenance and Disconnect
Both of the Auction Houses will be down for 2 hours of maintenance on Tuesday morning, starting at 5:00 AM PST. Apart from the AH maintenance itself, all characters that are currently playing will be temporarily disconnected at the start of the maintenance. Be careful during that time, hardcore players!
The gold and real money auction house will be undergoing maintenance for approximately 2 hours, starting at 5:00 AM PST. During this time, the gold and real money auction house will be unavailable for use.

Please note that at the start of this maintenance, we will be removing all players from the game. This disconnect is only temporary, however, and players will be free to log back into Diablo III and resume playing shortly thereafter.

Thank you for your patience.

Smart Drop Details
The Smart Drops feature that is part of the Loot 2.0 changes, is not always fully understood. Grimiku took the time to detail just how it works.
Posted by: Ban4NnaP0w4

Like when I play Crusader and use a certain skill and some stats that support this skill (elemental damage, skill damage)

When there is a legendary drop, will this be considered?

This question gets asked a fair amount, so I'd like to help clear it up if I can. Currently the smart loot system considers your class (in terms of what skills that class uses and its primary stat), but it doesn't consider your build when it tailors loot for you. As Nevalistis noted:

Posted by: Nevalistis

Smart Loot doesn't ensure you get completely 100% optimized gear with every drop, nor does it guarantee that you will receive a primary stat on an item
What it does is limit the pool of affixes to stats appropriate for your class so that you are more likely to get something you can use. It also prevents rolls from occurring on gear that your class can't benefit from at all, such as seeing bonus Electrocute damage on a Fist weapon or Intelligence on a Mighty Weapon.

The intention for smart loot is to help ensure that heroes find items that are useful to their class a little more often, and that any potential skill bonuses on those items are skills used by that hero's class.

However, randomness is an important element in any Diablo game, so not all loot will be a smart drop item. That means you will still find some stat combinations every now and then that aren’t perfectly tailored to your class. That’s intended. What you shouldn’t see is something like Hand Crossbows with Strength or Mojos with Dexterity dropping. The smart loot system should prevent this. If you’re seeing these types of items while playing in our test environment, be sure to report them in either our PTR Bug Report forum or Reaper of Souls Beta Bug Report forum (depending on where you’re playing).

So, to recap, let’s use some more examples. Let’s say you’re playing on a Crusader.
- Flail with Strength and a Crusader skill = most likely a smart drop.
- Staff with Strength and a Crusader skill = also most likely a smart drop.
- Two-handed sword with Strength and a Barbarian skill = not a smart drop.
- Flail with Vitality and a Barbarian skill = not possible under the new smart loot system.
- Daibo with Dexterity and a Crusader skill = also not possible under the new smart loot system.

Also note that all crafted items are considered smart drops, and that the smart loot stats will be based on the character doing the crafting.

Posted by: Ban4NnaP0w4

If I have 2 or 3 Set Items, will the system enhance my chance to get the last item?

The smart loot system does not increase your chances of getting a Legendary item (or a particular one), but it does help in the sense that it weeds out any of the Legendary items that you can't equip. And, for clarity: Legendary and Set items can definitely be, but aren’t always, smart drops.

Forgotten Souls from Nephalem Rifts
As part of the changes to make Nephalem Rifts more rewarding, the final boss can drop the new Forgotten Soul crafting material. That material has a chance of dropping that is entirely separate from the chance for a Legendary item to drop.
Posted by: Moses

I am refering rifts.Since they became viable for farming in last patch,I mostly spend 90% of my farming time doing them,and that brings me to the question I'm sure was asked here:

Why only forgotten souls and not a legendary drop from the boss?

We recognized that Rift Bosses needed a bit more incentive, and we also wanted to make Enchanting more accessible. By contrast, we're still looking at how frequently players are obtaining Legendary items, and how they're getting them. We'll make selective adjustments to acquiring Legendary items if it's needed, but the process is a bit more complicated.

It’s also worth noting that Legendaries can also drop off of Rift Bosses, and they’re a separate table from Forgotten Souls. You can definitely get both a Forgotten Soul and a Legendary off a Rift Boss at the same time.

Posted by: Moses

I just want to say that I have about 65+ forgotten souls now,and the numbers are rising.
In my opinion,players should be restricted by this type of resource,and there are too many of them at the moment.

As a lot of fellow players have mentioned in this thread, a surplus of Forgotten Souls is not a common problem. Personally, I'm always out of them as I'm still trying to Enchant several items, so congrats on managing to have a healthy stockpile!

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