Blizzard Authenticator Issues for iOS 7 Upgrade

Steps to keep the Mobile Authenticator from resetting when upgrading an iPhone

The Mobile Authenticator is an app that can be installed to help protect your Blizzard account. The iOS version of that can potentially be accidentally reset when upgrading an iPhone to iOS 7, which is being released today by Apple. Blizzard has posted steps to take to keep that from happening.
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In just a few hours, Apple will be releasing the latest iOS update as well as the new iPhone. The upcoming iOS update may cause iPhone Mobile Authenticators to reset. When you update your phone's OS, we recommend taking any one of the following precautionary steps:

  • Write down your authenticator's Serial Number and Restore Code so that you may restore your authenticator to your phone after the OS update is finished. You may also wish to take a screenshot of this information.

  • Temporarily remove the authenticator before updating. Reattach the authenticator again once your iOS update is complete. You can remove the authenticator through our Web Chat option if necessary by contacting the Blizzard Support page and selecting > I have an issue managing my account > I want to remove my authenticator > Live chat. If Live Chat shows offline, refresh the web page and try again.

  • Update over Wi-Fi. iPhones that are updated over Wi-Fi rather than through a computer are less prone to accidental resets.
There have been reports of users upgrading to early test versions of iOS 7 with a Mobile Authenticator, without any problems. Any users with one may want to follow these steps to keep from having an accidental reset, which would keep them from being able to log into any Blizzard games.
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