Crafted Legendaries Use Boss-Specific Drops

Blizzard Blues on materials for crafting, Crusader weapons, and more

The Friends and Family beta for 'Reaper of Souls' is providing a lot of new details about the expansion, but there are still interesting bits of info coming from the Blizzard Blues. Here are some of the latest posts, including details on the special materials that will be required to make many of the crafted Legendary items at level 70.

Crafted Legendaries at Level 70
Many of the lower level crafted Legendary and Set items are being remade into level 70 versions. Crafting these new legendaries will sometimes require farming specific items from a single boss. This is a big shift in design of the crafting system from the basic Diablo III structure.
Plans will not scale to level. So, a level 70 character crafting an item level 60 pattern will still result in a level 60 item. There will be new higher level patterns available for level 70 crafting.

The stats on that item, however, is otherwise subject to the smart drop system and will roll stats appropriate to the character crafting it (so, Strength for a Barbarian, Intelligence for a Wizard, and so forth).
Posted by: LastRights

Wait... can I change the stats of my crafts using the mystic? like re-roll

Crafted gear can be enchanted by the Mystic just like a dropped item can - meaning you can change one of the rolled stats on the item to something else, and that one stat can be rerolled as many times as you wish.
Posted by: DamienJohn

When you say, "There will be new higher level patterns available for level 70 crafting", do you mean that post-RoS we will be able to find Level 70 versions of existing plans, or that there will be entirely brand new plans of items we haven't seen before?

A bit of both!

Leveling up the Blacksmith in Reaper of Souls will unlock new recipes for 4-6 property items at all new item tiers. In addition, we're bringing forward many of the existing legendary and set crafting plans and upgrading them to level 70. The Cain's Fate set is one such example. When you acquire this new pattern, you can use it to craft the items at level 70 with appropriate level 70 bonuses. As we've talked about before, these items will also smart roll to the character who is currently crafting them (so a Wizard who’s crafting will generate items with Intelligence on them).

We're also tinkering with some legendary plans to theme them up a bit. Crafting certain items, especially legendaries, should feel like they take a real journey to acquire, and targeted slaying with a variety of goals is an important part of the Diablo experience. To this end, some legendary patterns will require specific materials in order to craft them, and these materials will drop off of certain monsters. If we go back to the Cain's Fate set as an example, one of the crafting materials required is an item that only drops from Maghda. There’s a variety of these kinds of patterns, and I hope you’re as excited as I am about collecting and crafting them all. =)

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Posted by: PieHole

However, i was kinda let down by the whole Hellfire ring. I mean, you need to find plans for the ring, find plans for the machines, collect 9 keys, make 3 machines, open 3 portals, kill 6 ubers, get 3 organs, order to make 1 ring.

We learned a lot from the Infernal Machines and Hellfire Ring content, and the crafting changes mentioned above are the result of that learning process. In addition, it allows us the opportunity to iterate on this content for Reaper of Souls.

With that in mind, what do you think works best about the Infernal Machines and Hellfire Ring? If we were to create a level 70 version of this event, are there any changes you’d like to see?

Crusader Weaponry
Here's a list of the exact weapons available for the new Crusader class, along with their class-specific Crusader shield.
We wanted to make the Crusader a walking arsenal of war, so they're able to wield almost any melee weapon that's not class specific. Here's a list of weapons they can use.

*Note: Crusaders are unable to dual wield, but are able to carry a 2-handed weapon in one hand (and a shield in the other!) when using the Heavenly Strength passive.

*Edited to add Mace weapons to the list.

  • One or Two-Handed Flail
  • One or Two-Handed Axe
  • One or Two-Handed Sword
  • One or Two-Handed Mace
  • Dagger
  • Polearm
  • Spear

  • Flails are indeed the class-specific item for Crusaders. They're part of the iconic imagery for our newest class, just as the hand crossbow is for the Demon Hunter or Mighty Weapons are for the Barbarian.
    Posted by: Monstrous

    Like many class specific items, Crusader Shields will likely provide unique stats on Legendary versions directly related to the Crusader's skills and passives.

    Indeed. Crusaders also have class-specific shields available to them.

    Read on for more Blizzard Blue posts about legacy Legendary, enchanting Rare items, and more.

    Legacy Legendaries
    Any of the Legendary items that exist before the Loot 2.0 Patch lands, will be flagged as "Legacy" items. Those items will not be automatically made Account Bound. (Of course, using Enchanting on any item will make it Account Bound.)
    This is a good question, and I'm sure you're not the only one wondering about it. We have no plans to make legacy Legendary items bind on account as of current design, and we'll be sure to quickly let you know if that changes. Also, it's probably a good idea for me to clarify that "legacy Legendary" in this case means any Legendary that drops before our pre-expansion patch.

    Achievements to Feats of Strength
    Some of the current Achievements will be changed into Feats of Strength, which do not provide Achievement points.
    Achievements that currently have a difficulty component related to them will be changed into a Feat of Strength for Reaper of Souls. This way you'll still have the recognition of having already completed the task, but we'll have room to implement the new versions too.

    Enchanting Rare Items
    Rare items can be Enchanted, just like Legendary and Set items. (Magic and White items cannot be Enchanted at all.) Nevalistis also made it clear that items that are already Account Bound can still be Enchanted, as that is not a restriction in any way.
    Rares, both current and new, will be able to enchanted. =) Enchanting restrictions currently include:

    • Each item may only have one property slot changed.
    • Special qualities inherent to an item (like Movement Speed on Lacuni Prowlers, for example) cannot be changed.
    • Enchanting an item makes that item Bind on Account.
    Posted by: DevilJin

    Will I be able to add new statistics ?

    Enchanting does not allow you to add another statistic to an item - it only allows you to reroll/exchange a single stat currently on an item for a different stat. Hope that provides a little more clarification about the feature.
    Posted by: SlayerGrim

    Is that how it will work or I can only have one affix enchanted on each item?

    You may only ever change one property on an item with Enchanting. The property you choose to change, however, can be rerolled as much as you like.
    Say you are a Barbarian and you have an item with 80 strength but would rather have 150 which say is the max roll on that item. Can you do that?

    You can, but bear in mind that would prevent you from rerolling any other stat on that item in the future.

    Posted by: Cameo

    My account was hacked rolled-back months ago and my gears are now BoA. Can the gears still be enchanted? I know this question may not be a concern for many people.

    Still a legitimate concern! Yes, you should be able to enchant items you currently have, regardless of whether or not they are already Bind on Account. This does not affect their eligibility.

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