Diablo III Xbox Live Avatar Props Available

Diablo themed animated props can be purchased on Xbox Live

Xbox Live Avatar Props
The cosmetic console Diablo additions are continuing, with new Diablo themed animated props for Xbox Live avatars. Much like the t-shirts for avatars released a couple weeks ago, these are traditional extra goodies that are often made available for console games. Xbox Live users can choose between Tyrael Wings and a Treasure Goblin, as animated props for their Xbox Live avatar. Each item costs $5.00 each in the US, various amounts in the EU, or 400 MS Points.

For those of you who are all about battling the baddies of the Burning Hells on your Xbox 360, you can now show everyone you mean business (srs bsns) with two new Diablo III themed animated props for your Xbox Live avatar!

Tyrael Wings

Treasure Goblin

You cannot judge me! Let the hunt begin!

To pick up your Tyrael Wings or Treasure Goblin props today, head over to the Xbox Avatar Store. The Tyrael Wings can be equipped for €4.79 EUR (£3.39 GPB) and the Treasure Goblin for €4.79 EUR (£3.49 GPB), or 400 MS Points each.

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