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Blizzard Blues on the new community involvement project, and tips for the console Diablo III

Design a Legendary
Recent Blizzard Blues posts brought about discussions on the upcoming 'Design a Legendary' project, tips and tricks for the console editions of Diablo III, and thoughts about Tyrael and his sword El'druin.

Tyrael and the Reaper of Souls
Community representative Nevalistis delved into a discussion of the former archangel Tyrael, and his sword El'druin. Tyrael also featured prominently in the Reaper of Souls cinematic, shown here.

Posted by: Jakkal07

Why can Tyreal still wield El'Druin if he is no longer an angel?

Tyrael's mortality has no bearing on his ability to wield El'druin. After all, it's his sword. =) This is also not the first time a mortal being has wielded El'druin. Jacob Staalek once used the sword to great effect protecting his home. This event was covered in the comic books and referenced in the Book of Tyrael.

Posted by: Maldazzar

I still can't fathom why Malthael wouldn't try to simply kill Tyrael on the spot, though...

Malthael is extremely in tune with souls.When he inspected Tyrael's soul, he found no evidence of demonic taint. Ergo, he did not consider Tyrael his enemy. It really is that simple, as Death tends to see things in black and white.

Posted by: SirNick

I'm wondering why El'druin brought back his power though, unless it's as simple as just him forgetting who he is so he has a hidden power and El'druin helps him remember, releasing the power.

El'druin is a unique item in that it isn't simply an angelic weapon, but a part of Tyrael. In order for Tyrael to be whole again after he cast himself from the High Heavens, El'druin needed to be restored. It's inexorably tied to his being, regardless of what state Tyrael is in. Hypothetically speaking, if Tyrael were to somehow become an actual human, El'druin would remain equally integral to his being.

'Design a Legendary' Discussion
The previously announced 'Design a Legendary' project will involve the community in the design of a legendary item for the Reaper of Souls Expansion. Lylirra had a lengthy discussion on the forums about that project, and how it will fit into the overall development schedule for the expansion.
Posted by: Zalm

I think they have a thread about this. Somewhere you can post ideas about the new 'make your own legendary' thing.

I believe this is the article you're referencing:

The goal of this particular project is to give interested players a more in-depth look into how Legendary items are made, particularly under our new "Loot 2.0" philosophy. By using a single Legendary item as a point of reference and sharing interviews with the artists/developers responsible for designing and implementing it, we can (hopefully) provide players with a better, more direct understanding of item design in Diablo III and Reaper of Souls.

To makes things a bit more interactive, we're also giving the community the ability to contribute to different parts of the design process for this particular Legendary item. We'll be using polls, podcasts, and contests to facilitate this. This certainly isn't a new idea, and it definitely isn't groundbreaking, but we think it'll be fun (and ideally educational).

We'll see how it goes!
So, wait -- what's being debated? (Sorry, I'm not totally sure why we're arguing.)

For players who are interested in learning more about item design in Diablo III (and/or contributing to it), then this will hopefully be a fun little activity. For players who aren't interested in either item design or the structure of the activity itself, then it may not be. If you don't find it interesting or worth your time, that's fine. Skip it! No biggie. (Seriously.) You shouldn't feel obligated to participate in something lighthearted like this, especially since it's completely voluntary.

I mean, let's use your PoE example. I don't imagine that all Path of Exile beta players opted to create a custom unique, right? Similarly, I don't imagine that all current players would necessarily choose to participate today given the chance -- because, hey, not everyone likes the same thing. That doesn't mean that particular service wasn't worth doing or keeping, though. Just look at how much you enjoyed it! I think that's awesome, and I'm glad you had the opportunity to get involved with something you found fun and engaging. In that same vein, we hope that D3 players will find the Design a Legendary project fun and engaging too (albeit for different reasons), but we certainly don't expect it to appeal to everyone.

Posted by: Zalm

Right, so I explained my point. PoE did it first, are still doing it, and doing it better.

Keep in mind that the goals of this activity and Path of Exile's custom unique service aren't in competition with one another (nor are they even really the same), so directly comparing them is a bit short-sighted. At the end of the day, if the Design a Legendary project can help interested players get a better idea of how Legendary items are made in Diablo III and make them feel like they had a hand in shaping something in the game, then we'll consider that a success. And who knows? Maybe it'll lead to other bigger, even funner projects in the future. :)
Posted by: NOLLegendz

With Blizzcon only about 2 1/2 weeks away is this something that will be explained further in detail or that will be show cased? It seems like Blizzcon would be a great plat form to go over this.

Hm. While hopefully a fun/insightful activity, the Design a Legendary project isn't something that's core to our development process or Reaper of Souls, so it's not going to be a topic covered at BlizzCon. I imagine the development team will likely discuss Loot 2.0 (and Legendary items) in greater detail, though!
Posted by: Menacetech

I'm not interested in anything other than seeing why it takes several months to create a single legendary item.

Of, pft. It doesn't actually take months to create a single Legendary item. That time frame is tied directly to the fact that we want to get the community involved. Specifically, we want to make sure that interested players have time to participate.

If we create a poll, for example, we'll want to give that at least a week -- enough time for people to find out about it and then vote. Then we need another week to tabulate the global results, inform the community, implement whatever you all chose, and then prep for the next stage. Similarly, if we hold a contest, that's going to need a few weeks as well. Podcasts also require time to set up, promote, and then recap. (Logistics, man. Always a party!)

Now, before anyone starts to panic: this isn't going to impact development for ROS. While we may take things a bit slower for this one single Legendary item, the developers will continue to design, iterate, and implement as usual for everything else at their previously-scheduled pace.

Console Diablo III Tips
Grimiku provided his own contribution to a thread with tips and tricks for the console versions of Diablo III. The entire thread is worth reading, for useful ways to get the most out of the PS3 or Xbox 360 editions of the game.
I know this has been brought up before, but it's a good one in case you're not already aware of it. If you wait to do an evasive roll right at the moment that Frozen orbs explode, you won't be frozen even if you're in the blast radius.

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