Diablo T-Shirt Contest Winners

Five wonderful t-shirt designs are the winners from the art contest

Design by Human T-Shirt Winners
There are 5 new Diablo t-shirts now available, with the designs submitted as part of a Design by Humans contest run with Blizzard. Those top 5 designs were chosen out of 300 submissions, and are now available as t-shirts to purchase.

Click through on any of the designs to see the full t-shirt, and to read an interview from the artist behind the creation.

Over the last two months, artists from around the globe have put pen to parchment to create over 300 t-shirt designs worthy of the heroes of Sanctuary.

Today, the winners of Blizzard Entertainment and Design By Humans' Diablo III t-shirt contest have been announced! And best yet? You can get in on the action by purchasing a t-shirt or phone case emblazoned with art from one of the top 26 winning entries as well!

Check out the five Grand Prize winners below.

5th Place - "Lord of Hatred" by Dr.Spazmo - Full Image Here

4th Place - "Majestic Spell" by Studio8Worx - Full Image Here

3rd Place - "The Great Conflict" by Gloopz - Full Image Here

2nd Place - "Ruthless" by silentOp - Full Image Here

1st Place - "Mephisto - Lord of Hatred" by TamplierPainter - Full Image Here

Head over to Design by Humans' blog for all the details and make sure to check out all the incredible contest submissions!
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