Square Enix to Release PS3 Diablo III in Japan

Diablo III will be localized for Japan, and released on the PS3 in 2014

Square Enix Extreme Edges
Diablo III is coming to Japanese consoles, courtesy of Square Enix. Blizzard Entertainment is working with Square Enix's Extreme Edges publishing division, to fully localize the game and publish it in Japan on the PS3, with a release date in 2014.

Diablo III is localized and sold on the PC in a number of other Asian markets, but the game has not been available in Japanese. The Extreme Edge division of Square Enix has published other Western games, and will be providing a full localization effort for Diablo III.

This Japanese localization is scheduled to be released only on the PlayStation 3 console. The Xbox 360 console has not sold well in Japan, so it may not be worth it to bring a localized version to that console.

According to the official Diablo III Console FAQ, the console version of Diablo III will eventually be available in South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia.
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