Crusaders Can Play With Non-Expansion Characters

Blizzard Blues on the two versions of Diablo III playing together, Enchanting specifics, and more!

Crusader from Reaper of Souls
Once the Reaper of Souls expansion is released, players who don't have the expansion will be able to play alongside those who do have it, including the new Crusader class characters. The Blizzard Blues delved into that topic, along with info about how the new enchanting system will work, gear upgrades after the Loot 2.0 patch, and the followers and artisans in Reaper of Souls.

Playing Without the Expansion
Players who have Reaper of Souls can play right alongside characters who don't own it, at least in the first four Acts. This means that Crusader characters will be able to play in the same games as characters that are on accounts without the expansion. Any Diablo III player will have to purchase the expansion in order to go into Act V, or roll their own a Crusader character.
You'll still be able to play Diablo III with players who don't own Reaper of Souls, but there is some content that will be restricted, like Act V and the Nephalem Trials found there. We'll be able to share more info on this as time rolls on, and the details get ironed out.

Enchanting and Transmogrification
The Mystic artisan will be added in the Reaper of Souls expansion. She provides the ability to copy the look of one item to another, via a transmogrification process. She can also reroll the stat on an item. The specifics of exactly how both of those features work, and their cost, is still being determined.
I hope i'll get an answer for this: should trans/enchanted items will be account bound or sellable through ah? would like to be BOA

Still TBD on whether enchanting will bind an item. Currently thinking yes, but that may change as development continues.

For transmog, also still TBD. Currently, you just unlock appearances and apply those appearances to items via the Mystic UI.

quick ?. If I keep a rare ilvl 43 item and reroll an affix on it, does the item upgrade to ilvl 70?

Currently, only the item affix would roll at your character's level. The iLvl itself wouldn't change.

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Reaper of Souls for Console
As noted in the recent console developer interview, there is no confirmation yet about bringing the Reaper of Souls expansion to the console versions of Diablo III.
us peeps on the console forum are wondering if we will ever see ROS for 360 or PS3. Be nice to know before we for over $60 bucks.

No details to share right now. The devs would love to bring ROS to console, but that's not yet confirmed.

Paragon 2.0
There are a lot of questions about Paragon 2.0, and many of those are still being worked through.
We plan on sharing more information in the coming weeks about Paragon 2.0, but not everything about it has been finalized. We'll make sure that everyone's concerns are brought up, though, and we'll let you know more about how experience will transfer from the current system as soon as we're able to.

When the time comes we will be converting your total Paragon experience into the Paragon 2.0 system, as opposed to a direct level to level transfer. However, there are a lot of details about the transition that still need to be finalized before we're ready to talk about them all. We definitely plan on talking more about it in the future, so keep an eye out for those updates.

New Classes in Reaper of Souls
The Crusader is the only new class being added in RoS. There will be at least one Necromancer NPC who relates to the Diablo II class, though.
Posted by: Fenaeris

Really hope that translates to "No new class but we're totally bringing back the Necromancer because reasons."
If you're keen to see what the Necromancer has been up to since the events of Diablo III, you'll be pleased to know that you'll have the opportunity to meet up with him once more in Reaper of Souls!

Also as Josh Mosqueira stated the interview with King Konger and elsewhere, we do not currently have any plans to add another class to the expansion. We feel the Crusader class is a truly epic, and fitting addition to Reaper of Souls, and we're excited to share more about it with you in the months ahead. :)

Posted by: Allister

If you read this article from they interviewed Josh Mosqueira on Aug. 25th and they said the Necromancer will play a role as either a NPC or possibly a playable character. But we will not know anything until Blizzcon so it is still speculation about using the necromancer as a character but they will have some sort of role.

Vaeflare confirmed it earlier, but there is no harm in saying again. You'll get a chance to meet a familiar necromancer npc, but the only additional playable class in Reaper of Souls is the Crusader. We'll have more information to share about the Crusader in the coming months, but this armored, battle-worn, veteran will be a mighty addition to hero roster of Diablo III.

Loot 2.0
The Loot 2.0 patch will bring a dramatic overhaul of the drops in Diablo III. There will be many legendary items that provide boosts to specific skills, and encourage making builds based around those skills. There were numerous blue posts and tweets about some of the changes coming in the Loot 2.0 overhaul.
Loot 2.0 is still in progress, and we'll be sharing more details as things develop. In the meantime we will be gathering feedback, and making sure your concerns are brought up. While on the subject, though, I'd like to point out that a single Legendary may or may not be enough to change your build, but it's important to take into consideration that it's likely that you'll have multiple Legendary items. Personally, I have an easier time imagining some interesting alternative mechanics when I think about multiple Legendary item effects working at once. Just something to think about while we wait for more information about Loot 2.0.

Loot 2.0 is following a "less is more" philosophy and I think that a lot of people will find that it will feel like a nice improvement to the game. That being said, we should never forget that this is a Diablo game, which means that it is about hunting for loot and as such the loot will never stop dropping :-)

As in the previous Diablo games, gear upgrades will become less frequent over time as your character progress and acquires better and better gear. At some point around the time when your character is all maxed out and fully equipped with great legendaries, you will be more likely to find a good sidegrade than a good upgrade, but thanks to loot 2.0 as well as the Mystic, you will have some more interesting options to adjust and improve your gear.

Once loot 2.0 is out, drops will be less "spammy" than they are currently, and the loot that will drop will more likely be something that you can find some use for, even if it is just for enchanting or transmogrification.
what do you think about most of our current gear we are having atm will they be vendor trash after loot 2.0 ? not sure what to do.

Vendor trash? Hmm, probably not. (You're thinking of what happens w/WoW expacs?) It's possible you'll find upgrades via drops, tho.

There will be a new iLvl, yes (because that makes the most sense w/raising the lvl cap). Currently, it's 70, tho, not 73.

Yeah, I've been wondering, it'd be a shame if they're worth X gold today and will be worth almost nothing in the future.

Prices tend to fluctuate, sure. In terms of power, tho, gear shouldn't become worthless overnight to your heroes.

I just don't like the WoW Exp ilvl jump where you replace so fast. Will existing legendaries roll 67-70 like they roll 60-63 now?

Definitely a different situation than WoW. Or should be! Still lots of testing to do. :)
in loot 2.0 are they addressing affix issues such as rolling intelligence on a mighty belt? That is a big problem and disappointing

This was one of the major talking points of Loot 2.0. Items indeed have a chance to be stat-targeted to your hero's class.

More Character Slots
The developers would like to add 2 more character slots, to allow enough space for one each of the classes as both male and female.
Josh Mosqueira was asked if the expansion would add more character slots, and he said he would like to offer at least two additional slots, but currently didn't have any details to share. We'll be sure to let everyone know what to expect as soon as we're able to.

Console D3 Surprises
The console version of Diablo III is being released next Tuesday, for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Grimiku discussed some of the different aspects of it, compared to the PC version, that might be "surprising" for players who are not familiar with the changes.
Posted by: Kilometer

Will there going to be a surprise for console D3 for PC gamer or it will be the same?

You'll notice a few significant changes in the console version of Diablo III, like the Azmodan and Belial fight, loot drops, and Nephalem globes, but the game (in essence) is largely the same. I don't think there will be any major surprises, if you've been following Diablo III console news closely.

Posted by: ArmorVil

Is there a colored marker at your character's feet when playing solo (or online) ? I hope not. And do you also have the option, when you die, to "resurrect at your corpse", like in multiplayer ?... ...I wish this option also existed in the PC version by the way - the checkpoint system when resurrecting is a bit annoying.

The console version of Diablo III uses colored character icons to help identify your hero in group play where lots of special effects are happening all at once, but they don't appear in single player mode since it isn't as much of an issue. You will, however, be able to resurrect at your corpse in a single player game, so that you can get right back into the action as quickly as possible.

Posted by: Zyrz

Seeing as we will all be starting with a fresh account. What are peoples thoughts on a first class purely from an efficiency standpoint of farming gear?

I'm not worried about farming efficiency on the console version, because the drop system is more lenient. I think I'll be content with the upgrades I find while playing at a relaxed pace. However, the action on the console feels very engaging, and I'm going to play that up by starting with a Monk. I don't normally play that class on the PC version, so I'm really looking forward to it.

can you comment if the item system on console is similar to loot 2.0?

Yes and no. Less loot drops, smart drops are implemented to a degree, and crafted items have been improved.

Nephalem Valor System
Many of the game systems in Diablo III are under discussion and may be changed. The Nephalem Valor system hasn't been talked about much, but apparently it is being considered for changes, as well.
Has there been any discussion on changing the way NV works? Current system is restrictive, denies build experimentation.

Some discussion, yes. Absolutely! No changes have been finalized though. :)

Commas in AH and Trade
Another verification that there will indeed be commas added, to the Auction House and Trade windows in Diablo III.
Could you please confirm that a decimal will be added for items we are adding to auction house or trade window in game?

We indeed have plans to add commas in the Trade and Auction House UI.

Followers in Reaper of Souls
There may be some changes in store for the followers and artisans, in the Reaper of Souls expansion.
just 3 simple qns. hope You can reply to it :)
1. Any new followers?
2. followers new max lvl = 70?
3. any unique follower items?

1) No new followers; we're expanding the stories of the existing ones, though. Time to learn more about Covetous Shen!
2) I believe followers will have a new level cap, too. Don't think it's 70; will have to double-check.
3) None that I know of any off-hand, but our designers are still in the process of creating lots of items. So, TBD!

Malthael's Motivations
The villain of Reaper of Souls is Malthael, the former Angel of Wisdom who is now the Angel of Death. Vaeflare talks a bit about the possible motivations for such a being.
The writers better find a good reason behind Malthael's change of heart. Because death in itself isn't evil. Death is a natural event, it is the outcome of life. It defines what life is. It isn't evil. Malthael could be the angel of Death and still be part of the council.

They better not pull off another lame storyline à la Deckard Cain...
While you'll have to wait awhile longer yet to experience the story of Reaper of Souls firsthand, I'd highly recommend checking out Diablo III: Book of Tyrael if you're interested in finding out a bit more about what happened between Diablo III and Reaper of Souls.

As far as Malthael it's not really a change of heart. As before, he wants to see an end to the Eternal Conflict and for angels to be victorious. The thing is, now that the Lords of Hell have been dealt with and the Prime Evil has been defeated, in Malthael's eyes, that leaves one remaining demon faction to be dealt with: humans.

In essence, since humans are descended from the mingling of angels and demons, to Malthael that means that they are actually the largest and most powerful demon faction still in existence. As such, they inherently represent a threat to angels, and Malthael intends to extinguish them and end the Eternal Conflict once and for all.

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