Paragon 2.0 Levels Now Calculated

Shared Paragon Levels are calculated for all known Diablo III accounts

Paragon 2.0 Core Stats
The new Paragon 2.0 system coming in Patch 2.0.1 is a major overhaul to the maximum level progression and bonuses, compared to the current Paragon system. Under the new system, the experience from the old Paragon Levels is converted into the new Shared Paragon Levels. Converting from the old system to the new Paragon 2.0 shared levels is now done automatically for each Diablo III account and character tracked here at Diablo Somepage.

Here's how it works:
  • The experience from all the Paragon Levels that characters have accrued on an account is gathered up, into two pools: one pool for Paragon Level experience from softcore characters, and the other for hardcore characters. That experience is then converted into the new Shared Paragon Levels. See the Paragon System overview for details on that.
  • We track over 3 million Diablo III characters across the Diablo III Americas and European regions. See the Account and Character Profiles overview for info on how the account and character scanning works.
  • To pick a random account as an example, the account EvoEvil#6270 has both softcore and hardcore Shared Paragon Levels. As can be seen, the experience from dead hardcore characters on the account contributes to the hardcore Shared Paragon Level pool. The character Hccyclong shows how the Paragon Points that each character receives from Shared Paragon Levels, are also displayed for those characters.
  • You can check for your own Diablo III account, or add it if we do not already track it, in the Add a BattleTag page.
  • We also are tracking the accounts with the most Shared Paragon Levels. An account with 10 characters of a single type (softcore or hardcore) that are all Paragon Level 100, will end up with 376 of the new Shared Paragon Levels.
  • All of these calculations and charts are updated each day; there may be a delay between Paragon Levels gained, and the display of the new Shared Paragon Levels. You can always go to a level 60 character and select Update Now to force an update immediately, from the current data.
  • We also recently cleaned up any old data, for accounts and characters that no longer exist. All accounts should show no more than 10 characters (except the dead characters that are in the Fallen Heroes list).
  • We are continuing to track historical data for each character, as seen in the Hero History for the character Hccyclong. Unfortunately, a bug in the Blizzard API data can occasionally cause character data to be "reset", wiping out all the historical data for some characters periodically. We have reported this bug to Blizzard, so they can fix it.
  • The Paragon 2.0 system is still in beta, so some of the specifics and numbers may change. If they do, we will update our calculations accordingly. Feel free to leave feedback with any suggestions or comments, about the character and account info.
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