'Reaper of Souls' Feedback: Act V Difficulty

A feedback request on Act V difficulty, for characters below level 70

Reaper of Souls Closed Beta
The developers have been working hard on the Reaper of Souls Expansion, and are requesting specific feedback from the players who are in the Closed Beta for the expansion. During this holiday season, a battle.net thread has been put up, looking for feedback on the difficulty of progressing through the new Act V, for characters who are not at level 70. This will help with tuning the difficulty of monsters and boss fights in the new Act, for the final release of the expansion.

As the Closed Beta for Reaper of Souls presses onward, our development team would like to express their extreme gratitude for the multitudes of valuable feedback that has been provided by the community. From this feedback, it has become evident that certain areas of the expansion require more scrutiny than others, and to this end we come to you today to request a call to arms!

Bear in mind that while we would like players to sometimes focus on providing the feedback on specific topics, all feedback is still quite welcome either via the e-mail provided in your Beta invitation or here on the forums.

We are looking for detailed feedback regarding:

  • Difficulty curve and inconsistent jumps in difficulty for players in Act V - Campaign Mode who are below max level, preferably around levels 30-45.

As we move forward with testing, we may require additional testing needs. Keep an eye out for similar threads in the future as these needs arise. We do ask that feedback provided in this thread stays on topic – unrelated feedback will be appropriately moderated.

Thank you for your participation!

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Jump past the break for further details about this sort of focused feedback request.

In a thread about the feedback request, community manager Nevalistis delved into this process, in response to a post stating that the blues should have just emailed the people who are currently in the expansion beta.
Mass e-mail isn't always the best method of communication. There's a number of factors that can hamper it, the least of which includes spam filters or players not checking e-mails associated with their Battle.net accounts often. I do also want to note that the request for Beta Feedback is specifically posted in our Beta Feedback forum, where only players who are currently participating in the Closed Beta are able to post.

In this particular phase, we made the decision to allow more than just the testers to be able to read the feedback forums, so that the community as a whole could have a look at what's going on behind the scenes during testing. This is consistent with our removal of the NDA on typical Beta phases, and as we've mentioned before, it's a bit of an experiment.

That said, I appreciate your feedback, and I'll be sure to pass it on as we evaluate our Beta processes for the future. =)
Posted by: Rinnegan

The truth is you gave keys to X number of people and 90% of those people just enjoying the game, well listen i'm not personally asking for a key (though i know it's not allowed), no but i say if you want true feedback give beta keys, even since closed beta went live... .nothing until now, no word.

Think of this more as asking for clarification on current feedback. We've been receiving tons of amazing feedback from our testers, and we've been hard at work perusing, sorting, and sending detailed reports to our development team. Unfortunately, some of that feedback has been a little too broad, and we need some more specific data to hone in on key issues. Giving additional people Beta keys doesn't solve this problem, especially not when it's something we can direct with additional communication.

Feedback from the PTR has been (and will continue to be) read, reported on, and acted on as well, and as we require additional testing, we may post similar feedback requests in the PTR forum if the need arises. That's not necessary at this time, and really that's a good thing. It means that what's being provided is detailed enough to work with, and clarification isn't currently needed.

Feedback-related tasks eat up easily the largest portion of my day as of late, and we take it very seriously. If I haven't been communicating clearly or frequently enough about it, that's a different kind of feedback that I personally need to work on. =)
Posted by: Defender

This is because players who got keys have no idea about software testing procedures and methods, as well as basic rules of reporting bugs. So don't expect from casuals any specific data. I wouldn't be surprised if you don't have a PM/Team leader in testing department who is capable of developing strategies to direct and communicate with external testers.

Our testers are very competent, and they're doing a great job providing meaningful feedback. At the moment, however, we're looking for targeted feedback on a specific area. This isn't indicative of the quality nor quantity of the feedback we've received so far, only that we'd appreciate some additional testing surrounding a particular area of gameplay at this precise moment in development.
Posted by: Atomsk

Apparently you've never watched any of the major streamers...

I watch them quite regularly (either in the background while I'm working on other things, or in my spare time), and a lot of major bugs or game tweaks have come from the things that streamers have found and broadcast.

We can't watch every player participating in the Beta, so those that stream or make videos can provide an invaluable service for which we're truly grateful. They can provide specific instances of issues or feedback as they experience it, and we can be right there with them when they find it. For fixing bugs, exploits, or tweaking mechanics, that's a huge boon.

That isn't to say that streamers are our primary source of feedback, and hardly the majority. We receive a HUGE amount of e-mails from our Beta participants and our Beta Feedback forums are pretty busy too!

Needless to say, you can't effectively judge "good" feedback when you only have an exceptionally small piece of the puzzle to work with.
After the developers are back from the holidays, we will likely see tuning changes in the Closed Beta, based on this Act V feedback.
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