Console D3 Skills Play Differently from PC

Blizzard Blues on self-found mode, the chat channel bug, and more

Diablo III on the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles has skills redesigned for direct character control, some of which play a bit differently than on the PC version. Details on some of those in the latest Blizzard Blues posts, along with the viability of self-found mode in hardcore mode, and other topics.

Console Diablo III Skills
With a direct control system, movement on the console Diablo III feels quite different than the PC version. To properly take advantage of this, many of the skills have been redesigned for the console versions. Grimiku delves into the differences for Leap and Teleport on the consoles, and why the Evade move on the console isn't likely to be added to the PC version.
Posted by: NightFly

Just wondering how the Wizard's (Teleport) skill will work without having a cursor to aim where you want to go? When you hit a direction on the analog stick does it just randomly shoot you somewhere in that direction?

Many of the skills on Diablo III console had to be fine tuned for direct control, and behave differently than the PC version. In the case of Teleport, the skill will move the player a fixed distance in whatever direction the wizard is facing, regardless of what they have targeted. Other skills change if the player has a selected target, for instance Leap will move the character in the direction they are facing if they have nothing selected, or to their current target if they do.
Posted by: MisterAjikko

I see in the console version, characters can do rollings on floors. It looks cool. Will the PC version get that in the future patch?

This question gets brought up now and then, and I agree that it's pretty cool. More than that, it's an integral part of direct control, which ultimately requires a significant number of changes to the game in order to be properly implemented. To answer your question, though, we don't have any current plans to support direct control on the PC version, and that includes the evasive roll maneuver.

No on Console D3
The console version of Diablo III connects to its own networks, but does not have to be online, unlike the PC version. Whether played online or locally, the console D3 offers great options for co-op gameplay.
The console versions of Diablo III will not connect with, so you won't ever need to sign in with it. You'll be able to play over the PSN or Xbox Live (if you have a gold membership), though. I'd recommend playing it with friends as often as you can, since it's a great way to play Diablo III.

Chat Channel Bug Fix
The bug keeping chat channels in Diablo III from filling up properly has been going on for a while, and a fix is still in the works. It may take a client update to fully fix it, like a patch 1.0.8b fastpatch.
Hi Squirrely, this is a known issue that is currently being addressed. Although I'm unable to offer an ETA for the resolution at this time, our systems administrators have indicated this will be resolved in a forthcoming update.

D3 on a USB Flash Drive
Playing the PC Diablo III from a USB flash memory stick can sometimes help it run more smoothly. One of the Blizzard technical support posters confirms that this is a perfectly fine way to set up the game.

There's no problem with running the game from a USB drive other than perhaps the loading time being reduced from what it would be on an internal drive. In fact, many people use this method to combat asset loading issues believed to be responsible for stuttering in some cases.

One thing to keep in mind is that the game's preferences remain in your My Documents\Diablo III folder as well as any screenshots you may take. That's on the C drive and the game can't be altered to look or store them elsewhere. You can copy them freely and replace them on the target computer as desired though.

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Puzzle Ring Message
There is a long-standing bug with the Puzzle Ring when a Treasure Goblin spawns from it; a message like [Character name] has engaged Templar! pops up. This is the sort of low priority bug that will be fixed down the road, but not via a hotfix.
Hi Guys,

We are aware of this issue, but as it stands, this is a pretty minor thing. A fix is likely to appear at some point, but this is a low priority, and is definitely not something that will come via hotfix.

Self-Found and Crafting
As seen in our Best Items charts, many level 60 hardcore characters craft the account-bound Rare items that use Demonic Essence. They provide a solid way of getting item upgrades, but it can take a while to obtain all the needed materials yourself, if playing on self-found mode.
Posted by: Adanisen

Since I'm only on MP2 the demonic essence droprate isn't exactly the best, but I am actually farming them faster than I can farm gold to even use them. Is there something I'm just missing to my gameplay or is this how it's supposed to be? I understand that this game heavily relies on the AH, but there's got to be SOME way to sustain my gold while still crafting for upgrades at a reasonable pace.

My characters in Hardcore are mostly self-found (but not completely), and I've also noticed that Demonic Essences are rarely the reason that my crafting slows to a crawl. Most of the time it's because I don't have enough Tomes of Secrets, or gold. In the instances where I'm short on gold I usually salvage less, vendor more, and try to sell some rares for cheap on the Auction House if they're any good for new level 60 characters. Are you salvaging everything?

Calling Out Players
Blizzard has a strong policy against "naming and shaming" on the forums. Grimiku discussed why they don't want specific characters or accounts called out on the forums, and the proper processes for dealing with issues.
It is human nature to do a couple of things; warn other people of the dangers of fire and to determine what can be done about the root cause of the fire. It is my belief the Blizzard needs to communicate this better than what they are currently doing, which is throwing out the policy statement and locking the thread. This may be the correct action to take and might be the “quick fix” but often this type of email response often alienates the poster and respondents and minimizes their fears.

I understand your point about a standardized response feeling very mechanical, which can leave the recipient feeling unheard, and unappreciated. What's worse is that it's easily made mistake for anyone who communicates similar messages en mass, even if that message is sensitive in nature. Thank you for that feedback, and I wanted to make sure you knew it was heard.

I am sure this is not the intent of Blizzard,, BUT...Blizzard… What are you doing to prevent forest fires and update your community?

While we can't condone a public name and shame for player killers and scammers, we can equip the player base with the tools they need to avoid them. The auction house is there to help facilitate safe and easy transactions between players, and we have patched the game to help reduce griefing through player killing, like combat notifications next to player banners, and preventing monsters from hanging out in New Tristram.

If you have any thoughts on how we could further empower players to protect themselves against these sorts of behaviors, we would highly encourage you to share them. We're always interested in your feedback.

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