Legendary Items Disappearing on Console Diablo III

Blizzard Blues about a bug that makes legendaries disappear, the Transmogrification system, and Paragon 2.0

There is a strange bug on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Diablo III, that can make legendary items seem to disappear in a character's inventory. Recent Blizzard Blues posts dealt with this issue, along with discussions of the upcoming Transmogrification system, and Paragon 2.0.

Legendary Items Disappearing on Console
A bug in the console versions of Diablo III can make legendary items invisible, once they have been picked up. The item is still there, it just can't be seen until the character's inventory is refreshed by visiting the stash, or reloading the game.
On the console version of the game it is sometimes possible for unidentified legendary items to not be visible in your inventory. The current workarounds are to either interact with your stash or exit the game and re-enter.

Items to Transmogrify
The Transmogrify system will be added in the Reaper of Souls expansion, as a new feature provided by the Mystic artisan. It will let characters change the appearance of their equipment, by copying the look of another item. Grimiku detailed new information about the system, in that players will just need to acquire an item once to get the "visual" of it. There will be a new UI that shows all the visuals that a character has collected, that can be chosen when Transmogrifying an item. The details are still being worked out; we don't know whether or not a character has to get an item themselves as a drop, or if they can just buy it off the Auction House, to get that "visual".
Posted by: Weedy

Are we gonna need the gear we want our current gear to look like in our stash or there will be a void storage ? or is there going to be a full list of all items you have acquired at least once, even if you dont have it anymore that you can choose from ?

We know inventory space is precious, so you won't be required to keep the "visual" item in order to use it's appearance. Instead, you'll unlock the item's appearance across all Normal (or Hardcore) characters on the account once you've picked it up. Any item appearance that's been unlocked will be stored in the transmogrification UI.

Hardcore and Paragon 2.0
The Paragon system will be revamped in the Loot 2.0 patch. Paragon experience gained in hardcore mode will stay on the account, providing a bonus to all hardcore characters even if the character that earned it dies and is no longer available to play.
The new Paragon system is very forgiving for Hardcore character death, and Paragon levels will be stored on the account rather than on a specific character. A max level character will earn Paragon experience for the account (which all of the characters on that account would benefit from), but if that character is deleted (or killed in Hardcore) all of the Paragon experience they gained remains on the account. It's still separated by Normal and Hardcore modes, though, so you're Normal mode Paragon levels won't benefit your Hardcore characters.

Items on Ground Disappearing
As detailed by a technical support Blizzard Blue, items that are left on the ground in Diablo III can disappear once the character leaves that area. It is important to pick up any items that you want, before you leave!
If you left the world where these items had dropped and entered another world (basically, if you moved to another location that required you to view a loading screen), then any items left on the ground can absolutely disappear. At this time we do not consider this to be a bug.

This functionality may change in the future, but for the time being I would strongly suggest that you pick up any items you wish to keep as soon as possible after they drop.

Malthael the Villain
A lore discussion brings out a blue post about the Archangel Malthael, who is the villain in the upcoming Reaper of Souls expansion. Malthael doesn't think of himself as a villain - he is trying to finish the Eternal Conflict by defeating anyone who has a remnant of demonic power in them.
Posted by: Jortalus

Malthael seems more like a more neutral sort of character. He isn't strictly good or strictly evil; I believe his motive is to destroy all demons. It just so happens that the Nephalem are half-demons as well as half-angels. He didn't kill Tyrael because Tyrael is not a demon.

You've got a pretty good point! We'll have to wait for the expansion to get all of the details, but here is the basic premise for Malthael's motivation. The Lords of Hell are no longer a threat, and the Prime Evil has been defeated. Humans are the descendents of angels and demons, and are now the most powerful demonic force left. If Malthael can quickly strike them down, then the Eternal Conflict will be over, and the Angels will be victorious.

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