Big Patch Before Reaper of Souls Expansion, with Paragon and Loot 2.0

Blizzard Blues on Crusader heroes, Paragon 2.0, the Mystic, the Auction House in the expansion, and much more!

Loot 2.0 in Diablo III
The massive patch coming before the Reaper of Souls expansion will include many changes and additions to Diablo III for everyone, even those who don't end up buying the expansion. The patch is expected to include all the itemization changes in Loot 2.0, the overhaul of the Paragon system, and the new gameplay modes of Loot Runs and Nephalem Trials.

That was one of the many pieces of info from the Blizzard Blues this week, as they took to the forums and Twitter, to try to answer many questions that are popping up about the Reaper of Souls expansion. Read on for all the details!

Loot 2.0 Patch Details
The Loot 2.0 patch will be coming before the expansion, with a slew of changes to the core game. This is standard for a Blizzard expansion; there is a big patch before the expansion arrives, which changes the game for everyone playing. The expansion adds specific major content and increases to character levels, for the players who purchase it.
We want to implement a lot of the new systems and features in a pre-expansion patch for free. That should include Paragon 2.0, Loot 2.0, Loot Runs, and Nephalem Trials. For now, you'll need to purchase the expansion to play as the Crusader, explore Act V, unlock the Mystic, and level up to 70. These details may change as development moves along, but we want some of the core gameplay improvements to be available for everyone.

Items Account-Bound from Mystic Enchanting
Many of the items shown in the expansion announcement were account-bound. That is because they had been enchanted by the Mystic, which changes an item to being account-bound, along with adding the new stats from the enchant.
why are the new legendaries account bound?

Could be some thing as simple as "enchant by reroll an affix in a rare of legendary item." making them bind to account ?

Pretty much this.

Things are still eligible to change, but as it is right now, items will bind to your account when you use the Mystic to enchant them.

Paragon 2.0
The updated Paragon system, called Paragon 2.0, will provide Paragon Points that can be assigned to boost character stats. A lot of questions were answered about the new system, but some parts of it are still in flux as the developers hash out all the details. There will be an official write-up soon about all the changes and details of the Paragon 2.0 system.
Interesting, seems you 'Assign' Paragon Points to a character. So you earn them with 1 hero but can put them onto another?

Correct. All normal characters on an account will share a Paragon level, same for Hardcore, as well as earned Paragon Points.

But what do paragon points do? can they only be used once on each hero? do they add stats or?

It's a customization system. Paragon Points can be spent on various stats like STR/VIT/DEX/INT, movement speed, crit chance, etc.

What about dying in HC? How will that affect your paragon levels? Loss of applied points to that specific character?

No loss of points or level in those situations. Benefit of it now being account-wide rather than character-specific. :)

it is stated that pragon levels will work retroactively, will it include all dead chars, dead chars not moved to archive or none?

Not sure, I can ask! Those details may not be finalized at the moment, though. (Just a heads up.)
So, just checked with Wyatt & that detail is still being fleshed out. We'll share more infoz as development continues.

Will current paragon progress on SC characters transfer over to HC characters?

Currently no. Normal heroes and HC heroes will share separate Paragon levels.

Question: So if I earn x points for one level, will that be x points for each character, or x points to entire account?

Current plan is that the points would be awarded to all heroes for each pLvl earned. Still a work in progress, tho!

Note that this would be separated by game type (i.e. Normal/HC). Normal heroes share a pLvL, HC heroes share a pLvl.

So x points given to each individual character?

As of current design, yes. The expansion is still under development, so things of course may change as we iterate.
also, what happens to the people who've already leveled up in Paragon?

Bonuses are retroactive. I.E. If you have two p100 heroes right now, the current plan is that you'd have 200 points in ROS.

Feature is still being developed, so some details might change. Just stay tuned; we'll be sharing more info in the coming months!

Wyatt just updated me. Your shared Paragon level will be calculated by adding up Paragon EXP across all your heroes. Will still be separated by game type: Normal/Hardcore.

ppl are confused about p-lvls, how will they combine them. Everyone want to play efficiently until RoS I guess.

We'll very likely due a full write-up sometime soon. This is only day 1 after all. Gotta let some things breathe. :)

We'll be sharing a lot more information about Paragon 2.0 in the coming weeks/months. So stay tuned!
are the points we spend for paragon permanent or can we "respec"?

Current plan to allow players to re-spec their Paragon Points. Feature is still under development though, so it might change!
What about the players with a single paragon 100 character that spent thousands of hours. Will this be accumulated? or just 100.

I believe it will just be 100, since that is where pEXP is currently capped & stops being tracked. Many details still TBD, tho!

Keep in mind that the expansion is still under development, so things may change. Feedback is welcome in the meantime!
Do you know if currently dead HC characters will contribute to your Paragon retroactively? Or only after the patch?

That detail is still TBD. :)

will the new paragon system count the dead HC characters in hall of the dead heroes toward the account total of paragon levels?

Still TBD. :) Expect a full write-up/cover of the Paragon 2.0 system in the future.

Jump past the break for more Blizzard blue posts and Tweets about the Crusader class, the Auction House in the expansion, the Reaper of Souls release date, and much more!

Reaper of Souls Release Date in 2014
The official Reaper of Souls info on lists the release date as 2014. That itself is a little unusual, since Blizzard often doesn't list a release year until they have the specific date settled. This time, though, they feel comfortable enough listing the release as happening in 2014, even if the specific date isn't yet finalized.
can we geat realease data at least give us the what part of year is it coming?

That's still TBD right now. :)

but still great job and you guys actually proved that you care about the game.pls make it come out as soon you can

Thanks! The devs have been working really hard on this update (in secret!) for a while now. They were so excited to announce. :)

No Offline Mode in Reaper of Souls
Even though the console Diablo III can be played offline, there are no plans to change the PC version to work that way, with the upcoming expansion.
Make or break-question for me: Do we have to be connected 24/7 or is there actually a singleplayer in RoS?

Similar to the live game, #ReaperOfSouls will require a persistent internet connection to play. That's the current plan at least.

Extra Character Slots
With the new Crusader class coming in Reaper of Souls, there is a desire for more character slots in each Diablo III account. There may be 1-2 more slots added, so there are enough to go around.
Any chance of increasing the maximum amount of characters per realm? I'd really like to have each gender, class in both game modes.

No immediate plans, but certainly not opposed. Definitely understand the desire. We'd probably look at adding 1 or 2, if anything.

nice :D 1-2 slots would do the trick!! Time to start saving STR items and look for a shield again :)

Not a confirmation by any means. Just wanted to clarify that it is something we're considering.

Reaper of Souls Act V
The new areas in Reaper of Souls are within Act V, and continue the story of Diablo III. Players below level 60 can access that after they defeat Diablo in Act IV, as long as they have the expansion set installed.
Question for @Diablo new expansion. Do I need to be level 60 to go to Act V? Or can I go with my level 30's?

You only need to defeat @Diablo (i.e. Act IV) to unlock Act V. Act V will require the expansion, though. :)

Crusaders in Act V
A new Crusader character will need to level up like normal through the first 4 acts, before getting to Act V.
Will the new classes just be able to roll into Act5 or will you need to start again as a separate char ?

If you'd like to play a Crusader in Act V, you'll need to level one up from scratch and play through Acts 1-4.

UI Changes for RoS?
There may be changes coming to some of the basic user interface in Diablo III, with the Reaper of Souls expansion. This was noticed in promotional images of the Italian version of Reaper of Souls, seen at the Italian Diablo III fansite As displayed in the screenshot to the right, the character level information is listed in the upper right side of the screen. Currently, this is the place where the Monster Power level is shown in the UI, so that created some confusion. Lylirra cleared that up, that the Monster Power isn't increasing; it appears that the Blizzard UI developers are considering changing the display.
Whoa, #ReaperOfSouls increases Monster Power to *at least* 60, up from 10. SO INSANE!

That number isn't Monster Power, sorry for the confusion! The character is level 60, tho. Keep in mind these shots are still a WIP.

UI is an ever-changing beast. :)

Crusader Details
The blues on the forums confirmed that Crusaders use Strength as their main stat, and talked other details about the new hero class. An interesting discussion delved into whether it's feasible to run a Crusader with a two-handed weapon, without a shield. One of the Crusader passives allows them to wield a two-handed weapon in their main hand, while using a shield, but some players are looking beyond that to a more standard two-handed style.
The Crusader class is kind of like a walking tank, and they use Strength as their primary attribute. I think that really fits the Crusader concept, who is a zealous holy warrior wrapped in heavy armor, and wields punishing weapons (like a flail) with a massive tower shield. A lot of your Barbarian gear will be a good fit for them.
The Crusader is not limited to using just flails, but I think that weapon fits the zealous holy warrior theme particularly well.


We wanted the iconic Crusader image to be heavily armored, wielding powerful melee weapons, giant pauldrons, and holding a massive tower shield. While the Crusader has a lot in common with other holy knights (like unyielding zealous determination), there are some differences that we try to convey through storytelling, and imagery. For instance, the Crusader tends to wear darker, battle-scarred armor, and their demeanor is that of a veteran soldier with a lot of experience.
Posted by: Andii

I know that the xpac is far from release, but do we know if this game play style will even be possible. I know there's a passive that allows them to use a 2 handed and a shield, but what if you didn't want to use a shield?

I tried to do this when I was playing an early version of the demo we have at gamescom. It worked fine for that play session, but we'll just have to wait and see how well it works in the full game.

Auction House in the Expansion
Although there are more changes coming to reduce the emphasis on using the Auction House for getting gear, there are no plans to totally remove it from the PC version of Diablo III.
Removing the Auction House would fix the problem it created, but that would also create new problems, like chat spam (WTS/WTB [item link]) all day long. That's definitely not ideal, either. One of the ideas driving Loot 2.0 is that players should not feel that they need to use the Auction House. We don't mind if players use it, but targeted drops, reduced trash items, better stat ranges, new Legendary effects, and the Mystic should help players feel empowered by the item hunt, and not forced to use the Auction House.

RoS Details at BlizzCon
A lot of the news about Reaper of Souls is coming out this week, with the official announcement and developer interviews at gamescom. Even more details will be coming in the months ahead, and more specifics at BlizzCon in November.
Any word on when we'll see an official break-down of the new mechanics on ? Exp + new mechanics sound awesome

We revealed a lot today already, and then we'll be sure to talk a lot more about the nitty-gritty at BlizzCon. :)

New Follower Dialogue
The voice recording has been done recently for the follower dialogue, for the Reaper of Souls expansion. It will be great to see the continuation of the stories from the followers and artisans within Diablo III!
Oh man, you just wait.

Lylirra and I recently sat in on a recording session with various voice-actors, and let me tell you: you're in for SUCH a treat. :)
The hype is unbearable and I demand some form of treatment for the jitters I'm getting.
Diablo III MVP | Forever a Wizard
Archon Wizard Guide:
Twitter: @Jaetch

I can only offer so much comfort through this photo of my cat, but rest assured: there will be a great deal more coming out about Reaper of Souls from the interviews and coverage going on at gamescom.

As far as specific dialogue from the expansion? You'll have to wait and see. It shall be glorious! :)

A Dark Expansion
Vaeflare delved into just how "dark" the Reaper of Souls expansion will be, seeing as it is focused on the Angel of Death.
We're glad you're pumped about Diablo III: Reaper of Souls!

What aspect of the expansion are you most excited about? :)
Posted by: Killemall

The new end game LOOT runs sound AWESOME!!! Cant wait to see if its as good as I imagine it to be. New Darker content, new gear suited to your character, Crusader (Paladin)....list goes on. GOD I hope Blizzard delivers!!!!
I think you're going to like what you see. :)

As far as "darker content" goes: it really is darker. For instance, part of the gamescom demo that attendees can play features part of Westmarch, and within that extremely eerie and overrun locale there is an area where the entire floor is covered with bodies. You quite literally have to wade through a knee-deep carpet of pale, rotting corpses in order to pursue your next objective. When you walk through, the sounds are truly wrenching, and the ambiance of it is enough to make even the Mad King Leoric wish he'd thought to decorate similarly.

TLDR: Reaper of Souls is going to be dark.
That's gruesome, but I don't know if it's the "dark" that I have in mind.

In terms of the story - fill our heroes hearts with hopelessness, desperation, despair. Part of accomplishing this involves ensuring that hero is not treated as an errand-runner. S/he must decide what last-ditch efforts will be made to save humanity, instead of being told "go do this, go do that."
I can't really give away the details of the story of Reaper of Souls beyond what has already been revealed at gamescom, but I truly feel that it too is quite a dark chapter in Sanctuary's history (I mean, you're not just fighting demons this time around, but the Angel of Death himself.

If you're interested in the lore-side of things, I also highly, highly recommend you check out Diablo III: Book of Tyrael once it is released. In my free time I eagerly devour each and every new book we put out, and this one in particular is a fantastic bridge between the events of Diablo III and the start of Reaper of Souls.

For those of you who are curious about some of the colors used in Reaper of Souls, I actually just put some of the screenshots from our reveal article up on our Diablo Facebook, and one of them actually shows a portion of the dead body area of Westmarch I was talking about in my previous post. I found it how creepy the whole area looked, especially considering the stark absence of blood.
Posted by: Dragush

and one of them actually shows a portion of the dead body area of Westmarch I was talking about in my previous post. I found it how creepy the whole area looked, especially considering the stark absence of blood.

This does look pretty awesome, but hows the ambiance? Will we get new music or sound effects this act?
Yes to both! The ambiance and music was great in the demo I played, and the effects for the Crusader were quite nice and very fitting for the class. :)

There's a lot of Reaper of Souls news, with more on the way! The latest Blizzard blue posts can be seen as soon as they're posted, in our Blue Post Tracker or RSS feeds.
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