Mystic Enchanting Provides Stat Choices

Info from developer Wyatt Cheng on the new Enchanting system, and other Blizzard Blues

Reaper of Souls - The Mystic Returns
The Enchanting system in the upcoming 'Reaper of Souls' expansion will let a player choose the new stat on an item that is enchanted. In some recent Blizzard Blues posts, Diablo III developer Wyatt Cheng provided new information about how the Enchanting system will work, provided by the Mystic artisan.

Enchanting System Details
Posts by both Lylirra and Wyatt Cheng delved into the Enchanting system, currently under heavy development. The system is designed so a player can take an item to the Mystic, and have a specific stat rerolled for a gold cost. There will be a list of stats that can be chosen, to replace the current stat on the item, and the player can choose which of those randomly rolled stats he wants to put on the item. Like much of the Reaper of Souls system content, this is under development and may be changed before it is released.
The way enchanting works right now (which, bear in mind, may change as we continue internal testing and receive feedback) is that you'd get to choose which affix you re-roll. So the process would be something like: visit Mystic --> select affix to re-roll --> get randomly-generated list of new affixes --> chose single affix from list --> pay material cost --> old affix replaced with new affix --> profit. The plan, at the moment at least, is to make an item account-bound if it's enchanted.

We're still tinkering with the actual costs and mechanics, as well as some remaining niggly details (like can you re-roll the same affix over and over? should the costs scale with each affix you re-roll? if yes, how much? etc) which is why we haven't done a grand reveal of the Mystic just yet.
Hey that's cool, instead of just a direct reroll of some crap affix then stuck with a worse item like 'why did I ever do this..' you'll be selecting your own fate? Sweet, now the devs are using their thinking caps when it comes to items!

We'll see how everything pans out, but that's just the current thinking. As with all features in game development, it's very likely enchanting will undergo some changes before it ships (for various reasons: feedback, technical issues, balance issues, etc). I just wanted to share an idea of how this particular service of the Mystic might feel and maybe even generate some discussion on the topic. :)
Posted by: Dispirit

i'd like to learn more about the "randomly generated list of new affixes". What will they include?

No details to share right now! I'm totally going to be "that guy" and encourage you to stay tuned. (I know, I know. At least I didn't drop a "soon," right? :P)
Exactly how re-rolling properties on Legendaries work is likely to change before we're done, so we shouldn't get into too much detail yet there. That said, consider the point taken that being able to go from a "special" property to a "normal" one as a one-way operation without ever being able to return would be less than desirable.

One small correction to what Lylirra said earlier. You pay the costs before you see the randomly generated enchanting options.
There still needs to be an element of "random" involved as well as limitations for this system to work. Otherwise literally every single person would be running around with godly gear in no time.

Random element: the list of replacement stats.
Limitation: The cost and/or amount of re-rolls we can perform.

The Mystic should and will be a supplementary factor of itemization, not something that replaces the actual hunt for loot aka the whole name of the game.

This is spot on.

We are still iterating heavily on the system, so the exact details may vary from what we talk about today, so let's talk about our values. By focusing on our design values, even if the exact implementation changes, you''ll be able to see our intent and what's important to us. Here are some of our design values for enchanting:

Value: It's important for the actual hunt for the loot to still matter
How enchanting supports this: As currently designed, you are only allowed to reroll ONE property on an item. In this way, each item can only be changed so much from it's original state. This allows enchanting to feel meaningful, while still allowing lots of room for players to resume hunting for an even better "base item" to enchant into an even better item.

Value: We want this to be a meaningful end-game sink
How enchanting supports this:
1. As previously mentioned, all items that are enchanted will be bound to account
2. Even though you are allowed to reroll only ONE property, you can reroll that property over and over. For example, suppose an item has 200 str, 200 vit, 80 res all, +1200 Life on Kill and +400 Life on Hit. You might choose to reroll the +1200 Life on Kill and get +87 Hitpoints per second. You can then reroll the +87 Hitpoints per second and get +4 gold pickup radius. You can reroll the "mutable" stat as many times as you want, but the other 4 stats (200 str, 200 vit, 80 res all and +400 Life on Hit) are now "locked in" and cannot be rerolled.
3. We want to ensure enchanting is meaningful on Legendary items. We are working hard to make sure Legendary items are awesome. If we want enchanting to be a meaningful end-game sink, it needs to work on the best items in the game. It has not yet been determined whether this means you can enchant the "guaranteed" properties of a Legendary, or if you can only reroll the "random" properties of a Legendary. This aspect of the design is still under iteration but at the end of the day we want enchanting Legendary items to be worthwhile.

Value: We want to avoid "Buyer's Remorse"
How enchanting supports this: Have you ever played an RPG with an enchanting system that sometimes randomly made the item worse? Since we're allowing the result to be random, it's possible that your choices for enchanting are worse than the property you're replacing. Oftentimes this can lead to a feeling of dread when you begin the enchanting process. Or maybe you re-enchant the item over and over hoping to at least get something better than what you started but you get unlucky and run out of money or reagents before you get a good roll! To mitigate this, when we present you the list of options one of the options is ALWAYS the original property. So if you don't like the new options you can always choose to keep the old one. Now you can enchant with peace-of-mind.

Standard disclaimer. Enchanting is a work-in-progress. Expect it to change before it's done, but this is a glimpse at the current state.
One small correction to what Lylirra said earlier. You pay the costs before you see the randomly generated enchanting options.

Thanks sir! (OP has been updated.)

Posted by: KirusAlufras

I think the answer is yes, if I did not hear it wrong, Josh said on the Gamescom presentation.

Correct. Sockets are a possible affix that can be re-rolled onto an item (at least currently).

Console Loot versus Loot 2.0
The drops on the console version of Diablo III are generally better than the PC version, with both higher stats on the items, and more class-appropriate drops. Lylirra talks about how the two systems compare, and the changes that are still under development for the massive Loot 2.0 patch. The console version may seem better right now, in that regard, but the PC version is still the lead platform, and will see big improvements with that eventual patch.
I see everyone on streams and elsewhere saying the console has loot 2.0

I don't recall blizzard ever saying this is the loot system we on PC will be getting. Can i get a link if a blizzard employee or rep ever said that? Or can i have confirmation that the console loot system is completely different from the upcoming patch's system?

Nah, it's not exactly the same nor is it completely different. Let me explain that further, though, since that's kind of a vague statement.

So, in the console version, items will drop less frequently, but will typically be of higher quality. There's a chance that when a white or gray item drops, that it will be automatically converted to gold too. These changes were made to help manage the flow of gameplay and keep players in the midst of combat (and out of their inventory screens) as much possible. Inventory management is a little more difficult on the console version than it is on the PC, where you have a mouse to quickly navigate through menus, so this was a pretty key tweak for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Crafting materials and costs were adjusted, as well, to accommodate for the fact that trading components isn't as easy on console as it is PC. Similarly, stats on crafted items were boosted to help smooth the leveling curve and ensure that players could reliably find upgrades.

Some of these adjustments are changes we'd like to make to PC, but many of them were inspired by plans we already had for improving itemization as a part of Loot 2.0 (for example, smart drops, Legendary items that can drop at all levels, and the whole "less, but better" strategy). The console team literally took elements of Loot 2.0 and added them to the PS3 and Xbox 360 experience, and then made some additional changes they felt best suited the console environment and playstyle.

Someone already asked in a different thread why we couldn't just get the changes that were added to console implemented for PC on their own right now, rather than waiting for Loot 2.0. That's a fair question and does relate to your original concern, so I've quoted it below (because, hey, why not make a long post longer):

Posted by: Lylirra

Something to keep in mind is that, not only does Loot 2.0 encompass a larger number of changes than those made for the console version, but it's also intended to complement other system updates that will likely have an affect on the item game, things like skill re-balancing, Paragon 2.0, and the addition of features like Loot Runs and Nephalem Trials (which are still in development, too). While we could implement some things here and there in a very piecemeal fashion, in the end it makes more sense--to us, at least (we understand if you might disagree)--that all the components of Loot 2.0 ship together, since they're so closely connected and are ultimately intended to support and build off one another. This does mean more of a wait, which we know isn't the perfect scenario for a lot of players, but it also means that, when Loot 2.0 does ship, it should be a much more fleshed out and complete experience than if various features were implemented on their own.

Also, since we use staggered development (meaning, the PC and console games more or less have separate teams and development cycles), though, it's possible that one game will receive changes before another. Over time, which game that is may switch back and forth depending on where each is in its development cycle. Even so, PC is the lead platform.

So, again: not completely the same, not completely different. The changes made to console contain elements of Loot 2.0, but the experience isn't identical nor is it as comprehensive (also keep in mind that some tweaks were specific to console and are not currently planned for PC).

Hope that helps!
Posted by: Menacetech

Thank god someone else said it. Staggered dev.. How long did you claim there were entirely separate dev teams? The lies, and misleading information is endless with you community managers.

They are separate teams, which is why we're able to do staggered development (i.e. PC development cycles and console development cycles are also separate, and PC development is not dependent on console development [console development is dependent on PC development to a degree, however, since PC is the lead platform]).

New Crafted Legendaries?
The Loot 2.0 patch will bring a lot of new and revamped legendary items. Going into the expansion, there might also be new crafted legendaries, and Vaeflare asks what type of crafted legendaries players would like to see.
Posted by: JudgeDredLox

I'm curious, since it's been said they're revamping ALL legendaries, if crafted legendaries are included in the patch/expansion discussion? I don't know if anyone's asked this already, and if they did, if it got any solid answers.
We’ve certainly discussed the possibility of adding in some new craftable Legendary items into the expansion, but we don’t have any concrete plans just yet.

What kind of Legendary items would you like to be able to craft? If you had full control over the system, how would you want that process to work?

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