More 'Reaper of Souls' Beta Hotfixes

Server maintenance, and Blizzard Blues on BOA for the expansion

Another round of hotfixes went out to the 'Reaper of Souls' beta servers, making more temporary changes there and area fixes. Other recent Blizzard Blues posts include a lengthy maintenance on Tuesday, and a discussion of how this beta test is different from others.

More Beta Hotfixes
The third set of hotfixes have gone through on the Friends & Family beta server for the Reaper of Souls Expansion. One change entirely stops the new Crushing Blow item affix from working at all; a previous hotfix had kept the basic stat from working on items, but now it won't even work as part of skills or other abilities. It will be reworked in a future beta patch. Here are the most recent hotfixes; see the full hotfix list for all the changes so far in the beta.
  • Crushing Blow damage has been reduced to 0% to resolve all outstanding Crushing Blow effects.

  • Gladiator Gauntlets
    • Number of gold piles produced from Massacre bonuses has been reduced to 1. This is a temporary change and will be revisited in a future patch.

  • Path of War
    • Regular Banished Firewings no longer drop champion-level loot.

Server Maintenance
The maintenance that happens on some Tuesdays for Diablo III is going on this week, with a lengthy 10 hours of downtime. This is maintenance across the servers for multiple Blizzard games, with the same downtime scheduled for the World of Warcraft servers.
We will be performing maintenance beginning on Tuesday, December 10th at 1:00 AM PST and we expect the service to be available again at approximately 11:00 AM PST. During this time the game and many web services will be unavailable.

Thank you for your patience.

Bind on Account for Reaper of Souls
Right now in the beta, even gold cannot be traded between players. This is all still under development, as the Diablo III developers figure out the new trading scheme with the removal of the Auction House, and the prevalence of account-bound in the expansion.
Hey all!

I just wanted to jump into this thread to clarify that the information contained within the ticket linked in this thread was factually incorrect. In the current Friends and Family Beta build of Reaper of Souls, a number of items including gold, Legendaries, and some gems and crafting materials are BoA. We’re still in the process of testing out how this impacts the game as a whole, so that these changes are not final, and may be subject to change as the game evolves.

As the Beta progresses and Reaper of Souls draws closer to release, we will have more information for you concerning how things are shaping up in terms of what items are and are not planned to be BoA, but in the meantime, know that it’s still a work in progress, and we certainly appreciate your continued feedback on the subject. :)

Read on for more Blizzard Blues, including thoughts about the end-game content for the expansion, and how this beta is so different from previous ones.

End-Game Content
There are many changes coming in the expansion, but many players feel that there still is not compelling end-game content for players to keep doing, once they reach maximum level. The community team is looking for feedback on the sort of gameplay that players most are interested in seeing, for that.
We'd love to hear more ideas for what you'd like to see and do end-game in Diablo III. No promises, of course, but what type of challenges do you enjoy, and what about them makes you want to come back for more?
Posted by: Zeyta

Now now, no need to be mean. I can understand your frustration, but understand there are a lot more of us, then there are CM's They can't read every post!

Sorry to be mean and I don't really mean it personally to Vaeflare. But In general, why would anyone from Blizzard need to ask what has been discussed back and forth for months now?
There have been many, many posts and threads over the last few months regarding end-game, and really, it's a topic that comes up time and time again because we're striving to keep on improving. Since Diablo III's launch, we've added various features to offer you more things to do in Sanctuary, such as Paragon Levels, the Infernal Machine, Legendary Item changes, Brawling, Monster Density Changes, Multiplayer Improvements, and the addition of Monster Power, but we're not done yet!

With the launch of the Friends and Family Beta, some players have gotten a firsthand experience at some of the additional features we're adding with Reaper of Souls, such as Adventure Mode, Nephalem Rifts, Bounties, Loot 2.0, Paragon 2.0, the Mystic Artisan, the Crusader class, and more.

So why ask about end-game? Because it's always important for us to learn more about out what other ideas the community is talking about, and what sounds appealing and enjoyable to them players (we're all individuals, after all). It's also especially helpful for us (and for the developers that read these forums) to have focused feedback in one place.

There's nothing warm or kind about them. Nothing genuine.
I'm sorry you feel that way. :( I can tell you honestly, and truthfully that all of us here at Blizzard love what we do, and strive as much as we can to make the best games possible. I'm not posting here to give you lip-service, or to fulfill some sort of bare-bones criteria of how many posts I think I should write, rather: my fellow Community Managers and I are posting here so that we can pass along real and current information and feedback directly to and from the developers. That doesn't mean that every idea players come up with will make it into Diablo III, certainly, but I can assure you that your feedback is absolutely heard and read on a daily basis, and that it's taken into account during the development process.

Friends & Family Beta
A post by Nevalistis discusses how the current 'Reaper of Souls' beta is different from the regular beta tests that Blizzard normally uses for their games.
This has been a really interesting Beta test for a lot of reasons.

First, we've never done a Beta quite like this before. Normally, our Friends & Family Beta phase goes relatively under the radar, because it's locked down with an NDA and includes only folks who have been recommended internally for testing. This time, however, we've opened up invitations to major community influencers in addition to another 3000 of our most active players. On top of lifting NDA restrictions, we're aiming to allow the community at large the chance to provide input at an earlier stage than we've ever offered before.

The best thing about this level of transparency is that we're receiving a massive amount of feedback at an incredibly early stage of development. Forums are lit up, videos and livestreams are coming in, and our inbox is bursting with constructive criticism and positive feedback alike. Weekly reports are compiled that go directly to our development team to make sure they're able to stay on top of community sentiment, concerns, and mechanical feedback while they continue to work. It's definitely a busy time over here, and we've already addressed several legendary item effects, disabled Crushing Blow, and are continuing to making tuning adjustments to skills, difficulty, and monsters as a direct result of player feedback. For a very small glimpse at these changes, you can view some of the hotfixes we've implemented here.

However, an unfortunate side effect of inviting a larger audience of players to the Friends and Family stage (a phase which is historically not supported with forums, patch notes, or even routine patches) is that people are making assumptions off of a limited amount of information. For example, items are dropping in droves right now. That’s in part because of intentional over-tuning for testing purposes and in part the result of several bugs, making loot acquisition much more rapid than what players will see when Reaper of Souls ships. A lot of fixes and changes have gone under the radar because, at this point in testing, adjustments happen to the Friends & Family Beta so quickly that compiling and maintaining a patch list for them is not entirely feasible. A tweak that goes in in the morning might be reverted a few hours later. These things happen in multiple iterations and waves and at an extremely fast pace. As the Beta progresses, however, the process slows down a bit and becomes less frantic. For Closed Beta, for example, we'll be able to provide regularly updated patch notes to keep you all up to date and give you a better idea of how your feedback is affecting development.

There's only a certain amount of comfort I can lend, and I know showing is generally easier to accept than telling. We've been hard at work here, and hopefully (very soon), we'll be able to share the fruits of our labor - much of which are directly a result of your feedback.

Because blizz uses betas only to chop, never to add.

Other games added alot thoroughout thier betas, at this point, blizzard is just honing & balancing some stats w/ thier PC team, everyone else is plaforming. Something is'nt working right? Chop it.

You’re right. This is what we’re doing with Beta, because that’s how we utilize our Beta process. Not every company has the same exact goal or process for their Beta testing. Our goal is focused on fixing or removing broken things, so that when the game ships, we deliver a sturdy base game that’s both fun and works.

Betas are a start to a great foundation, and as with all Blizzard games, you can expect us to build on that foundation by continuing to evolve and tweak the game well after we've released Reaper of Souls.

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