Pools of Reflection and 'Black Damage' Fixes Coming

Blizzard Blues and developers discuss a wide range of topics

This is a very busy time for Diablo III development, as the testing approaches the end for Patch 2.0.1 and the Reaper of Souls expansion. The community team has been gathering feedback through the forum and other means, and developers have stopped by to discuss big topics. There are some issues that have been fixed internally, but won't show up in patches to the PTR/Beta server; instead, we'll have to wait to see them in the final patch 2.0.1 release. Here are a number of recent Blizzard Blues posts.

1-Hand Versus 2-Hand Weapons
Travis Day posted a lot in a battle.net thread discussed earlier, mainly about Legendary drop rates. There were a couple of posts on Friday about using two-handed weapons, and how the majority of Diablo III players use a 1-hand weapon and an off-hand (or dual-wield, for some classes). The developer discussions had lead them to believe that two-hand weapons are in a decent place in the expansion. Travis Day asked for feedback from the community about the issue, and there may be more changes made to two-handed weapons.
Posted by: HandsomeNerd

Noice! Thank you for the communication.

PS - What are your thoughts on 2h's vs 1h's at the moment?

We are going to make some adjustments to 2handers, they could stand to be better. Not sure how much of a change we will end up making but we agree they are a bit lack luster atm compared to the 1h counterparts.

Lets dig into the 2h complaints for a second. It seems to had discussed 2h vs 1h at one point in a previous design meeting and as a result investigated them relative to each other. The end result was that 2h are actually in a good place relative to 1h.

So I'm curious what specific 2h vs 1h comparisons are people referring to? Are we talking 2h staves for Wizards and WDs vs 1h + orb/mojo? Or are we talking 2h axe vs 2 1h axes?

Pools of Reflection
One feature recently introduced into the PTR/Beta is the Pool of Reflection buff, that shows up as a yellow pool that can be clicked on. It is a "survival bonus", intended to reward softcore players for dying less. This is unlike the old Nephalem Valor buff; the Pool of Reflection buff continues through logging out, but disappears when a character dies. It can stack up to 10 times, and each stack of the buff gives 25% bonus experience. There is currently a display issue with the buff, but it is working for characters on the test realms.
Posted by: TheNightOwl

The questions I have is - how many of these can you stack?

Right now the Pool of Reflection buff stacks up to 10 times. Personally, I haven't been very lucky with finding enough of them to stack more than 2 or 3, but I'm sure some of you will be. Good luck finding them, and I'll quote Nevalistis to give a little more detail about the buff.

Posted by: Nevalistis

It should be granting 25% bonus experience on the current PTR and Closed Beta build.

Also, while the basic percent bonus doesn't increase with additional Pool of Reflection buffs, the length of the buff does effectively stack each time you claim an additional Pool. The amount of bonus experience you can benefit from should show up when you hover over your experience bar, and this value will increase by about 10% of the current experience required for your next level/Paragon level for each Pool claimed. This bonus persists on logout, but is lost upon death.
Posted by: Narull

It seems to be percentage based off your current lvl, A pool gives I think(I have a horrible memory so could be wrong) 0.5% of your total exp for that lvl as bonus exp.

Just wanted to note that there's a display issue with the bonus being provided. I described some of the other Pool of Reflection mechanics here, but I'll bullet point myself for visibility's sake. =)

  • Despite the bonus being listed at 0.25% experience, it's actually providing 25% bonus experience. This is a known bug.
  • Each additional Pool of Reflection claimed increases the duration of the buff by 10% of the experience required for you to reach your next level/Paragon level.
  • You can see how much bonus experience you have left to benefit from by hovering over your Experience bar.
  • The bonus experience persists on logout, but is lost if you die.

As one more point of clarification, this experience does affect all experience gains (including Quest/Bounty/Rift Completion/Event experience bonuses). However, the bonus isn't currently reflected in the UI at this time.

'Black Damage' and Elemental Damage
There are long-standing bugs, discussed for many months, involving differences with so-called "black damage" that is physical damage, compared to elemental damage. There is still an issue with the calculations there, as well as a related bug with the elemental damage from the revamped Legendary ring Stone of Jordan. Both of these issues will be addressed by the time patch 2.0.1 goes live.
Posted by: Slaal

Do we know if blizzard is aware the problem still exists with the % element damages from stones of jordan

along with the %weapon damage working fine for xxx - xxx physical damage but not xxx-xxx elemental damage on weapons

Short answer: Yes, we're aware of both those things.

Long(er) answer: We're working on a fix for this. It may not make the next beta build, but we plan to have it implemented for the live pre-expansion patch. =)

Read on for more recent blue posts, including a reference to the Devil's Mode rumored feature.

Devil's Hand
In the early testing of Reaper of Souls, some test text was added in the client regarding a feature called The Devil's Hand. It has not been fleshed out into a full feature, and will not be part of the expansion release; the feature may never be added at all. In the latest PTR/Beta build, there is a reference to that name in a description of Adventure Mode, but it is simply an oversight, and not a suggestion that the feature will be added.
Posted by: DrothVader

Then again, it could also be an old description that just might have found its way back.

This is actually the case here. It seems the description of Adventure Mode from a previous build somehow wormed its way in to this particular patch. =( I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

Big List for Reaper of Souls
There was a big list compiled about different issues that players have felt are important, during the current PTR/Beta. Nevalistis posted about some of the topics that have been discussed with the developers, and is working on looking into more.
Popping back in here again!

First off, I want to thank you, Nubtro, for not only putting this together, but maintaining this thread, as well as for everyone who's been positively contributing. This collection has been a huge boon to both the Community team and Development. Many of the topics presented have been included in a lot of our reports, and we've discussed many of them in depth during meetings.

I'd like to take some time to share some of what we've talked about. Because there's so much here, I'll be coming back to tackle more topics. I'll try to include as much as I can, but of course, sometimes I won't have answers to certain questions or it might be a topic we're just not ready to talk about yet. This will likely result in me jumping around from topic to topic. Just bear that in mind. =)

Monster Health:

- remove all effects that deal damage based on monster health (internal cooldowns and exceptions are simply bandaids)
- rescale monster health

We're currently evaluating both of these pieces of feedback. While I don't have specific information to provide, it is something on our radar that's being looked into.

- limit Crit Damage if it´s the main scaling factor

Not sure that it is, but I'll bring it up to the appropriate peeps (the non-marshmallow kind).

- adjust specific shielding effects that simply prolong battles in an unneeded fashion like Corrupted Angels (physical attackers have no chance to kill them in a reasonable amount of time) or DC Occultist (5 sec invulnerability instead of damage reduction now???)

Also already on my list to pass on. Please let me know if there are other monsters that you feel fall into this category. The more specific, the better!

Outstanding Bugs
- Enchanting is bugged more than before

We're aware of the bugs indicated in this thread, and working on them. No ETA at this time on when these fixes will be available.

- paragon cooldown reduction still doesn´t work

This bug has been addressed internally, but unfortunately didn't make it into this past patch. Should be fixed by the time the patch hits live.

- skill damage bonuses from other classes still roll on your smart drops (for example Crusader´s Punish on Barb drops)

I am super interested in additional reports on this. Do you mean on any items, or on class-specific items (such as Punish bonuses showing up on a Mighty Belt)? If you're receiving a bonus on an item that looks like a smart drop, but could feasibly be used by the class the bonus applies for, it might not be a smart drop! Just unfortunate luck. If it's the latter, then I'd appreciate additional reports of this occurring so I can pass it on to QA.

All I have time for at the moment. I'll come back when I have a bit more time and more clarification on some of the other points. =)

Ask the Devs May Return
Ask the Devs was a feature that the community team ran a while back, to have an ongoing discussion between the developers and the Diablo III players. Lylirra mentioned that it fell by the wayside, but it may return sometime soon!
Posted by: Technoviking

Were you around these forums when they introduced the poor attempt at dev communication/transparency titled "Ask the Devs"? What an utter crock of garbage!

I take personal responsibility for that particular program not panning out. Please don't use it as evidence as community managers or developers not caring, but of my individual failure in making sure we had the right resources to keep everything running. It was an experiment, sure, but one that still could have been handled better.

Posted by: Menacetech

Also what resource barriers did you run into?

People barriers. :) Our team was only 3 persons strong at the time, including myself, and we just didn't have enough man power to maintain the project + all the other baseline tasks on our plate. AtD is what got cut, unfortunately. I'd like to bring it back before RoS ships now that we've got Nevalistis (yay!), starting with finishing off the itemization questions. The developers have certainly been interested!

It's been a busy week! The latest Blizzard blue posts are always available at our Blue Post Tracker or the RSS feeds.
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