Transmogrification No Longer Binds Items

Blizzard Blues with development changes, Legendary items in Loot 2.0, and dyes on items

As part of the ongoing development process, the Diablo III developers have laid out ideas for some of the systems going into the Reaper of Souls Expansion. They have gained a lot of feedback from the community based on that news, and made changes accordingly. One change recently announced is that Transmogrification no longer binds item. Blizzard Blues provided that news, along with more details on Legendary items in the Loot 2.0 Patch, using dyes on items, and Reaper of Souls changes in Acts I to IV.

Transmogrification Will Not Make Items Account-Bound
The ongoing lengthy thread about Transmogrification brings news of a change in the design: Transmogrification will no longer bind items, although the Enchanting process will still make an item account-bound. This balances out the two systems well. Enchanting increases the power of an item and so it makes sense that the item becomes BoA as part of that, while the cosmetic alterations brought by Transmogrification don't provide an increase in actual character power.
Posted by: Alexandros

I really hope this is a subtle hint that your devs may find the complainants are right on this one and that BoA on transmog has a chance of disappearing into the aether. It's a great system (even by the consideration of many who have never been MMO guys, WoW in particular) that I'd love to not see crippled for the sake of sinking items. =)

It’s more than a subtle hint. I actually just spoke to Wyatt this morning, and they’ve already tasked removing BoA from transmogrification. :)

About transmogrification skins and crafted legendaries.

Since transmogrification skins for legendaries will be unlocked by identifying the item, what happens with crafted legendaries that come already identified?
Will craft at least one of them count as having identified one?
Will we be able to use those skins for transmogrification if the blacksmith knows how to craft them?

Wyatt told me to tell you “great point.” We’re looking into it right now. If the tech can support it, we’d like to grant players visual appearances for crafted Legendaries the first time they craft the item.
Posted by: DrothVader

However, making the item BoA for upgrading it still makes a lot of sense. I hope that part gets left in there.

Enchanting an item will still bind it to your account, yup!
May I inquire as to why the dev team is so determined to add binding to this game? You've removed efficient trading already, so why more binding?

Same philosophy I provided before:

Posted by: Lylirra

Currently, the binding is part of the cost of the service and helps function as an item sink. While we'll be removing the gold and real-money auction houses, we're still evaluating what measures are required (in their absence) to ensure a good item acquisition/reward loop for any given player.

However, we agreed with the feedback of "BoA should be a price to pay for power, not cosmetics," as well as several other cases provided in this thread (which is why we elected to remove the BoA cost from transmogrification).
Posted by: VroOmM

i think its great this is being done but its a bit scary that 1. it was to go ahead in the first place and 2. the devs change their minds as quickly as i change my shorts.

I wouldn't panic. We added BoA to transmogrification in the first place to see how it would play out; it was never set in stone, but instead was something we wanted to explore as a possibility in the actual game environment. That's how iteration works, especially during the development stages we're in right now (where there's still experimentation happening and lots of internal testing).
Posted by: broseidon

Any news about whether or not we'll be able to carry forward legacy UNIDENTIFIED items to unlock skins in RoS?

No updates yet!

Automatic Dyes on Rare Items
In another post in that thread, Lylirra discusses the issue of using dyes on items. The long-standing goal of making dyes work on Legendary items is being worked on, and progressing, but still not confirmed for the Loot 2.0 Patch. One change that is definitely happening with dyes is that fewer of them will be automatically applied to Rare items when they drop.
Posted by: Utukka

If it gets rid of the clown look....I'm all for it.

So, relatedly (I just made that word up), on the whole "clown-like" topic:

As some of you may know, when a Rare item drops, they have a random dye color automatically assigned to them. Currently, all dyes are considered valid options for Rare drops, which can lead to some pretty interesting outcomes.

We recently made a change to this mechanic, however, to restrict the kind of dyes that can do this. Basically, we've disabled a handful of the more...uhh, fabulous dyes from being auto-applied to Rare items.

The following dyes will be continue to roll automatically on Rare items: Abyssal, Infernal, Purity, Mariner's, Winter, Cardinal, Ranger's, Tanner's, and Desert.

The following dyes will (as of the pre-expansion patch, I believe) no longer roll automatically on Rare items: Lovely, Royal, Elegant, Summer, Golden, Autumn, Aquatic, and Forester's.

This should outright eliminate the dilemma of "Oh sweet, an upgrade for my Barbarian! Aaand it's bright pink again. Awesome."

Legendary and Set items that can be dyed? That thing we were told was being worked on. Even an update on that would be really nice.

That's certainly the goal, but it's a work in progress at the moment so not yet confirmed to happen 100%. In our internal builds, we've got dyes working for a lot of Legendaries, but certainly not all. We've still got some work to do to get the tech right, and of course...testing. :)

Legendary Items in Loot 2.0
There are many changes coming to Legendary items in the Loot 2.0 Patch, but not everything has been decided yet regarding them. All the current Legendary items will become Legacy Legendaries, and at a minimum the Legendaries that drop after that patch will be more interesting. The entirely new Legendary items may not arrive until the expansion, that still is being decided!
Posted by: AlexT

My question is there will be new legendaries and set items in RoS or just Loot 2.0?

We're still deciding whether or not brand new Legendaries will be added in the Loot 2.0 patch. Alternatively, we may restrict new Legendaries from dropping until Reaper of Souls is live, or they may be restricted for those with the expansion. That all remains to be seen at this time.

However, there's a lot of other stuff coming in the patch that may make some Legendaries feel completely different. First, all legacy Legendaries will begin dropping at the level of the monster that dropped it and won't be restricted to their original item level. This means, for instance, you might see a Level 63 Magefist drop after the patch. Because of this, you'll see a much larger variety of Legendaries dropping in general.

Second, many (but not all) Legendaries will be having their stat budget revisited. This is in addition to the smart drops system and narrowed stat range changes we've mentioned before.

Lastly, some (but again, not all) Legendaries will be having their powers completely redesigned. These new powers should be build-changing, and encourage you to experiment with your play style. I'm personally looking forward to seeing the kind of creativity that comes out of the community when these new items become available!

*Edited a bit for clarification.
Posted by: Tarkhan

I hope that at a minimum there will no longer be items with skills enhancement for a particular class that that class can not use (e.g.: WD skill bonuses on a bow).

That's the spirit of smart drops. In addition, smart drops won't occur with every single item that drops for you, but when one happens, it will be generally suited for your character (such as getting a larger amount of Intelligence based items on a Witch Doctor or Wizard).
Posted by: CrniVuk

Hopefully that doesnt mean though that DH will see mighty weapons with dexterity ...

Smart drops will also affect the types of items that drop for your hero, not just the stats on them. So, basically: if you're getting a smart drop, both the item type and the stats on the item itself will be tailored towards your class.

As Neva noted, though, items only have a chance to be a smart drop, so you may still see some one-off mighty belts and voodoo masks here and there. Significantly less than before, though.

Posted by: Executioner

so are u saying nats gaze will drop again or did u error on saying legacy legendaries

In this case, legacy Legendaries = Legendaries that drop before the pre-expansion patch goes live. So, no.
Posted by: Zyron

Kind of like what console has right now?

Correct. Smart drops on console were actually pulled directly from early Reaper of Souls development plans (those sneaksy designers).
Will the new legendary items have an obvious distinction from the "Legacy ones"? If they are completely similar, I can already foresee people stacking up some "bad" level 63 legendary items and re-selling them UNID when the patch hits.

It could be the color, the shape of the "? or X" or something.

Great question. I honestly have no idea off-hand; will have to check.
is that means I cannot farm with my barb and hoping to find gear to gear my DH ? I like this idea. But did you consider that at some point the only gear you will find is going to be for my barb .
Sometimes I liked to farm with my barb to gear our heroes I have .

As noted, not all drops will be smart drops. There's only a chance that an item will be a smart drop (and thus tailored for your Barbarian), which means that you will still be able to farm upgrades for other characters on your account.

Weapon Types for Transmogrification
Changing the look of a weapon with Transmogrification will be somewhat limited, as a weapon can only be changed to have the appearance of a similarly designed weapon. Nevalistis details how this will limit certain types of weapons like Fists and Wands, since they have a unique attack animation.
Posted by: YupiWolf

How about Fist weapons? Will the monk be able to transmorg a 1hd sword to a fist weapon? As far as I know, a monk with a 1hd sword still has the same hitting animation. Is this possible with transmorg?

Fist weapons may look like they share animations with some one-handed weapons, but it's actually unique (a kick animation is included in the rotation). Remember that these animations are a bit different when it comes to using abilities. Some abilities use their own unique animations that are not reliant on which weapon you have equipped, while others do.

To answer your question simply, fist weapons are in their own category for transmogrification, and cannot be changed into one-handed swords or other weapons.

Posted by: YupiWolf

Same with other 1hd class specific weapons (excluding bows/xbows/2hd xbows). Like transmorg 1hd sword into wands or 1hd sword into ceremonial knives? Possible?

Wands are also unique, as they do not share their animations with any other weapon. Ceremonial knives, however, have overlap with a couple of other categories, including daggers and some spears, so they can be transmogrified into those.

Changes in Acts I to IV
While the Reaper of Souls expansion will bring all new areas in Act V, the main changes in the previous Acts will be from the Loot 2.0 changes.
Posted by: Kilometer

This is shame because I kinda hoping to see act 3 and 4 got buff and become a viable place to farm or act bosses got strengthen or changed for better fight.

Monsters and loot are receiving changes across the board. While some of the other randomization features coming in Act V are unique to that act, Acts I-IV will still benefit from changes coming in Loot 2.0.

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