Josh Mosqueira Gathers Feedback on Trading in D3

Blizzard Blues on changes to 'black' weapon damage, Treasure Goblins, item hacks in console Diablo III, and more

Trading in Diablo III
Since the announcement that the Auction House will be removed from Diablo III, there have been many questions about what trading will look like after that. The game director of Diablo III, Josh Mosqueira, took to Twitter to get thoughts from the community about what trading in D3 means to them. That is one of the topics covered in recent Blizzard Blues posts, along with discussions about 'black' weapon damage, Treasure Goblin as elite monsters, and more.

Trading in Diablo III
Josh Mosqueira loves to provoke discussions about Diablo III, among the players and community. With the announcement of the removal of the Auction House next March from Diablo III, a lot of people have asked him questions about how trading will look after the Auction House is gone. He turned the question around yesterday on Twitter, to get thoughts from the community about how they view trading in the game. This is just the first question he will be asking on Twitter, so check out his Twitter feed for more, later on.

More Trading Discussions
The newest Diablo III community manager, Nevalistis, also delved into the gathering of feedback that is being done regarding the removal of the Auction House.
We’re very aware of the community's varied feedback regarding the decision to remove the Auction Houses from Diablo III. From the moment the announcement went live, we've been consistently monitoring what you all have had to say and passing that information along to key people throughout Blizzard. The most important part in providing this glimpse into your thoughts is making sure we get the whole picture: positive responses, constructive criticism, non-constructive criticism, concerns, questions, and suggestions. This is pulled from forum threads, social media posts, media articles, and fan site pages (with much more in between). We also make sure every region is included so we have a global look at what the community has to say. From there, your feedback is compiled and summarized so we can distribute it to all the folks involved with Diablo III, from development to the executives and other Blizzard branches.

So what are we, as a company, doing with that feedback? The community's reaction is an important component to daily development discussions, and you have so much to say that we’re not really done collecting it yet. You may have seen Josh’s tweets yesterday regarding the Auction House and trading in Diablo III. (If not, you should totally check them out and participate – it’s never too late to share your thoughts directly with the game’s director.)

We're discussing not only what you guys think, but what you'd like to see as a result of the Auction House retirement. Our plans are still evolving based on these conversations, and we’ll be sure to keep the community informed on “what’s next?” as everything starts to coalesce.

Black Damage in Loot 2.0
Wyatt Cheng has been stopping by the forums lately, and clarified that 'black' weapon damage will be changed on new weapons that drop once the Loot 2.0 patch lands, leading into the Reaper of Souls expansion. This already started with how elemental damage is applied to weapons in the console PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Diablo III. Along with his statement that all the skills will be updated to have similar proc rates for abilities like Life on Hit, and his earlier posts, we are seeing a fundamental redesign of nearly all of the underlying Diablo III systems.
Posted by Gewalt
black damage is apparently seen as a bug, but be careful what you ask for. Fixing that bug will greatly reduce the value/efffect of all +5% element affixes.

Interestingly enough, in the console version those have all been changed to Increase Elemental Damage by x%, instead of Add % to elemental damage.


Just wanted to confirm that we do indeed view this as a bug, but we want to be conservative about fixing bugs that result in a nerf to items people have already found.

The black damage bugs should be fixed for items that drop in Loot 2.0. The changes in console to Ad % to elemental damage are a reflection of this philosophy.

WIth the new emphasis on life on hit to stay alive, any word of returning some nerfed proc coefficients ...

We'll be doing a detailed tuning pass on all proc coefficients so Life On Hit and other effects work reliably across all skills. No single skill becomes the mandatory "go-to" because it's the only one that provides enough LoH to survive. Similarly we will ensure no skill's proc coefficient is too low to sustain you.

Rather than looking at things as buffs and nerfs to proc coefficients, think of it as the proc coefficients of skills being on equal footing with one another and the damage and healing of monsters is tuned against this baseline.

Console Diablo III Hacks and Item Duping
Since the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Diablo III do not have an online-only requirement, it is technically possible to duplicate or change items for characters on them. As Nevalistis points out, it is far more enjoyable to play the game with the items that are provided legitimately. The drops on the console versions of D3 are stronger and drop more often than on the current PC version. Console Diablo III players can comfortably build their gear sets and even get some of the Best Console Diablo III Items without feeling a need to get items from other players, or take shortcuts.
In order to bring Diablo III to consoles, we knew significant changes were going to be necessary to make the game accessible to the widest possible console audience. One of those changes was the option to play offline on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. A byproduct of this feature is that these save files don't require verification, which lets you jump straight into slaughtering the minions of Hell.

While exploring ways to discourage exploitative behavior is something we're continuing to do (so thank you for your reports), players appear to be enjoying their battles through Sanctuary and finding great loot along the way. Based on feedback we've received, we believe this experience has more value than simply copying another person's set of gear.

Treasure Goblins as Elites
The wily goblins throughout Sanctuary are considered Elite monsters, so the item bonus against Elite creatures does help versus them.
*flips open National Geographic: Sanctuary Edition*

Treasure goblins are highly trained professionals, specializing in the transportation of valuable goods throughout the dangerous lands of Sanctuary. They are particularly skilled at engaging evasive maneuvers when avoiding the hostilities of local Nephalem. Though the reward may be great, one must be cautious in approaching the timid and excitable Treasure Goblin, lest you find yourself guided through a gauntlet of dangerous elite packs.

In summary, yes, % Bonus Damage to Elites applies to Treasure Goblins. ;P

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