'Design a Legendary' Developer Chat

A video of the recent community discussion with Travis Day and John Yang

Design a Legendary
The 'Design a Legendary' community project continued last week, to develop a legendary 1-hand Sword with the theme of Mephisto, for the upcoming 'Reaper of Souls' expansion. A long livestream video chat was held between Diablo III fansite members, and developers Travis Day and John Yang. The developers talked about how they view the itemization process, and how powerful Legendary and Set unique bonuses should be. The video runs over an hour, but it is well worth watching to get a great feel for the design of items in Diablo III.

Here is the video of the livestream discussion:

Here's a look at some of the concept art for the sword, and the next step in the 'Design a Legendary' process:
We wanted to share the very first piece of concept art crafted by 3D character artist Aaron Gaines for the Design a Legendary project. 

Hot off the proverbial press, here's a first look at our upcoming one-handed, Mephisto-themed Legendary sword. Check it out!

For comparison, here are two different portraits of the Lord of Hatred himself. The first was created by conceptual designer Iain McCaig for the Book of Cain, and the second by fan artist TamplierPainter for the Design by Humans Diablo III T-Shirt contest.


Note that this is just an initial sketch, the first step in the visual design process. As Aaron continues to bring this item to life, we'll be sure to provide updates and additional screenshots—as well as a Q&A. So stay tuned!

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