Six Skill Slots Staying in 'Reaper of Souls'

Blizzard Blues on using dyes on transmogrified items, the Paragon 2.0 system, and more

There won't be any new active skill slots added for Diablo III characters in the Reaper of Souls Expansion. That was one of the topics covered in recent Blizzard Blues posts, along with details about the Paragon 2.0 system coming in the Loot 2.0 Patch, applying dyes to transmogrified items, and more.

Six Active Skill Slots in the Expansion
Although there are new skills being added for all the classes in Reaper of Souls, there won't be any more slots to put them in -- players will have to choose how to use those, within the standard 6 active skill slots. This only refers to active skill slots; there are hints from data-mining the early Reaper of Souls client, that Diablo III characters may get a 4th passive skill slot.
Will ROS have increased skill limit?

No current plans to increase the 6-skill limit. We still feel that 6 is a good number, enough to give you flexibility in your build choices, but not too much to where you don't have to make thoughtful decisions about what you put on your bar. (We actually had 7 skills available for a pretty substantial period of time before Diablo III shipped; however, after lots of testing and feedback rounds, we reduced the number to 6. So, this is definitely something we've not only considered, but also evaluated heavily in the actual game environment.)

Now, we know that some players may disagree with that approach. Totally cool, but let me turn the question back on you (and then add a few more), because learning why you prefer one gameplay feature over another is super meaningful. Also, sometimes it can be pretty fun, too.

  • How is having only six skill lots negatively impacting your gameplay experience right now? If you can cite specific examples, even better!
  • On the flip side, how would having an extra skill slot improve your game experience?
  • If you had a 7th skill slot, what additional spells or abilities would you add to your bar (on top of the builds you use currently)?

Dyes and Transmogrified Items
Continuing the earlier discussion about transmogrification, it was clarified that transmogrified items can indeed be dyed, and further thoughts about why those items will become Account-Bound.
Posted by: Wheresmymind

Any changes to dye mechanics? Are they just simply bought from vendors or are changes being made to them?

Transmogrified items can currently be dyed in the same manner regular items are (the dye is applied to the item).

What is the reason behind this? If you don't want the transmog look to carry to another player why not just have it removed once it is traded?

It's a matter of whether or not you wish to utilize the item. If you think something would best benefit you by trading it, it should not be enchanted or transmogrified. If it's instead something you see yourself wearing for a while, you should feel good about customizing it to fit your needs (visually or mechanically via Enchanting). Doing either is meant to be a player decision that carries weight.

Posted by: Revan

TR:DL Will transmog allow to double equip same appearance items as weapons if the legendaries that they were made of are Unique Equipped?

Yes! You can visually be wielding two Skycutters, so long as you have unlocked its appearance.

Why not? Why is "similar animations" the limit? Why can't you 'mog an item's appearance and it's animation?

It would open up a lot of unintended options, such as swinging a bow like a sword. While we could ensure these oddities generally don't occur, we'd prefer a system that's always working.

Posted by: Wheresmymind

will this count items id'ed prior to 2.0 or only post 2.0?

We're still working on some of the finer details, so I don't have an answer to this just yet.

Torment Difficulty Replacing Nightmare and Hell?
A data-mined change points to the idea that there might be a Torment difficulty added to the game, which may replace other difficulties like Nightmare and Hell. The developers have been hinting at such ideas for a while, as they look to streamline the leveling process in Diablo III.
We'd like to give players more control over the difficulty settings, and we're looking at ways to accomplish that. It's a little early to share any details, but there was an interview prior to gamescom where Josh Mosqueira shares some of his thoughts about it. He mentions (at 7:30) that Diablo III has a great engine, but we constrain some of it's awesome potential by forcing players to replay the same Acts, quest, and levels over and over.

Paragon 2.0 System Details
Lylirra gave another lengthy overview of the many changes coming in the Paragon 2.0 revamp. One big change from the current Paragon system is how Magic Find and Gold Find will work. Currently those stats reach the "soft cap" of 300 automatically, when a character hits Paragon Level 100; that will not happen in the new system. Other systems may fill in, so high end characters still do not wear gear with those stats, but that is still being worked in.
1/ Paragon 2.0 become account wide level. Does this mean ALL my lvl 60 character start with p100 in RoS (planning to up my DH to p100)?

So, as you may have heard, with Paragon 2.0, your Paragon levels will be account-wide per game type. Game type = game mode (i.e. Normal and Hardcore). All Normal characters on an account will share a Paragon level. Similarly, all Hardcore characters on an account will share a Paragon level. Following Paragon 2.0 going live, any Paragon experience you gain on your Normal or Hardcore characters will contribute to your account’s Normal Shared Paragon level or Hardcore Shared Paragon level, respectively.

When Paragon 2.0 goes live, we'll being adding up all the Paragon experience on each of your characters, and we'll be using that combined total (the total amount of Paragon experience you have, not the total number of Paragon levels) to determine your Shared Paragon level. Again, this will be broken down by game type.

While your characters will all share the same Paragon level, your characters will not share Paragon Points. Instead, characters on your account will each get their own set of Paragon Points to spend independently (e.g. you can spend your Paragon Points differently for each character). To provide an example, if your account's Normal Shared Paragon level is 100, all Normal characters -- even those sub-max level -- on your account will each get 100 Paragon Points to distribute as you see fit.

(In case you're not familiar with Paragon Points: With Paragon 2.0, we're removing the innate bonuses granted by Paragon levels, and players will now earn Paragon Points every time they level up. These points can then be spent to boost up various stats in four different categories: Core Stats, Offensive, Defensive, and Adventure.)

Posted by: DarkPhoenix

3/ New level cap in RoS is 70, how will the exp gain work with character that already gaining paragon level?

After Paragon 2.0 goes live, if you are level 60 and do not have the expansion enabled on your account, you will continue to earn Paragon experience in the new system. This is because you are still technically at the level cap. However, if you are level 60 and decide to enable the expansion on your account, you will stop earning Paragon experience. This is because the expansion increases the level cap to 70. Once you reach level 70, you will start to accrue Paragon experience again from where you left off. (So, basically: Only max-level characters will be able to earn Paragon experience. If you don't have the expansion, max-level = 60. If you have the expansion, max-level = 70.)

Posted by: DarkPhoenix

Thanks everyone.

Hope this helped! There's a bit more information here, as well, if you need it:

We're also working on putting together a pretty comprehensive write-up for Paragon 2.0 that will explain the underlying philosophies behind these changes as well as provide a sort of "first look" into all the details of how everything works. We hope it will help address most questions that players have about the system and, in general, just be a nice "one-stop-shop" for information on Paragon 2.0.
Posted by: Harrowing

So the whole statement about releasing the paragon 2.0 systems and Loot 2.0 systems BEFORE the expansion are null and void?

We're still looking to release Paragon 2.0 and Loot 2.0 in a pre-expansion patch. The information you quoted was simply providing examples in the context of two co-existing level caps (level 60 for players who don't purchase the expansion and level 70 for players who do purchase the expansion).

The basic gist is pretty straightforward, though. If your character is considered to be at max level cap, that character will earn Paragon experience. If your character isn't considered to be at max level cap, it won't earn Paragon experience.

Posted by: Diablerie

since obviously Loot 2 will come before RoS, what will happen to the paragon points you have earned if you install RoS to raise your lvl cap to 70? will they vanish, because you no longer can paragon-level until you reach the NEW cap?

Nothing will happen to your existing Paragon levels or Points in that scenario. You'll just stop earning Paragon experience while you level up from 60 to 70, which means you won't be gaining any additional Paragon levels or Points during that time either (but you also won't be losing any). Once you reach level 70, you'll start earning Paragon experience again from where you left off. Easy-peasy.
Will dead HC characters with paragon levels count towards our total? I don't think this has been answered yet.

For clarity, this has not been decided yet.

Posted by: JKL

Is blizzard removing the MF/GF bonus currently with the paragon levels, and are we going to have to assign points to MF/GF, if we choose, over other stats?

Yup. Under current design, that's how it'll work. (Everything still subject to change, of course.)

Bit more detail: When Paragon 2.0 goes live, the innate bonuses granted by the current system will be removed; all the Paragon experience across your characters will be added together to determine your new shared Paragon level; and then, based on that level, each of your characters will be granted a specific number of Paragon Points (your total # of shared Paragon levels = your total # of Paragon Points). From there, players will be able to allocate their Paragon Points into different stats across four different categories: Core Stats, Offensive, Defensive, and Adventure. Magic Find is available in the "Adventure" category. Gold Find isn't a Paragon 2.0 stat right now, but again...that may change.

(Note that what category a Paragon Point can be spent in will be determined by what Paragon level you earn. Paragon level 1 gives you a point to spend in "Core Stat," Paragon level 2 gives you a point to in "Offensive," Paragon level 3 gives you a point to spend in "Defensive," and Paragon level 4 gives you a point to spend in "Utility" (or "Adventure"). Each Paragon level past that follows the same pattern.)

Removing this bonus and making us spend points on MF/GF reverts back to the original problem that the paragon system originally solved: the gear swapping. How is this going to be handled?

Gear swapping is still a concern, and getting rid of the innate bonuses and having Magic Find as a Paragon 2.0 stat does reintroduce some issues. That's something we're still tinkering around with, but haven't settled on a design solution for just yet (a few other gameplay systems and changes need to be finalized first). I fully anticipate that will be something we communicate to players ahead of time, before it's implemented, or at least once we lock down exactly what we'd like to do. :)

Leveling Multiple Console D3 Characters Together
The console editions of Diablo III have the option to level up multiple characters at once locally, with only one person playing them. Grimiku discusses how this can work with regards to the achievements.
Only the character that started the game is capable of earning achievements when you're playing a local co-op game with multiple characters from the same PSN profile. Other than that, dragging characters along does not specifically prevent you from earning any achievements.

I hope this helps, and happy hunting!

Crusaders Are Ranged and Melee
More discussions on the role of the new Crusader class in Diablo III. The class has different abilities for fighting monsters at both mid-ranged and up close in melee. It will be interesting to see if the most popular Crusader builds involve a mix of those type of skills, or a specific focus on one or the other.
Posted by: Cormag

Is the Crusader's Bombardment ability magic, or is there really a small crew of artillery following her around Sanctuary to proved fire support?

The Crusader doesn't really roll with an entourage. They rarely travel with more than a single ward or apprentice (if not entirely alone). Their abilities are fueled by Wrath, which subsequently is fueled by their devotion to the Zakarum. In a sense, it's divine magic.

Posted by: Guybrush

Hourah! Nevalistis is one of us. I am glad to see you like tabletop rpg.

I wear a d20 around my neck on a daily basis, and a set of dice is always within my reach. Never know when you need to roll a saving throw.

Posted by: JellyPants

So crusaders won't be seeing a Melee centric focus? Or do you mean that the crusader sort of rolls forward, attacking target's at midrange and then crushing them in melee?

Both! Melee with a shield focus and mid-ranged artillery are both combat elements for the Crusader, and the different styles intermingle quite well. You might throw a powerful burst of light to lead in before bashing a demon in the face with your shield, or you might focus entirely on one style over the other. There will be quite a few options to experiment with. =)

Why do some people think the Crusader is a Lawful Good type character? They aren't D&D paladins.

I think it's important to note that not only are Crusaders unlike D&D Paladins, they are also unlike Sanctuary's Paladin orders. While they share some surface similarities, their goals (and more specifically their means to those goals) are quite different. Paladins are devoted to the teachings of Akarat and spreading the Zakarum faith. Crusaders, however, are focused on purging all evil, particularly by purifying the corruption that they fear still lingers in their faith.

No Controller Support on PC 'Reaper of Souls'
The Blizzard developers have hinted that some features or User Interface functionality of the console Diablo III may end up in the PC version of the game. That does not extend to the console controllers, or the direct control of characters in Diablo III.
Whether you use a traditional control-scheme, similar to what you did for the console-versions (none of the other bells and whistles, mind you, JUST movement and combat controls), or even if you're willing to consider support the new, admittedly bizarre Steam Controller, I think it's safe to say that there is really no good reason not to allow it.

Again, it's not as though the entire game needs to function with a controller, merely character-movement and abilities, and a button to pick up nearby items.

Otherwise, everything else about this expansion looks amazing!
We're glad you're excited about Reaper of Souls!

We'll have a lot more information about it in the coming months, but at this time we don't have any plans for supporting analog controller hookup for the PC version of Diablo III. Similarly, since the console version of Diablo III was designed from the ground up with a controller in mind, the PlayStation 3 and XBox 360 version of Diablo III do not support USB mice or keyboards.

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