Console D3 Patch in the Works for Vitality Exploit

Blizzard Blues on a console armor set bug, and the Diablo III difficulty levels on console

A bug on the console versions of Diablo III is giving permanent Vitality buffs to console D3 characters, and a patch will be soon deployed to fix it. That is one of the console topics that was under discussion recently by the Blizzard Blues.

Vitality Diablo III Console Exploit
The bug giving permanent boosts to Vitality involves two pieces of the Blackthorne's Armor set. The reported items used were the console version of Blackthorne's Surcoat chest armor and Blackthorne's Spurs boots, although other items in that set might also do the trick. Apparently just logging out with those two items equipped, makes the +100 Vitality 2-piece set bonus stay permanently on the character. This can be done over and over, to gain thousands of extra Vitality points, providing a massive health boost. It sounds like Blizzard was already aware of the issue before it was publicly reported, as they have a fix made and will be pushing it out shortly to the consoles. We'll see how the patching process works for such fixes on the console versions of Diablo III, when that patch arrives.
Hi All,

Thank you for the reports of this issue. We have indeed confirmed that this is present in the current Console builds, and a fix has been created and planned for deployment in the near future.

Thanks again!

Console Difficulty Levels
The console versions of Diablo III have a system for increasing monster strength and density, which is similar to the Monster Power system on the PC version, but not identical. There has been some confusion over just what the difficulty levels mean, and Grimiku clarified that the first three difficulties (Easy, Medium, and Hard) do not provide any boost in Experience, Gold Find, or Magic Find. It seems like the most best console Diablo III strategy for fast leveling is to run on Easy mode until characters have stronger gear, then jump up to one of the Master difficulties.

(Note that this is totally separate from the Normal, Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno difficulties, that control the levels of the monsters and what they drop. These multiple systems can be a bit confusing, when first learning the Diablo III game lingo.)
Posted by: ZAX

Is it 100% stated that your M/F and G/F(or that drops aren't increased) find isn't boosted on normal and hard? There is a post from blizzard that states that Easy is MP0, Normal is MP2, Hard is MP4 etc...

I know there is some confusion on the forums about how Easy, Normal, and Hard modes affect adventure stats, so I'm going to try and help clear that up. Those modes (Easy, Normal, and Hard) do not alter Magic Find, Gold Find, or XP Bonus in any way, and are just there so players can adjust the difficulty to their liking.

Once you're ready to handle something more challenging than Hard difficulty, however, those bonuses quickly ramp up. Here's what you can expect from Master I - Master V difficulties.

Master I: +60% Magic Find, +60% Gold Find, +120% XP Bonus
Master II: +70% Magic Find, +70% Gold Find, +140% XP Bonus
Master III: +80% Magic Find, +80% Gold Find, +160% XP Bonus
Master IV: +90% Magic Find, +90% Gold Find, +180% XP Bonus
Master V: +100% Magic Find, +100% Gold Find, +200% XP Bonus

Different Skills on Console Diablo III
With the many tweaks to the skills on the console versions of Diablo III, compared to the PC version, some skills may have different popularity between the different game systems. (Our own charts of the Most Popular Builds are based off of data from PC Diablo III characters, and some of those builds may end up with different popularity levels on the console versions.) Grimiku mentions AOE spells as possibly being more interesting or powerful in the console versions of the game.
Posted by: Mercy

So I was just wondering, for those of you who have played the PC version and are now playing the console version, are there any skills you didn't use on the PC version that, for whatever reason, you're using on the console?

This is a great question, and I'm curious what other players have to say about skill changes they've made when swapping from PC to console. The camera on the console is pulled in a little bit more, and I've found that a lot of the area of effect spells, like Grasp of the Dead, are a little more interesting and valuable as a result.

Transitioning from PC to Console D3
Switching from the PC to a console version of Diablo III means relearning the game, a little bit. The drops are currently better on the console, as the game is designed for players to mainly find their own gear, without an Auction House to rely on for acquiring items. The Loot 2.0 patch will bring better drops and improved legendaries, among many other changes, to the PC version of Diablo III.
Posted by: Jeeto

Honestly only thing I'm worried about is with no auction house would gear be really tough to find and would playing alone be any fun?

I haven't seen a lot of players reporting that it was a difficult transition from PC to console, but getting used to the new menu system can take a little time. I think Diablo III plays best as a multiplayer game, but that is a personal preference. It's easy to join public games or create your own, so it shouldn't be a problem to play coop if you decide that's what you prefer. As far as loot goes, most players are saying they're finding upgrades at a reasonable rate, and some would argue they find upgrades to quickly, so I wouldn't worry about that. I hope some of this helps you decide if you want to play Diablo III on console, but I think the bottom line is you should go with whatever platform you're comfortable with. Good luck!

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