Possible Reset for Next 'Reaper of Souls' Beta Patch

Blizzard Blues on feedback in the beta, and pre-downloading the expansion

Reaper of Souls Closed Beta
The Reaper of Souls closed beta testing continues, and the next patch for it is being worked on by the developers. Blizzard Blue posts recently dealt with the question of whether there should be a reset with that next patch, how the feedback process will continue through release of the expansion, and downloading the expansion before it is released.

Reset For Next Beta Patch?
When the Reaper of Souls testing process moved from the Friends & Family Beta, to the wider Closed Beta, all the characters and accounts that had been in the beta were wiped. Nevalistis replied to a post wondering if the next beta patch will also bring another wipe, for cleaner testing.
Posted by: Starbird

If the game was not to reset - this may skew data on progression in any new build.

This is one of many questions we ask ourselves when evaluating whether or not a reset is necessary. =) As we get closer to the next patch, if a reset will be coming with it, we'll let you know ahead of time.

Cut-Off Date for Feedback on the Expansion
There is a lot of feedback being shared by players who are in the Reaper of Souls beta. As Nevalistis points out in a couple of posts, there isn't a cut-off date for receiving that feedback; the developers will continue to make adjustments and changes up through the release of the expansion, and in patches after it's release.
Stating a cut-off date would imply that there's a point where we'd no longer be seeking your feedback. That simply isn't the case, and I think that setting a cut-off would be more counter-intuitive than helpful. You could consider a "soft" cut-off being the end of the Beta/PTR test phase; however, we do not have date for that at this time.

The biggest benefit to our approach with Diablo III is that it’s an ongoing development process. The launch day of Reaper of Souls shouldn't suggest an absolute finality. While we are, of course, working to make the expansion the best it can possibly be from day one, there will always be room for growth, and continuing to read, review, and pass on player feedback will remain the biggest part of that process.

Posted by: Jaetch

Eh, semantics. You can still say it's counterintuitive because you need feedback in order to improve (common sense tells you to collect feedback; stopping would not be wise). It's counterproductive because without feedback, you cannot continue improving (hindering productivity).

The bottom line is the same. There's no reason to "cut off" feedback at any given time.

Oh Jaetch, you just get me, especially when I haven't had nearly enough caffeine for a Monday. :P

I believe both "counterproductive" and "counter-intuitive" are appropriate terms in this situation. Giving a cut-off both runs contradictory to our goals and sends off an unintended vibe. I wanted to take the opportunity to state in no uncertain terms that regardless of whether or not we are doing active testing, feedback will continue to be collected.

Posted by: TomD

I just felt it was a bit strong in response to the original post.

I didn't intend it to be "strong," but alas, the interwebs often obscures intonation. I'll include more happy faces next time. =) I'm really a very easygoing individual, I assure you!

Pre-Downloading the Expansion
Anyone who pre-orders the expansion will have the patch for it pre-downloaded before it is released. That is essentially the data that will be downloaded as part of the Loot 2.0 Patch, that is being released before the expansion comes out.
Posted by: HarkuBass

Is there somewhere we can pre-download RoS? It said somewhere that I could when I purchased it digitally.

Not yet! The exact date that the predownload will start is still TBD, but we're targeting this month if all goes well. Note: this download will begin automatically (meaning, you shouldn't need to do anything special).

Posted by: HarkuBass

Or will we automatically download all of RoS when the pre-expansion patch goes live? That would make sense, but you never know...

Similar to what we've done with other games, the pre-expansion patch (2.0.1) will contain all of the expansion data that's on the normal disc. So, for players who don't predownload, they'll basically get everything that's available whenever they patch up to 2.0.1.

Caveat: Expansion-only content like the Crusader, Act V, and Adventure Mode won't be playable until March 25th and only players who purchase Reaper of Souls will have access to them.

Legendaries From Treasure Goblins
Finally, Vaeflare notes that it is indeed possible for a Treasure Goblin to drop a Legendary item, as she has seen it personally!
Posted by: Maxximus

Like the title says, has anyone gotten a legendary or set item from a treasure goblin in beta? I go after those little suckers everytime I see em but in HC that can sometimes cause problems so I am just wondering if it's maybe not worth it anymore. I have actually never gotten a leg or set item from a goblin my entire career so maybe it's just me. Would like to know though if others have had better luck or if they maybe just don't drop them.

I've personally seen a Treasure Goblin drop a Legendary once while playing the Reaper of Souls Beta, so yes, it's possible, although not exceedingly common. :)

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