'Reaper of Souls' Expansion Trademarked in EU and US

Blizzard applies for a trademark on the likely Diablo III expansion name

'Reaper of Souls' Trademark Application
Blizzard Entertainment has applied for a trademark on Reaper of Souls in Europe and the United States, to obtain the legal rights for the likely name of the upcoming Diablo III expansion. The trademark info in Europe and the US is a standard one, similar to the other trademarks that Blizzard has obtained for their computer games and expansions.

It is expected that this trademark would be showing up, as the initial teaser info about the Reaper of Souls stated that Blizzard had trademarked the title.

As seen in the European application, the classifications for the requested trademark are 9 and 41, which is standard for these type of video games. The descriptions listed are:
Classification: 9
List of goods and services: Computer game software, computer game discs, downloadable computer game software, downloadable electronic games via the internet and wireless devices, interactive multimedia computer game programs.

Classification: 41
List of goods and services: Entertainment services, namely, providing on-line computer games, providing computer games that may be accessed via a global computer network, providing online news and information in the field of computer games.

The big official Diablo III announcement is coming up on August 21 at gamescon, and is most likely about Reaper of Souls as the first Diablo III expansion. We'll report on all the Diablo III news from gamescon, so check back for that. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or via our RSS news feed for the latest Diablo III news.

Update Thursday, August 16: The trademark data is now also available at the United States Patent and Trademark Office; this article has been updated accordingly.
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