EU Diablo III Server Restarts for Latency Issues

A possible fix is tested for the latency issues plaguing the Diablo III servers in Europe

There have been serious, ongoing issues with latency on the European Diablo III servers for nearly three weeks. That may finally be coming to an end, with a new possible fix being implemented and tested, via rolling restarts to the EU Diablo III servers on October 22, 2013 at 05:00 CEST.

The latency issues have been documented and reviewed by Blizzard's technical support team in a lengthy thread, over the past three weeks. There were certain Diablo III servers in the EU that worked fine, but others created ongoing latency issues that have made the game very difficult to play.

A fix is now in the process of being rolled out and tested, with server restarts. One announcement about this was the post:
UPDATE: Following an in-depth investigation, our technicians have replicated this issue internally and we will be restarting the EU game servers during the night in order to test a possible fix and will continue to monitor the situation closely through the day tomorrow.

We appreciate your understanding and apologise once again for the inconvenience this has caused for many of you.

The specifics were posted in a reddit thread by Araxom, a member of Blizzard's customer support team.
Hi all, posting here in case you had not already seen the messaging: We will be restarting the European Diablo III game servers on 22/10/2013 at 05:00 CEST to implement and test a possible fix for the recent latency situation that many players have been experiencing.
Thanks for everyone's patience, we appreciate it!
Blizzard Customer Support
Hopefully this tested fix will prove successful, to get the European Diablo III servers back to being fully functional. We will update with more information as it is available.

Update: The fix appears to have worked, bringing the latency back down in the European Diablo III servers, from the final blue post in the lengthy support thread:
Thanks for the updates on this everyone, glad to hear you're not experiencing this after the restarts this morning (as covered in this post):

We're leaving this thread open for the moment, please do let us know if you notice this issue coming back today. We're monitoring the thread, and our network teams are monitoring the Diablo III servers, to ensure that if something further does crop up, we'll be on it as quickly as possible.

Let me know how I'm doing!
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