Diablo III a Day 1 Digital Download on PS3

PS3 Diablo III can be pre-ordered on EU PSN, and a new gameplay video of the Xbox 360 version

Xbox 360 Diablo III - Chilled and Frozen Characters
The PS3 Diablo III is a day 1 digital release, and the European PlayStation store has a pre-order available for it. It includes the standard pre-order bonuses that come with a physical copy of PS3 Diablo III, along with a "dynamic Diablo III theme" for the PS3. The game is not yet listed on the US PlayStation store for a digital pre-order, but we'll keep an eye out for it there.

Diablo III will be released on both the PS3 and Xbox 360 in just over 3 weeks, and we haven't seen as many demos of the Xbox 360 Diablo III version. A recent gameplay video of the Xbox 360 D3 shows more of the interface, laid out essentially the same as the PS3 version. The image above shows how temporary debuffs are displayed on characters, with both the Demon Hunter and Wizard being affected by Chilled and Frozen from the elite pack that they are fighting. Check out the video for a 10 minute look at Diablo III on the Xbox 360.

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