Design a Legendary Poll Chooses 1-Hand Sword

Blizzard Blues on console item drop quality, achievement bugs, and Transmogrification

Design a Legendary
The 'Design a Legendary' first poll has been completed, and the one-handed sword weapon type was the clear winner. Other Blizzard Blue posts recently dealt with how drops change in the console version as the difficulty increases, and problems getting the 'Beastmaster of Tristam' achievement.

Design a Legendary First Poll Results
The first Design a Legendary Poll is now complete, and the Diablo III community has chosen a one-handed sword as the weapon type for the legendary. In the comments to the Blizzard blog post, Lylirra hinted that the next poll may be for the legendary weapon name.

Over 30,000 Diablo III players around the world participated in last week's "Choose Your Weapon" poll, and today we're excited to share the results. Taking an impressive 33% of our global vote, the Legendary weapon we'll be crafting alongside our community is: a one-handed sword!

*cue fancy trumpet flare*

A big thanks to everyone who voted, posted, shared, and tweeted. This is only the beginning, though. We'll be kicking off another community vote next week, so be sure to keep an eye on for Design a Legendary: Part 2!

Console Loot Quality
The loot drops in the console editions of Diablo III are structured differently from the PC version. On the console D3, less loot is dropped at the higher difficulty levels, but the loot that is dropped is of a higher quality. In one recent post, Tsarnis stated that "Legendary drop rates should be consistent and even improve as you level, but the total number of low-quality junk drops will decrease." He explained further in a couple of other posts. This sort of philosophy regarding item drops will be part of the Loot 2.0 Patch changes coming to the PC version of Diablo III.
I think a lot of the confusion about this may stem from the fact that players may not be aware of some of the changes to loot drops we have in place on the console version of Diablo III that are not present on the PC version (yet). While I won't go into the specific nuts and bolts of how loot is handled at different difficulties, I can provide a bit of insight on how this all works to hopefully clear up some confusion.

To start with, here are a few facts:
1. As you go upwards in game difficulty, you have a lower chance to see low-quality items drop.
2. As you go upwards in game difficulty, the loot that does drop will be of a higher quality overall.
3. This has been the case in the console versions of Diablo III since the game launched.

So, what we did for consoles was make it so that you are getting, on average, less loot, but you are getting better quality loot from the drops you do get as you level. At lower levels you are frequently upgrading gear, so there is more value in getting lower quality items in such abundance. As you move upwards towards level 60 and inferno mode however, most common, magic, and even many rare items become less desirable as upgrades and end up as vendor/salvage fodder. Rather than forcing high level heroes to constantly play the inventory game, we decided to cut out the middle man and basically convert the value of most low quality items you would see directly into extra gold drops. The thought being that with less junk to clutter up your inventory, you can spend more time smashing demons rather than standing in front of vendors.

I hope that clears up some confusion about how loot works (and has always worked) on console.
Like I said, I don't want to get into the nuts and bolts, but when I say low quality I mean Common (Gray/White) and Magical (Blue) items. Rare (Yellow) items have very slightly altered drop rates at higher levels, but in practice this directly translates to more high-level Legendary items.

Additionally, this is armor, jewelry, and weapons only. Any other materials that drop such as Demonic Essences, Gems, and Tomes are unaffected.

Targeted Console Drops
Another difference in the loot that drops on the console versions of Diablo III, compared to the PC version, is that a certain percentage of drops are targeted. The stats on those items are focused on being useful to the class of character(s) currently playing the game. Grimiku explains how that works, and that it isn't based on what items a character currently has equipped.
Every item that drops has a chance to be tailored for your character (as you pointed out), but when and where specific items drop is still completely random. Other than Magic Find, your equipped gear won't affect items that drop for you. Simply killing lots of monsters is the best way to find upgrades, and I think your plan to farm Act II is solid. Good luck with finding a rockin new wand!

Transmogrification Binds Items
The thread about the upcoming Transmogrification feature continued with more blue posts about how new features are decided on, for Diablo III. In another interesting post, Lylirra delved into the issue of Transmogrification currently causing items to become Account-Bound. That is one of the many areas that the developers are looking at, when figuring out how to best balance out the "item sink" of taking items out of the game, but it may still change.
Lylirra can you help us understand why a cosmetic change disables any further trading?

Why is this requirement on par with a complex game mechanic like an affix reroll?

Currently, the binding is part of the cost of the service and helps function as an item sink. While we'll be removing the gold and real-money auction houses, we're still evaluating what measures are required (in their absence) to ensure a good item acquisition/reward loop for any given player.

Basically: it's something we're experimenting with, but isn't set in stone. We definitely appreciate all the feedback. I've already passed on a lot of the discussions here to designers working on the Mystic, and they agree you've all brought up many great points (re: BoA). :)

Beastmaster of Tristram - PC
There are still bugs causing certain achievements to not be filled in, for characters who completed certain parts of them on the very first days of the PC release of Diablo III. The Beastmaster of Tristram on the PC Diablo III is one of those achievements. Fixing those bugs will take another patch, so most likely these achievement issues will not be fixed until the Loot 2.0 Patch arrives.
It's possible to get the Achievement, but most of the issues that players have are the result of issues related to rocky maintenance periods or during the server issues we had immediately following the game's launch.

We have a few ideas about how to fix these issues, but at this point any potential fixes are going to rely on changes coming in a future content patch. We definitely appreciate the frustration these issues cause, and getting Achievement issues fixed is high on our list of priorities.

Beastmaster of Tristram - Console
The same achievement can also cause problems on the console versions of Diablo III, but for a very different reason. If a character is started in a console demo version of the game, none of the lore books that are read will count towards the achievement in the full version of the game. This appears to be a limitation of the system for game demos on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles.
Unfortunately, any lore book you pick up on the demo version of the game will have to be picked up again on a different character after you upgrade to get credit towards this challenge. This is something we are aware of, but don't have any real way to fix due to how console game demos work.

While this workaround isn't ideal, you should be able to grab most of these books within the first few minutes of play on a new character.

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