Crushing Blow Changing in 'Reaper of Souls' Beta

Bosses won't take as much damage from Crushing Blows in the next beta patch

Wyrdward Ring in Reaper of Souls Beta
The 'Reaper of Souls' Friends and Family beta has only been out a few days, and the developers are already working on the next patch for it. This early beta of the expansion will see many changes in a short order. One announced change is for the new Crushing Blow item affix.

Crushing Blow is an item affix that the developers are hoping will be an alternative to the "trifecta" of affixes that have dominated the Diablo III end-game gear so far. By default, a Crushing Blow attack deals damage equal to 25% of the monster's current health. Already in beta, there have been characters who have obtained a number of items that increase the chance of Crushing Blow, like the ring above. With a high Crushing Blow chance, these characters can quickly destroy even powerful monsters.

In a Blizzard Blues post Grimiku talks about the issue, and details one change that will be coming in the next beta patch. Currently the Crushing Blow damage is reduced to 12.5% of the enemy's health, if that monster is an elite or a boss. That will be further modified in the next patch, so that a boss's health will only be reduced by 5%, from a Crushing Blow attack.

There’s a variety of possible reasons that elite packs on Torment VI are getting one shot, but my guess is that it’s due to a bugged skill. That said, we do want Crushing Blow to be a competitive stat compared to existing desirable stats such as Attack Speed and Critical Hit Chance. A Crushing Blow will hit for a percentage of your enemies current health, and currently that’s 25% against normal monsters, 12.5% against elites, and (in the next beta patch) it will be 5% against bosses.

This is just one small tweak coming in the beta updates; there will be many more over time as the beta process continues.
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