Nephalem Trials and Paragon Points Detailed

More specifics about a new Diablo III event, and the Paragon 2.0 system

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Nephalem Trials are one of the new game events that are coming to Diablo III. The game director Josh Mosqueira detailed how they will work, in a recent interview with the streamer Athene. Here are some of the highlights from the interview:
  • Nephalem Trials will show up as portals that characters find when they are out adventuring. They show up randomly throughout the world, you never know where you are going to find one.
  • The Nephalem Trials are challenge-based encounters. Some of them feature wave after wave of monsters. The more waves that the character clears, the more rewards they get.
  • Based on how well a character does in a Nephalem Trial, they will be rewarded a certain number of Resplendent Chests at the end.
  • It sounds as if there may be other types of Nephalem Trials, with different types of challenges.
Nephalem Trials are one of the upcoming additions to Diablo III, that will likely to be added in the Loot 2.0 patch. Along with a number of other features, it will not require purchasing the Reaper of Souls expansion.

Paragon 2.0 Details
The Paragon 2.0 system will also be part of that big patch before the expansion. Once the patch lands, the experience that level 60 characters have earned towards Paragon Levels will be converted into new levels that provide Paragon Points. As seen in the screenshot here, the Paragon Points can be assigned to provide boosts to each character on the account.

Paragon 2.0
From the details in the video, here are the stats that can currently be increased with Paragon Points, in each of the 4 main categories:
  • Core: Intelligence; Strength; Dexterity; Vitality
  • Attack: Attack Speed; Critical Strike Chance; Critical Strike Damage; Cooldown Reduction
  • Defense: Health %; Resist All; Armor; Dodge Percent
  • Utility: Movement Speed; Gold Pickup Radius
We know from the previous official statements that players will be able to reset the Paragon Points on their characters, although the cost and details about exactly how that will work, is still being determined.

Jump past the break for a transcript of the full interview with the Diablo III game developers, along with a video of Athene as he tries out the Crusader class at gamescom.

The video starts with the interview between the developers and Athene. It continues with Athene playing the Crusader class demo and looking at the new Paragon Points system.

Here's the full transcript of the interview with the Diablo III game director Josh Mosqueira, and the art director Christian Lichtner.

Diablo III Developer Interview
Athene at gamescom 2013
Nephalem Trials
Q: Can you you guys say anything about Nephalem Trials?
Josh Mosqueira: It was one of the things we were actually going to talk about in our presentation, and I just forgot to mention it. So what are Nephalem Trials? These are little portals that you're going to step into, and we've created some really cool challenge-based encounters. Like some of them, you're going to face wave after wave of monsters, and depending how quickly you can kill all those monsters, you'll be rewarded with a number of Resplendant Chests.

Q: Will the waves get harder and harder as you progress?
Josh Mosqueira: Yeah, for sure. One of the things we wanted -- we call them Nephalem Trials for a reason. There's a story context behind them, these are sort of trials that Nephalem left to challenge each other, to make sure they were the best they could be. We really wanted to create sort of moments of gameplay that would change up the experience for the player. First of all, you never know where you're going to find them, because they sort of randomly spawn in the world. When you find one, the idea is that they're escalating to a point. Your challenge is: how far can you progress in the time that you have?

Q: Is there anything about PVP? I know you're probably keeping some things for BlizzCon to announce.
Josh Mosqueira: We have some really cool things coming up for BlizzCon. But for right now, PVP is not something that we're going to be announcing. We're sort of in those stages of experimenting. We really want to try to find the right way to express PVP in a game like Diablo.

Q: Will PVP be part of the expansion pack?
Josh Mosqueira: Right now, nothing to announce. But the minute we figure it out, the minute we say, "Yes, this feels like this is an awesome PVP moment for Diablo" - you guys in the community will be the first to know, I promise.

Act V
Q: Act V has been announced. Gameplay wise, is it comparable to the previous acts; is it much longer?
Christian Lichtner: I think size-wise, Act V is similar to maybe Act II in Diablo III. However, it's really a chance for us to be much darker, because we're fighting Malthael as the Angel of Death. You have the Crusader, who's really one of the classes we're super excited about. Because quite frankly, we have 5 classes that are really awesome, but we were missing that one component that was basically a heavy armored class, they have a shield, the flails. For us, that was really exciting. In Act V, everything sort of ties into the darker theme, the Gothic look of Westmarch. You have the Western European influences, for us that's really exciting. I think players are really going to enjoy it.

Other Acts in Reaper of Souls
Q: Are there plans for redesigning any of the previous acts with the expansion pack, to make changes to the quests or anything? Or are they being left intact?
Josh Mosqueira: We aren't going to make sort of big sweeping changes to the quests, but we want it to feel - one of the awesomey things we're adding is the Crusader. Which means you're going to start at level 1, in Act I. So we want to make sure that as you're playing it, you're encountering a lot of the new systems, the new things that we're adding. Again, if you're playing the Crusader, there's all new coversations with your Followers and some really good banter. But again, when you load up Reaper of Souls, and you're playing the Crusader, you're going to feel that things have changed.

Christian Lichtner: There's some new additions to the other classes, as well. People who have already played previous classes will have some new things to work with. For us one of the biggest things that we're really excited about, is the end-game. As Josh was explaining in the announcement, an end-game for everyone. The Loot 2.0, we have Loot Runs. The Mystic is a completely new Artisan, you can enchant and transmogrify your items. The act itself is just an additional act, but the entire game adds a lot more hours of gameplay overall.

Another Class?
Q: Are there any plans for releasing another class besides the Crusader?
Josh Mosqueira: The Crusader is the star of the hour with Reaper of Souls.

Reaper of Souls Release
Q: Thanks for your time. It's coming out next year, right?
Josh Mosqueira: At some point, yeah.

We'll have more info from the many interviews done at gamescom, and other details about Reaper of Souls as they are released!
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