Transmogrification System Tied to Mystic

Blizzard Blues on how transmogrifying will work, and thinking about the Crusader class alignment

The transmogrification system will be tied to the new Mystic artisan being added in the Reaper of Souls Expansion, as well as identifying legendary items to unlock their appearance. That was one of the topics detailed in recent Blizzard Blues posts.

Transmogrification Details
The transmogrification system will allow players to change the appearance of an item in Diablo III, by copying the look of another item. There is no point hording items right now for a specific look, as the system sounds like it will be based on leveling up the Mystic artisan and identifying legendary items.
The current plan for transmogrification is to allow players both to change the look of their Legendaries, as well as to change the look of their gear to Legendaries they have previously identified.

With Transmogrification, we want you to be able to make your character look the way you want without having to worry about sacrificing stats or unique affixes. There may be times you acquire a really awesome looking Legendary, but it doesn't jive well with your build. If you managed to find it, we think you should be able to rock it while you slaughter demons in style.
Posted by: Alexandros

Is there any chance this could be a system of "vanity slots" though, instead of having to actually modify each piece of gear?

Transmogrifying items is attached to the individual item, and the current plan is to have it bind the item to your account. It's part of the "cost," so to speak. In addition, avoiding the use of vanity slots allows us to reduce player item management, as you don’t need to keep an item around for its appearance. Appearances will be unlocked either by leveling up the Mystic or, in the case of Legendaries, identifying the item. We feel this system is a bit more versatile as a result.

Posted by: nagzstarjan

Will this cost money? As in, dollars or gold.

Currently, the plan is that it will cost only gold (and using a Legendary appearance naturally costs a bit more). Of course, this is subject to change as development continues.

Posted by: Shirayukí

I am wondering if you will be planning on take the route that was taken by wow to let you transmog an item to look like one in the same slot that is not the same type.

Within reasonable limitations. Items that share similar animations can be Transmogrified, such as a 1-handed sword to 1-handed axe (which both have a swinging animation), but you cannot change a javelin (which has an overhead thrusting animation) into either.

Crusader Alignment
An interesting thought experiment tried to place all the Diablo III classes into the traditional alignment system from D&D. Nevalistis gave her perspective on how they would stack up, including the upcoming Crusader class.
Monk, Crusader: Chaotic Good
Barbarian, Wizard: Neutral
Demon Hunter, Witch Doctor: Chaotic Evil

Hm. I'd personally be thinking more:

Monk: Lawful Good
Crusader: Neutral Good
Barbarian, Demon Hunter: Chaotic Neutral
Wizard, Witch Doctor: True Neutral

I don't think any of the Nephalem are inherently evil. Perhaps some are a little morally nonplussed about how they go about saving the world, but ultimately they have good intentions.

Posted by: Gorvi

Will Crusaders be seeing more healing/support spells, or was oom the bane to other holy factions.

The intention behind the Crusader is more of a medieval, literal tank. I don't mean so much in the role of "tank," but in terms of an actual, mechanical, modern-day tank. Heavy armor, brutal mid-range artillery, and general militaristic bad-assitude are the themes you should associate with the Crusader.

Posted by: Gorvi

I know the crusader is going toward a grittier holy warrior feel, and they are starting to feel like the Spanish inquisition(here we go).

The real question is... do you expect them? On a serious note, Crusaders are pretty much the opposite of an "inquisition." Part of their reason for journeying to the East for a way to purge their faith of taint was because they were vehemently against the more inquisition like sects of the Zakarum. I covered that a little in this post, but I'm happy to provide further clarity. =)

Console Patches
The console editions of Diablo III are patched on their own schedule. As mentioned in this blue post, the PS3 version of Diablo III was recently patched with update 1.0.2; that patch has still not arrived for the Xbox 360.
Glad you found the conversation you needed for your achievement, Druschi. =)

To answer your question, we are patching and providing fixes to both console versions of the game. Because the platforms are inherently different, the process for providing and pushing these patches may occur at different times.

The latest patch notes for the PS3 version are available here and as we provide additional patches, we will post up similar notices in this forum.

Check back regularly for more blue posts. The newest Blizzard blue posts can always be seen in our Blue Post Tracker or via the RSS feed.
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