Console Diablo III Patch 1.0.2 Nears Release

Blizzard Blues on delays in the Auction House, a console Diablo III patch, and Paragon 2.0 experience (Update)

Diablo III on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360
Blizzard is nearing release on patch 1.0.2 for the console versions of Diablo III. This game patch for the PS3 (or as it is called on the Xbox 360, a title update) will fix a number of bugs currently in the console Diablo III. The Console Known Issues List details the major bugs that have been found since the release of Diablo III on consoles. That is one of the topics covered in recent Blizzard Blue posts, along with ongoing problems in the Auction House on the PC Diablo III, and more details about the Paragon 2.0 system revamp.

Update October 1, 2013: Diablo III Console Patch 1.0.2 is now live on the PS3, but has not arrived on the Xbox 360.

Update October 15, 2013: The Console patch 1.0.2 is now live on the Xbox 360 as well.

Corrupted Save Games on Console D3
One console Diablo III issue that will be addressed in the upcoming console Diablo III patch is the corrupted save data and loss of data that can occasionally happen. Blizzard Technical Support has had a thread to collect data about the issue. That thread is now unstickied, with a blue post mentioning that the upcoming patch will contain fixes for this bug.
Hi Everyone,

I wanted to take a quick moment to give everyone an update on this and to thank you all for your incredibly detailed reports. The information you provided has been very helpful to us!

We have a few changes to how we handle saved data going into the next game patch/title update and these changes should help prevent some of the data loss we have been seeing. That said, data corruption can still rarely occur due to hardware failure, improper shutdown, or other issues related to console software and storage, and these factors are outside of our control.

As we are approaching the release of our 1.0.2 Patch/Title Update (still no exact date!) and have gathered all of the information we need on this, I am going to go ahead and unsticky this thread. I want to again stress just how helpful your reports were on this, and express the sincere appreciation of the Quality Assurance and Diablo III Development teams.

Thank you!

Auction House Delivery Delays
Over on the PC side of Diablo III, there are issues with the Auction House not delivering items promptly. Auction delays have been a regular issue with the Auction House; it is a tossup whether or not that will be fully resolved, before the Diablo III Auction Houses are removed entirely.

The official forum thread about how to handle auction delays was updated. It previously stated, "If you have still not received your items/gold/money after 5 days (120 hours) then please contact our Billing Department by submitting a support ticket". That has now been changed, with instructions to only submit a ticket after 10 days (240 hours) have passed, and that transactions may regularly be taking 8-10+ days longer than normal to process. Blizzard Support Forum Agent Araxom posted that the issue is being investigated.

Update: Araxom posted a new thread about the issue. Per a related reddit thread, no more tickets about this problem are needed at this time. Here is the new official sticky thread about the Auction House delivery delays; this will automatically update as Blizzard posts more info:
Update 9/27: Although there are still reports of excessive delays for some auctions, we've received many reports from those affected that these auctions in question are either finally going through, or returning the funds/gold/items. I will continue to update the thread as needed, but do ask that those intending to use the Auction House in the meantime remain aware of these issues noted below. Thank you!


Update 9/26 4:20PM PDT: The gold and real-money Auction Houses are again online. To everyone affected by these outages and delays: thank you for your patience! For more information about transactions which may yet still be currently be delayed, please check the previous updates.


Update 9/24 7:10PM PDT: Hello again everyone! Thanks for hanging in there until we could dig deeper into this.

We've found that, for a large number of auctions posted this past week, an error had occurred which caused these auctions to register as having successfully completed, when in fact they had not. The issue which was preventing these transactions from being recognized as having properly failed has now been resolved, so they should start to process out as normal. Note that these particular auctions which were excessively delayed may still appear as "completed" in-game for a few days. Any funds that were temporarily associated with these auctions, however, are not being held by Blizzard and will be released through the financial institution that was used in conjunction with these transactions.The release times for these payments can vary depending on which bank or credit card was used.

We again apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and thank you for your understanding.


Across the last week we’ve received a growing number of reports concerning excessive delays with both the Gold and Real Money Auction Houses. We’re currently investigating the situation, and will be sure to update this post as more information becomes available.

Thank you to everyone affected by these delays for your patience while we work to resolve this. We apologize for this inconvenience and will do everything we can to take care of this as soon as possible.

In the meantime, may your Treasure Goblins be plentiful and your enemies tremble before you.
Our investigation into the issue is ongoing, thanks everyone for your continued patience! At this time, even if your particular auction has exceeded 10 days, I would ask that you refrain from submitting a ticket as whatever is going on with any of the Auctions is likely related to this core issue. I will be sure to provide regular updates as we go along - if you have any change in the status of your auctions, please post that as well. Thank you!
Glad to see the good news. I'll be back after awhile to help clear up a few of these other transactions. Thanks again for hanging in there!
Hi Xus, more specific updates will be shared as I get them, in the meantime - quick shout to Demonic, in regards to the specific auctions made through your account: transactions ID#'s 1749390446, 1751126339, 1747091389, and 174654107.

Correction: The first two are now showing as having failed, the 389 and 107 transactions appear to still be processsing.

I will be sure to update the thread as more information becomes available. Thanks again everyone, I know that no one wants to wait - especially if you're not sure whether the transaction is going through.
Thanks for the update LI7L!
Good to know, Jeebz. Thank you!
Thanks for the update Six (and the others), I'm going to do my best to get back to the specific auction call-outs in this thread as soon as I am able within the next several hours here. As of now, I'm about to put up a new update, so I'll be back in a bit. Thanks again for your continued patience :)
Sure - I would ask that before posting back that you do check with the specific financial institution through which the purchases were made. In many of these cases, the funds were already returned even through the auction was displaying these as having been completed.
In regards to the following accounts' auctions (MacabreDV, Lucien, hitam, and Pockey): These auctions all appear to have failed (please keep in mind that due to the issues that occurred earlier in the week, these may not be displayed as such on your side).

Although I can't offer to audit each of the transactions that everyone is posting here, I am keeping my eye on the internal communications and have been speaking directly with the representatives who are dealing with Auction House inquiries. I will be sure to continue to post updates as they become available. Thanks again everyone!

Thanks for hanging in there - as we're currently addressing these issues at large, I won't be able to go through each individual auction, but I will check back with you as this develops. Thank you for your patience in the meantime :)
@Araxom, can you find out what's going on with my ring I sold on the RMAH?

Order ID is 1748976967.

Also, if the auction failed, does that mean the item is gone, or will it eventually be returned?

It doesn't look to me like the auction is going to process. Please keep watch over your completed items list if you haven't already received the item back. I'm continuing to make note of these specific types of auctions and will continue to provide updates as we go along.

@Nova, you're welcome to put in a support ticket with the transaction ID#'s. Please be aware though that due to the volume of tickets we have right now, it may take us some time to get back to you.
Hey Edan, thanks!

Indeed- I totally understand the frustration. Basically, as I understand it - there's two different things going on here: 1) we have auctions that failed (like both of yours have done, confirmed), but still show up on the player side as 'completed' and 2) auctions that are still taking longer, but on our side have a specific code saying something to the affect of 'under review' - auctions will typically have that message for as long as it takes for us to confirm the payment status and make sure all is well between buyer, seller, and appropriate payment systems. However - when that message is displayed for a prolonged period of time (we're talking over 5 days), this generally means that the auction is not going to process. When we have failed auctions like this, these are the ones that usually take about 10 days for our system to just give up on the transaction, and then items/gold/money are sent back, released via the financial institution, etc.

Bottom line is - we don't want you to wait, and as players have seen today, the AH has been getting more than a little punchy. I advise players to be aware that we may yet see further delays before this is through.
Hey Dasbean, I'll be happy to check back into the specific issue, but please be aware that because I am not at liberty to check each individual auction through the forums, it may take me some time to get back to you. Additionally, I ask that you refrain from making other threads regarding the AH at this time as we are aware of the aforementioned issues in this thread and are currently addressing those. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Edit: I see you have an open ticket regarding the issue- we will be responding momentarily.
@Dasbean we're going to do our best to help you get this resolved. Being that this original delay issue has caught us a bit by the wayside, I think that our response was likely compounded by that. Really, all I can say for now is to express my thanks for your patience - I have a approached a supervisor on your behalf as your situation is a spin on what I am directly dealing with. I will also stay apprised of your particular issue, although I am not in a position to rectify the issue directly.

@Leon - please see my above response - normally, I would have you put in a ticket, but being that the queues are as long as they are, you'll find the answer out one way or the other before we could likely respond. My best guess is that you fit into category 2 - please see above. If after some time passes you wish to post the transaction ID #'s I'll gladly to my best to let you know what I see.
@ Wubonk: That transaction ID# 1749702906 appears to be Category 1 (as I'm calling it) - showing up failed on our side, and if it looks like it's completed on your end was affected by the script we ran yesterday which helps the financial institutions involved to release the funds that were likely held. This is where it gets murky for me, and I apologize that I don't have more specific information - but as I understand it, Blizzard did not hold the funds for these specific purchases, but the funds were likely being held by the financial institutions that our system was in contact with.

Hopefully that makes sense. TLDR: (for those that were attempting to purchase items with real currency) If you don't have the money back, you'll be getting it- keep watch on your financial statement in the meantime.

@ Edan - The immediate reports I'm getting are that the AH is working much smoother now. Please take that with a grain of salt. I don't want to be unclear, but I can't predict the future. The AH has seen a lot of turbulence this week, and although we've brought the systems back online we may yet be still having to deal with further issues regarding these delays. I will do my best to keep my eyes and ears open in the meanwhile.
Hi all, hope your weekend was a happening thing! To all my Hardcore buds, hope you stayed alive and that your loots were mighty!

@MacabreDV and Spookstah - the auctions you've both referenced here do appear to have failed out.

@Harmless - it's likely an auction that was affected by the 'Category 1' delay that I was referring to earlier in the post. Without going through the whole explanation over again - suffice to say that there were auctions which failed but on the player side looked like they were processing. Funds, items, in game gold all would have been returned for those types of auctions last week. If you would like to submit a ticket with the specific auction ID# then we can give you a better idea of what's going on.

I'll be locking the thread now and removing the sticky as I won't be at liberty to offer audits for other auctions through this channel. As general rule of thumb, these auctions shouldn't take very long- but sometimes they do take a few days to process. In stranger cases where there is a more complicated issue with the payment systems, it can sometimes take up to ten days for the dust to settle on these issues. I don't want to dissuade you from contacting us if you have questions, but please realize that our support team will only be able to inform you the status of an auction as we see it - we are unable to force auctions through or speed the process up.

Thanks for your understanding, I hope you all have a great rest of the day and week. Cheers!
Brief update directed at the following players:

Bmber - all three of the transactions I see below have clearly failed:

tandy - the following have been stuck in review (category 2, as I was calling it - these should properly fail within the next few days but I would recommend holding off until you have confirmed that)

Fredbsd - Yours are listed on our side as failed

Nosus - Failed

rendich - Also, both failed

@ Maijuana & KittyMilk, please submit tickets with the inquiries regarding those auctions - I was unable to locate them, when you make the tickets please be sure to do so through the account(s) from which the auctions originated. Thanks!

General message: If anyone else is experiencing a delay in your own auctions that occurred from around the 17th through the 25th, please go through the thread to see if the information provided here applied to you. As much as I wish that I could remain on standby to provide checkups on all the auctions, I will be unable to do so expediently through this channel. If you find that even after waiting a full ten days that your auction is not resolved, you are welcome to reach directly out to us via the support portal.

Please be aware that due in part to the Auction House issue, our queues are experiencing their own delays, so it may take us some time to get back to you. I will continue to keep my eyes on the thread and will offer any updates should further info need to be posted.

I hope you all have an excellent weekend and that the loot gods smile favorably upon your Avatar!

Paragon Experience at Max Level
The Paragon 2.0 system will overhaul how the system works, and then the Reaper of Souls expansion will impact it even more. Travis Day posted a note, that was quoted and expanded on by Lylirra, about how Paragon experience will work in conjunction with the upcoming Diablo III expansion. Characters only gain experience towards Paragon when they are at max level. For characters without the expansion, max level is 60, while characters with the expansion need to reach level 70 before they can again gain Paragon experience.
Also, some more information from Travis. I'll be sure to add it to the compiled list in just a bit:

Posted by: Travis Day

Paragon experience is only earned when you are playing a character who is max level. If you are level 60 and paragon 100, when the expansion launches you will continue earning paragon experience in the new system. Once you have the expansion enabled your experience earned will take you from level 60-70 at which point it will again be added to your paragon level instead of character level.

For clarity (since I saw some confusion in the other thread):

- After Paragon 2.0 goes live, if you are level 60 and do not have the expansion enabled on your account, you will continue to earn Paragon experience in the new system. This is because you are still technically at the level cap.

- However, if you are level 60 and decide to enable the expansion on your account, you will stop earning Paragon experience. This is because the expansion increases the level cap to 70. Once you reach level 70, you will start to accrue Paragon experience again from where you left off.

So, basically: Only max-level characters will be able to earn Paragon experience. If you don't have the expansion, max-level = 60. If you have the expansion, max-level = 70.

The newest Blizzard blue posts can always be seen in our standard Blue Post Tracker, the Bugs and Tech Support Blue Tracker, or via the RSS feeds.
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