'Design a Legendary' Updated Concept Art

New art for the Mephisto-themed sword, based on community feedback

Design a Legendary
The ongoing 'Design a Legendary' community project is in the design phase, for the one-handed Mephisto-themed sword that is being created for the 'Reaper of Souls' expansion. The original concept art for the sword has been updated dramatically, based on feedback from the community.

Two weeks ago, we revealed the first piece of concept art created by 3D character Aaron Gaines for our upcoming one-handed, Mephisto-themed sword. For those who may have missed that particular reveal, here's a screenshot:

As noted, this was just the inital sketch, the first step in implementing the visual design of this particular Legendary weapon into the game. For many items in Diablo III, concepting goes through several stages, and today we're excited to share a new piece of concept art with all of you.

Many of you had feedback for Aaron, and he was excited to incorporate your suggestions and criticisms into this updated design. Some of the most notable changes based on player feedback include:

  • Reshaping the horns to more closely resemble those borne by Mephisto
  • Slimming down the blade's width
  • Introducing more skeletal textures and imagery to evoke a spine-like feel
  • Adding chains

Here are the results!

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback and suggestions. We'll have more visual progress updates and images to share in the new year.

Until then, happy holidays!

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