Drop Rates Boosted in 'Reaper of Souls' Beta

Blizzard Blues on the process of developing the Diablo III expansion

The current drop rate for items in the Friends & Family beta of the 'Reaper of Souls' expansion are not the final numbers. Recent Blizzard Blues posts discussed that, along with other topics from the beta.

Most of the Blizzard team has been off for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in the United States. Diablo III game director Josh Mosqueira had an amusing Tweet about the holiday and the convoluted dish sometimes served then, known as the turducken; he imagined something similar for 'Reaper of Souls', with two of the new game systems crammed into each other.

Other more serious Blizzard Blue posts talked about a number of topics, conveying the idea of how much is in flux right now within the beta.

Beta Drop Rates
Grimiku points out how the drop rates currently in the beta are not the final numbers. Beta testers have seen an unusually high amount of drops, both in Legendary items and items like gems. Presumably these are all boosted right now, to help get many items in the hands of the beta testers. That helps the developers see how the gameplay works for characters who have a wealth of items, which would take months to acquire at the drop rates in the final expansion.
Sometimes it takes a while for beta changes to have a noticeable effect, and drop rates in the current beta build still don't necessarily reflect what we intend for the official release. It'll be a while before we see a lot of feedback from any recent changes in the beta, and lots of things are still being worked on.

You might get a better feel for current skills and drop rates by checking out one of the Twitch streams and asking around in their chat channel. We have a list of recommended streamers that you can find in this link if that sounds like something you want to check out.

Big Changes Coming
The early beta for the expansion is still far from complete, and there are "a slew of changes" coming, according to this blue post.
There are a slew of changes happening both behind the scenes right now as well as coming down the pipeline. Some of these changes are able to be implemented via hotfixes on the current Beta while others will take a patch to issue.

Posted by: Godric

will you actually be making any more major additions or changes to endgame like bounties etc.

Bounties are definitely a little too... bountiful at the moment. We have changes recently hotfixed on the Friends & Family Beta to tone down Bounty rewards and increase Nephalem Rift rewards.

Posted by: Godric

Right now it just seems like everyone can just beat the game in a couple days and then there's really no incentive to keep playing since loot rains down from the sky and makes the difficulties obsolete since they're just a gearcheck anyway and not actually harder in terms of like, increasing monster speed or AoE range or aggression or adding hard-mode affixes.

The current legendary acquisition rate is higher than planned for launch. We will continue to tune this to arrive at an ideal reward rate, but in the meantime it allows our beta testers to get their hands on a variety of items for testing purposes.

Also consider that Bounties are compounding this issue a bit. With the changes I mentioned above regarding reduction in rewards, this should become a bit less of an issue.

TLDR: It's Beta! Lots is subject to change, and we're not done yet. ;)

Gold and Crafting Costs
The gold costs currently in beta are also a work in development, and will be tuned over time.
Posted by: Aerioz

Since u can't sell item for gold in RoS, how much gold do you earn by playing the game?

Will it be enough for enchanting?

We definitely want players to be able to afford their crafting needs, and we'll keep an eye on how quickly players are spending and gaining resources to make sure it's in a good place. Tuning the crafting system is an ongoing process.

Paragon 2.0 Experience Pools
Finally, a blue post confirms that there are separate pools of experience for hardcore and softcore characters, in the Paragon 2.0 system that will arrive in the Loot 2.0 patch. Currently, the experience from dead hardcore characters does count towards the hardcore Shared Paragon level experience pool.
Paragon level pools are separate between Normal and Hardcore characters. Dead Hardcore characters will have their paragon levels attributed to the total Paragon level for all your Hardcore characters.
Posted by: Doom

Bro, this question has been answered numerous times. Nevalistis has probably answered it at least 3 time alone.

I'm pretty sure he's referring to dead characters counting towards the total Paragon level...

That had NOT been confirmed yet.

I should clarify that this is how it's currently working in Beta, and that nothing is ever final. So long as it continues to work properly, I believe this is our current plan. =)

We'll have more info on the beta as it proceeds, and the many changes arrive. The newest Blizzard blue posts are always available right away in our Blue Post Tracker or in the RSS feed.
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